TAT’s latest training item, a new toolkit for state agencies, guides them on the steps they can take to equip their employees to combat human trafficking when it does arrive at their location, including how they can partner with TAT to implement anti-human trafficking training and policies in their operations.

Designed for those agencies intersecting with commercial vehicle license holders, such as Departments of Transportation (DOT), Departments of Licensing (DOL), Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Departments of Revenue (DOR), the toolkit can be used in conjunction with TAT’s state-agency-specific webinar. That webinar is also cited as a useful tool in the final report of the US Department of Transportation Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking on how state agencies can partner with all modes of transportation in combating human trafficking.

“Representatives from different state agencies are often present at Coalition Builds,” said Esther Goetsch, TAT Coalition Build director. “Recognizing the key role these agencies play in the local community and that their employees might intersect with victims of human trafficking as they issue licenses or interact with the traveling public, it is imperative to train these employees on the issue. To that end, TAT created this toolkit to provide information on how agency personnel might intersect with a potential victim, specific red flag indicators to be looking for, training recommendations, case studies and best practices for agencies to consider in developing an anti-trafficking strategy.”