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Regardless of the sector or location, 2020 has been a trying time for all Upstate entities. As we move into a new year, an uncertain future remains. To help us to better understand some of the ongoing challenges from the pandemic and resulting economic crisis, we have compiled a group of local, regional and state business, government and non-profit leaders who will periodically share their insights on a variety of topics and community issues. By sharing their struggles, successes and continued efforts they will help all Upstate entities better understand and navigate this uncertain future.

In our first set of questions to the group, we asked them about how they personally and within their organizations and communities have addressed some of the challenges associated with the pandemic and resulting impacts.

Each member was asked to answer at least two questions within the set.

What is one significant change you have made personally or professionally during the pandemic that you would not have done if not for the pandemic?

I have spent a lot more time at home with our young son since the pandemic began. Though it has been very difficult to balance childcare with working full-time, I feel (and I am told) that I will not regret spending this time with him when we are both older. I much better appreciate the plight of working parents, and how public policy makes childcare so much more difficult and expensive than it should be. – Paul Cain, Oconee County Council Member

As with most, I have had to become proficient in all manner of virtual and electronic communication and being very much oriented to personal one on one communication, this was a somewhat difficult task for me. It also required me to hone my skills at more succinct/efficient messages to my members and board, understanding that some things may be lost in translation or misconstrued when not accompanied by the usual voice inflection or other personal touch. – Susan Cohen, President, Clemson Chamber of Commerce

Since early April, Ten at the Top has been hosting regular TATT CHATs, featuring leaders from across the Upstate sharing about local, regional and national elements of the COVID-19 pandemic and the community response. Here is a link to read and watch summaries from past sessions.

The final TATT CHAT of 2020 will take place on Thursday (December 17) and will be a Year In Review. Click Here to register for the December 17th TATT CHAT.

We plan on continuing to have TATT CHATs every other week at least through the first half of 2021. Each session will continue to include a special guest to discuss a key Upstate issue as well as TATT initiative updates and updates from leaders across the 10-county region.

Our first session of 2021 will be held on January 7th and will feature Scott Baier, Economist, Clemson University, to provide an economic outlook. On January 21 we will be joined by Dr. Jonathan Knoche,
Medical Consultant, Divisions of Immunization and Acute Disease Epidemiology, S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control.

Each week the Staying on Top blog has featured leaders from across the Upstate sharing ideas and insights around their particular stakeholder area. Below are links to the most recent posts.

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