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Human Trafficking in the News
Human trafficking is a pandemic of the 21st century
Human trafficking is a crime in itself, but it is rarely the end goal for the perpetrators. Once the act of human trafficking is complete, it normally leads to further crimes like enslavement, sexual violence and physical violence, among other forms of abuse.  
Fort Worth pimp 'Zigg' gets life for sex trafficking children in statewide ring
A Fort Worth pimp known as "Zigg" has been sentenced to life in federal prison for sex-trafficking children in a statewide operation that existed for more than a year. U.S. District Judge Reed C. O'Connor sentenced Demarcus Davis, 26, on Monday. In April, a federal jury found Davis, along with Herman "Pooh" Sanders, 29, and Pierre "Pedro or P." Lagrone, guilty of conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of underage girls.
'They're just monsters' 38 arrested in SC child sex sting
Among those taken into custody were a Boy Scouts leader, a corrections officer, an army lieutenant colonel, and a member of a county ethics commission.
UPS and Greenbaum Foundation become the first 
TAT sponsors  at the $100,000 Freedom Driver level

After receiving a $100,000 matching grant from The Greenbaum Foundation, which needed to be met by December 15, 2018 from a corporate entity, TAT received word from UPS that through the UPS Foundation they would be donating $100,000 to further TAT's work. This makes these two organizations the first two in America to 
sponsor TAT at the Freedom Driver level. The Greenbaum Foundation reached this level in 2017.
"UPS is the first corporation to fund our mission at this level," said TAT Executive Director Kendis Paris. "We are incredibly grateful for their partnership in every area and point to them routinely as an industry leader in combating human trafficking. We are also humbled and honored by The Greenbaum Foundation's committed investment in the work of TAT to raise up a mobile army of eyes and ears to recognize and report this crime, and know that these funds will enable us to grow it exponentially." 
Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, (left) received the check from Ashley Herrod, UPS Freight driver, (center) and Alexi Carli, UPS vice president of global health and safety.
UPS presented their check to TAT at the National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders (NAWHSL) conference in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug. 24, where both they and TAT were speaking. Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, received the check on behalf of TAT from Alexi Carli, MS, CSP, UPS vice president of global health and safety, and Ashley Herrod, a UPS Freight driver. Carli was a keynote speaker at the conference. NAWHSL is a non-profit organization of female leaders working nationwide to prevent and reduce deaths and injuries on the nation's roadways.
"Human trafficking is a safety threat to the communities where UPS employees and customers live and work," stated Rich McArdle, president of UPS Freight. "We partner with Truckers Against Trafficking, because they best understand how to help our drivers identify the warning signs and report tips to the authorities. Partnering with TAT builds on our culture of safety for our employees and the communities we serve every day."
Committed to the fight against human trafficking, UPS employs employee awareness, driver training, survivor employment and philanthropic investment among its efforts. In 2017, the organization launched the transportation industry's largest anti-human trafficking awareness initiative, reaching more than 96,000 drivers throughout the U.S. Plans are underway to institutionalize this training for all new UPS drivers. UPS also supports TAT with quarterly in-kind transportation of the Freedom Drivers Project. UPS Freight President, Richard McArdle, joined TAT's Board of Directors in 2018. Additionally, UPS has teamed up with Wellspring, a Georgia-based survivor's advocacy program, to provide employment opportunities to survivors of human trafficking. The company is also leveraging the power of corporate philanthropy to invest in organizations like the United Way Worldwide's Center on Human Trafficking and Slavery and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. These funds will be used to launch community education programs in local cities and to study the impact of human trafficking on diverse communities. UPS also adopted an enterprise-wide Anti-Trafficking in Persons Policy, which strictly prohibits the use of any UPS assets or resources for any purpose that would enable the trafficking of persons. In addition to its partnership with TAT, UPS is a partner of the DHS Blue Campaign.
UPS Freight vice president to give TED Talk

Tune in to TED Talk on Thursday, Sept. 6 at 11 a.m. (EST) to hear Nicole Clifton, vice president of global public affairs at UPS Freight, give a TED Talk on how the trucking industry should be combating the demand for commercial sex.
More than 4500 people tour 
the Freedom Drivers Project at Iowa State Fair

