January Workshop 
January 13 to January 27
Mon/Wed/Fri - 6:00 to 10:00 

Sign up prior to Jan 8 
and get a $50 Holiday discount!

I am thrilled to have a trio of professionals joining us for the final session of the January, 2020 Workshop. The first of the new decade! 

It's going to be a great Workshop. Most of you are familiar with Robert and Vickie. They have been my guests many times. If you're not familiar with John's work... click on his name. Awesome resumé. 

It's the Holiday Season. Treat yourself to a post-Christmas present. H one your audition skills and do some great scene work that you'll remember all year long.  

All your work will be on camera and will be uploaded to my website so you can watch it, break it down on your own and learn from it. HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THAT LOOKS LIKE. 

I will work with you for the first six sessions. We'll cover auditions in the first couple sessions. Move on to a monologue or two. Then follow up with scene work. The schedule can be somewhat flexible depending on your choices. 

My guests will be there for the seventh and final session and they will give you feedback on your work. 

Click on this image below to see samples of scene work in the Workshop. 

It's a great opportunity to show industry professionals your work. You'll be able to ask questions and get valuable input on not only your work but on the Utah film industry. 
If this fits into your schedule, jump in. Hard work and results lie ahead. If you want to be a better actor, come join us.    


Looking forward to working with you...  

What Actors and Agents are saying about the Workshop:

Michael, we do push our actors to continue their training... and be ready for anyand all opportunities that might come their way. Thank you for being hard on them... we need to take many of them to the next level. Being exposed to a working professional of your stature is a treat. 
~ Vickie Panek, TMG/Talent Management Group 

Michael,  I love teaching at your studio because you take such great care with your actors and your passion is so genuine, it's infectious!  ~ Marci Liroff, Casting Director 

I tell everyone I know to take your workshop! Changed my
entire acting experience.  ❤️  ~ Maddie Hall 

I can't say enough good things about The Actors Workshop! The training I received from Michael is invaluable. He doesn't mess around. His direction and feedback prepared me for auditioning with confidence, trusting my instincts and helped me navigate the business. Michael is insightful, creative and intuitive. I've taken his workshop many times. I LOVE the Workshop! ~ Jen Wilhite 

Once again you have provided an electric, inspiring, uplifting, safe place to learn and grow as a actor. I SO enjoyed your class again. Thank you for all you do and everything you put into these sessions - your heart and soul! ~ Lizzy Bean

What can I say about the Michael Flynn acting workshop other than it has been a Brilliant Experience for me. I've been in other workshops in LA over the years that gave me bits and pieces of what I needed to hone my craft, but working with Michael has been a special treat. Michael covers every aspect of acting. He makes you stretch your instrument to fulfill a character. We work in front of camera all the time, which is a great asset because you get to see your work. I'm looking forward to another go-round this year of working out at the Workshop. Thanks for the experience! ~ Freddie Spencer 

Michael is very invested in helping actors find the passion in their work and make interesting choices that set you apart in the field. He has a good eye for seeing what is working and what isn't and does a great job of recreating what auditions and film sets feel like. I also love that Michael will post your work on his website usually within a day so you can review your work and his feedback. I recommend the Workshop. You will walk away with new insights and increased confidence for which I have found myself very grateful. 
~ Allison Shields 

What I love most about Michael's class is his dedication to each and every actor. He is fully present, at all times, which I appreciate so much. His acting skills and talents are certain to take any actor to the next level. I've learned more from Michael's classes than any of the other workshops I've taken so far. He's a gem in Salt Lake City! ~ Dana Fykerud 

The Actor's Workshop is the best place to work on acting. Hands down. The direction, the atmosphere, the great company of fellow actors. Michael has truerespect for actors. Trust in Michael's direction and you will discover talent in your heart you never thought you had. ~ Jake Brown 

The Actors Workshop feels like a second home. The energy and support that permeate the room is unimaginable. Every second and every minute that I spend at the actors workshop is absolutely amazing! ~ River Lundskog

The Actor's Workshop was a terrific and satisfying experience. I was encouraged to push myself beyond my boundaries and expand them. Michael is a terrific teacher and resource for opening new doors into each actor's craft. Thanks, Michael! 
~ Jared Shipley 

Attending the Actors Workshop was an absolutely life-changing experience forme.I immediately signed up for two more months. Not only did I get amazing feedback and guidance, his monthly guests included the agent who had declined to represent me, and by the end of my sessions, she invited me to audition again and then accepted me for representation! I gained so much confidence from practicing the skills taught and putting in the work, I booked several jobs almost immediately. Not only do I use what I learned in the Actors Workshop every time I audition and work on set, I can't wait to get back in there to learn some more. Forever Grateful. ~ Ischa Bee  

I've done several workshops with Michael. Each time I discover a new layer inthis art. His dedication is unparalleled and information is never withheld, as I've found in other workshops. He has a sincere desire to see each actor succeed and spends as much time as needed to achieve each individual's best! 
~ Priscilla Poland 

Without a doubt the most helpful class I have taken (and that includes myschooling in LA). Love me some Michael Flynn!  ~ KayCee Stroh

I truly love and enjoy the classes and working with Michael and other aspiring actors. I look forward to seeing you next month! ~ Dan Guthrie

Taking this class again is one of my resolutions! 
~ Carlie Young

Thank you for your attention and care for the actors. In you, I feel like I havea professional and an artist I can trust. 
~ Aline Andrade  

This workshop has been such an incredible experience for me, I feel likeI'velearned so much in just 3 weeks. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business and for the new friends I've made who constantly inspire me to be a better actor. ~ Jaci Twiss 

Michael, I can't tell you how much I value your input. Each session I realize moreyour enormous talent and feel so fortunate to be one of your students. I've worked on sets with you a few times, but had no idea of your great talent. I'd take your workshop year-round if I could. I loved every minute of it. ~ Gwen Maw 

Thank you so much for your focus and direction. This is the 3rd time I've takenthe Workshop and I will be back. So many "Ah-hah" moments. So much more to learn from you. You direct with passion and determination. ~ Stacey Turner 

Michael is actually a working actor with terrific insight into acting techniquesaswell as character development. He also has many practical tips on things like auditioning and "on the set" etiquette. Best of all he's a great teacher and able to communicate his ideas clearly. ~ Teri Cowan 

Michael knows actors, how to work with them and how to get the best out ofthem. Certainly, he is an accomplished actor himself and becoming a well-known director of significance. However what is most important for the actor developing his or her craft is Michael's insights, understanding and ability to work with you to draw out the best work in you in your journey to become an outstanding actor in your own right, proficient in your acting craft. That is what is most valuable. That's why you do this workshop. ~ Maikel Bailey

Loving this class. Absolutely loving it. I leave with a thrill every night... proud of myself for doing it, excited to try and push more, intrigued by the specifics. ~ Joanna Larsen