Today At Your Fellowship
Thursday, March 2, 2023 
This Weekend @ AUUF
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Thursday 3/3/23
9:45 am Private Rental
5:30 pm Anti-Racism Group
6:30 pm Choir Practice

Friday 3/4/23
12 pm Freethinkers on Zoom
6 pm Special Board of Directors Meeting
7 pm Private Rental

Saturday 3/5/23
8:30 am AA Slap Happy Group
10:30 am Music Together Mountain Song

Sunday 3/6/23
9 am Virtual Forum on Zoom only

11 am Sunday Worship Live at AUUF & on Zoom
(Sunday continued)
12:30 pm Jr High OWL

12:30 pm Elem OWL K-2nd Parent/Guardian Orientation

4 pm Anchorage Friends Meeting

Monday 3/7/23
4:30 pm Private Rental
6:30 pm Fireweed Sangha of Mindful Living- Private rental, visitors welcome

Tuesday 3/8/23
4:30 pm Forum Planning on Zoom
6 pm Community Connection Private Rental
7 pm AK Bird Club

Wednesday 3/9/23
6:30 pm Connections Team Meeting Fireside Chat on Zoom

Half Portion Recipient for MARCH is
(Payment In Lieu of Taxes)
Virtual Forum Only on Zoom
9 am Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday Worship at AUUF & on Zoom
11 am Sunday, March 5, 2023

Other religions place an emphasis on God for sustenance and support. As UUs, we don’t always feel as comfortable with such a hierarchy or depending on something we can’t see, feel or know. So what can we depend on in times of trouble and need? To whom are we willing to be vulnerable?

Worship in March
This month’s theme is vulnerability. In nature’s world, this is a good time to think about this topic as in many places, spring is arriving and young plants are beginning to burst through the earth, or grow new foliage once again. When viewed from our human world, nature shows us how change can bring uncertainty and vulnerability. And when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, like a new plant, there’s often new growth that follows. But being vulnerable also requires risk.—sometimes it does snow again. Are we up for the task?

March 12, 11 am In person and Zoom
UU Women Rock!
Rev. Lise Sherry, Renee Frost
As it’s women’s history month, we thought we’d take this opportunity to celebrate a few of our esteemed UU women. What challenges did they face and in what ways did they invite in vulnerability in order to change their worlds?

March 19, 11 am In person and Zoom
Spring, Transitions & Vulnerability
Marty Freeman, Cassie Thomas
How are spring, transitions and vulnerability related to one another? How do we experience these things as UUs?

March 26, 11 am in person and Zoom
Continuing our Anti-racist Journey
The Anti-racist Team, Rev. Lise Sherry
As we all know, racism continues to adversely affect our society. Admitting past wrongs, and being willing to try new ways requires risk and a willingness to be vulnerable. Our Anti-racism Team will share readings and lessons learned as we work to open ourselves to Beloved Community.
… And Thank You! And Thank You Again!
by Marie Lundstrom
Stewardship Committee

Special thanks to the 93 pledgers
Who answered with a positive “Yes!”
Moving our chart line ever upward
Always toward more and not less

And there’s hope the 57 late responders
Will come through when it comes to a pinch
With renews and some more in their pledges
And push up the chart inch by inch

It’s all for the love of our Fellowship
Where we celebrate neighbors and friends
And say thank you to all our supporters
As our pledge drive for this year now ends!
Notice: Staff out of office

Communications Specialist, Kelly Spring, will be out of the office on March 7 & 8.

Rev. Lise will be gone March 13-21, 2023. If you have a pastoral emergency, please contact our Congregational Administrator and she will put you in touch with our Care and Connections Team.

Thank you!
Save The Dates 
Two WhaleCoast Alaska tour groups will be visiting our congregation on the following nights:

-June 10, 11, and 14 (National Parks Tour)
-July 12 & 13 (All-Alaska Tour)

We will need approximately 22 hosts for each tour, plus volunteers to provide meals and transportation. Hosts need to be able to offer a clean and private bedroom, plus transportation to town in the mornings and back home in the evenings. Our congregation has the potential to earn over $22,000 during these 2 tours, but only if enough hosts and volunteers step forward. Please clear these dates on your calendars and plan to help with these unique and interesting fundraising tours.

Visit the WhaleCoast website to learn more about the tours:
Be a Pal and Make a Friend!

During Mystery Pals, intergenerational pairs get to know each other by exchanging clues, then meet each other and celebrate friendship together! 

As a Mystery Pal, you will send brief notes, and share interesting things about yourself, your family, hobbies, travels, and favorite things to reveal a little bit more about yourself with each letter. Have fun trying to figure out who your “pal” might be. You can send cards, stickers, drawings, magazine cut-outs, puzzles, riddles, a picture, or something you made. The main thing is to stay in touch and remain a mystery! 

Use this link to sign up by March 12th. By March 19th, kids and adults will be given a nickname and an introduction for their assigned pal. Between March 26th and April 23rd, pals will send each other notes once a week to get to know each other, and then will meet at the Mystery Pal Party, Sunday, April 30th 12:30–2:30p. Come join us for the fun! 

For questions, contact Ray Macfarlane (702) 273-4669,
Peace Camp Dates and Planning

Save the Date! Plans are underway for Peace Camp 2023, July 17-21st. Please contact if you have any questions.

The CYLE Team
March Half Portion for Social Action: PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)
Dennis Arashiro

“What people really want is fairness. They want people paying their fair share of taxes.”
Barack Obama There was a time when our Fellowship did not have its own building and grounds. That meant at certain times we paid rent for the use of space to conduct services and other activities. That meant that we paid for police protection, fire fighter access and street maintenance; our rent was passed on to landlords to pay local taxes. Once we purchased our first property, the old log cabin, we joined the ranks
of the privileged rich, rich enough to enjoy the privilege of not paying for services provided by our local government.

Our Fellowship made the decision not to accept the privilege offered to us. We acted on principle. The issue was fairness. How fair was it that richer faith communities could escape paying for local government services through property ownership, while poorer ones had to pay through rent? This is why we continue our practice of making an annual payment to the Municipality of Anchorage for services rendered. This is what we need to remember this month, when half our collections at our Sunday
services will go to what we owe our community.

Click on the Half-Portion note or Donate/ Pay
at the bottom of the home page.
Enter your donation under
“Half-Portion for Social Action”
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Contact the Connections Team for more information on how to get involved at AUUF