In addition to enjoying rides, fair food and hundreds of exhibits, 4,567 attendees at the Iowa State Fair took the time to tour the Freedom Drivers Project (FDP), increasing their understanding of human trafficking, what the trucking industry is doing to combat it and what they could do to join the fight as well.
Helen Van Dam, FDP director, said there are several contributing factors to that large number: "The Iowa State Fair attracts more than a million visitors," she said. "Additionally, we're in a great location and have good volunteers who interact effectively with people who walk by. The officers from the Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement worked the FDP non-stop!"
Pride Transportation strategic in fight 
against human trafficking

When Lindsay Qualls PHR, director of Human Resources for Pride Transportation, first heard Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, present about human trafficking and TAT's work to mobilize the trucking industry at the Utah Trucking Association's annual conference two years ago, she was impacted and moved.
"Kylla's presentation made a huge impact on me and my parents," Qualls said. "I brought that passion back to my boss, and he is absolutely supportive of the cause. I'm ashamed to say I was guilty of discounting 'lot lizards' as individuals who don't deserve our compassion or help. I needed TAT's perspective on that derogatory term. I will be 'schooling' people, moving forward, on that dangerous label."
Every week Pride, which has become a TAT bronze-level sponsor, trains their new driver hires, having a conversation about trafficking and challenging cultural norms around prostituted people, and then showing the TAT video and handing out wallet cards. They also use TAT materials at weekly safety meetings. This year, they also began offering a monthly company-wide training, and they have now required TAT training for all driver trainers, managers and directors at Pride Transport. They place the TAT stickers on all 500 of their trucks. Two years ago, they also added TAT to their charity list for payroll deduction, should an employee choose to do that. Qualls spends 40 minutes in new hire orientation explaining each of the five charities on the list and then gives employees the option to fill out the form on their first day. There are monthly reminders as well. 
Pride Transportation founder Jeff England supports TAT. 
Qualls related that some of her fellow office workers, after having taken the TAT training, are so moved, they want to get more involved and have now taken over some of the trainings within Pride. She said that in every training, people are moved by the video and the conversations and want to do their part to thwart this crime. To date, Pride has given $3,668.98 to TAT.
Pride Transportation was founded in 1979 by Jeff England, who was a truck driver first and businessman second. At 77 years of age, he still regularly goes out on the road. Pride was founded on a family tradition and continues the same way today with many of England's children and grandchildren involved in the business. Predominantly a refrigerated carrier, with most of its freight on the west coast, Pride does go to all 48 states. Their company culture is based on "The Pride Way. We truly do pride ourselves in being a good employer as well as a good partner in our communities."
BOTL welcomes its first corporate sponsor

The United Motorcoach Association (UMA) has become the first corporate sponsor of Busing on the Lookoout (BOTL) at the gold level. The UMA is the nation's largest organization exclusively protecting and promoting the interests and welfare of privately owned bus and motorcoach companies.
In January 2019, the UMA will host the Truckers Against Trafficking Freedom Drivers Project (FDP) at its annual Motorcoach EXPO in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The EXPO is the most comprehensive private motorcoach event in North America.
"We are truly grateful to the UMA for their generosity and for giving us an opportunity to share the FDP with the bus industry at their 2019 EXPO," said Annie Sovcik, BOTL program director. "As TAT and BOTL engage the trucking and bus industries in the fight to end human trafficking, our work is made possible by the support of our corporate, foundation, and individual donors. We commend the UMA's leadership as BOTL's first corporate sponsor and hope that others in the bus industry will follow." 
Freedom Drivers Project continues to impact lives
at the Great American Trucking Show

Molly Griffiths, TAT administrative specialist, manned the t-shirt and materials table at GATS.
More than 700 attendees of the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas Aug. 24-27 toured the Freedom Drivers Project (FDP), while TAT volunteers, including members of Walmart's Road Team, spoke to many more about the life-changing work the trucking industry is doing to fight human trafficking. Students, drivers and families, as well as people from all aspects of the industry, stopped to see the stories of survivors and the everyday heroes that make TAT's work a reality.
Walmart Road Team Captain Everett Shelby, a TAT volunteer at GATS, worked hard to help people understand human trafficking and why it's important to be involved in fighting it.
"I want to thank UPS and USA  Truck for hauling the  Freedom Drivers Project to GATS, said Helen Van Dam, FDP director, and to Randall-Reilly for putting on yet another great trucking show. "I especially loved seeing two different high school kids come through the FDP twice ... once with their friends or alone and then a second time when they brought their family through. They were the ones pointing to artifacts and making sure everyone was reading and paying attention to the exhibit."

Ashley Smith, TAT oil and gas program manager, helped people understand why the wallet card is important.
"The Great American Trucking Show's mission is to improve trucking," stated Emily Larson, director of event services for Randall-Reilly. "One way we can improve our industry is by partnering with the drivers to make a difference in the lives of others, by educating them to alert authorities of suspicious behavior. At GATS, organizations and individuals can find information on how they can donate funds to help in changing the lives of those caught in trafficking. It is a privilege for GATS to assist Truckers Against Trafficking in combating this crime by providing a venue for trucking professionals to gather and become better educated on the issue."
Upcoming Events

Sept. 1 - Prime picnic, Springfield, MO, FDP and Helen Van Dam, FDP director, attending

Sept. 5 - California Highway Patrol and Yolo County AG and Sheriff train the trainer, Sacramento, CA, Kylla Lanier , TAT deputy director, and Annika Huff, survivor-leader, presenting

Sept. 8 - Garner Trucking Safety Day, Findlay, OH, FDP and Helen Van Dam, FDP director, presenting

Sept. 9-12 - in.sight Conference, Houston, TX, Ashley Smith, TAT oil and gas program manager, manning booth and presenting

Sept. 11 - Tennessee Highway Patrol training, Nashville, TN, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, and Amanda Joy, survivor-leader, presenting

Sept. 13 - California Highway Patrol leadership training, Sacramento, CA, Kylla Lanier , TAT deputy director, presenting

Sept. 13 - Arizona coalition build, Phoenix, AZ, Esther Goetsch, coalition build specialist, Annie Sovcik, BOTL program director, and Beth Jacobs, TAT field trainer, presenting

Sept. 14-16 - Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show, St. Ignace, MI, Laura Cyrus, TAT operations director, presenting, and FDP and Helen Van Dam, FDP director, in attendance

Sept. 14 - Swift's Driver Appreciation Days, Phoenix, AZ, Don Blake, TAT board member, presenting

Sept. 15 - Omnitracs Sylectus Conference, Nashville, TN, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, presenting

Sept. 17-18 - Illinois Macon County Sheriff trainings, Springfield, IL, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, and Beth Jacobs, TAT field trainer, presenting

Sept. 18 - Oil and Gas Trafficking Advocacy Group, Houston, TX, Ashley Smith, oil and gas program manager, presenting

Sept. 19-20 - Automotive Logistics Global Conference (sponsored by Ryder), Detroit, MI, Laura Cyrus, TAT operations director, presenting

Sept. 26-27 - Enbridge, Inc. events, Duluth and Bemidji, MN, FDP and Helen Van Dam, FDP director, and Ashley Smith, oil and gas program manager, presenting

Sept. 26 - Kansas Motor Carriers Association, Salina, KS, Kylla Lanier, TAT deputy director, presenting

Sept. 27 - Wisconsin coalition build, Madison, WI, Esther Goetsch, coalition build specialist, Annie Sovcik, BOTL program director, and Beth Jacobs, TAT field trainer, presenting
TAT's work is made possible through the generous support of our corporate sponsors, foundation partners and individual donors. Our education, training, legislative engagement, and advocacy efforts would not exist without those who invest in the change that we work towards each day. If you are interested in learning more about how you can provide financial support, please visit our corporate engagement webpage 
or contact Laura Cyrus at 612-888-4828 or lcyrus@truckersagainsttrafficking.org to explore our giving opportunities.
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