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Thursday, September 15, 2022 
This Weekend @ AUUF
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Thursday 9/15/22
5:30 pm Anti-Racism Team on Zoom

6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal at AUUF

Friday 9/16/22
12 pm Freethinkers on Zoom

Saturday 9/17/22

Sunday 9/18/22

9 am Virtual Forum on Zoom

11 am Sunday Worship at AUUF & on Zoom

Half Portion offering for September is The Food Bank of Alaska
Virtual Forum 
9:00 am Sunday, September 18, 2022

September at the Forum

This Sunday, September 18, our speaker will be economics writer Tim Bradner. Tim is a respected long-time observer of and commentator about Alaskan economic, natural resources, and political issues. He will be talking with us about the Alaska Permanent Fund—how it works, concerns, and thoughts about issues that need to be resolved.

Finally, on the last Sunday of September 25, we’ll learn about the Alaska Beacon, the new news service that you’ve been getting a lot of your state-wide news coverage from (as you may have noticed), from its Editor-in-Chief Andrew Kitchenman. Andrew will tell us about the interesting model for this nonprofit news organization, its affiliation with the national nonprofit States News, its staff of experienced Alaska journalists, and more.

As always, we encourage you to send your ideas for either programs or specific speakers to the Forum Committee Chair John McKay at, or pass them along to other Forum Committee members: Dennis Arashiro, James Dryden, Heather Flynn, and Lynn Hallquist, and Rev. Lise Adams Sherry.
Sunday Worship at AUUF and on Zoom
11:00 am Sunday, September 18, 2022

Unlike many other religions, in Unitarian Universalism, we aren't bound together by set creeds and beliefs. Instead, we come together based on shared values and how we behave with one another--how we walk our talk. We have many ways of practicing these shared values together, and one is through Covenant Groups or small group ministry. These groups are microcosms for practicing our compassion, listening, and healthy relations with one another. Join us as we discuss Covenant Groups and other models for being with one another.

CYRE Welcome Back!

Thank you all for registering for Fall Frolic! We have more than 80 people signed up to enjoy moon lanterns, lanterns and mushroom walks together! Please remember to bring your corks for moon lanterns!!

We also have 28 children and youth signed up for RE, and we expect at least a dozen more! This Sunday, Sept 18th, we will kick off the year by letting kids (and parents!) meet their teachers and each other as we collaborate to renew our space together. We will be building trees, cutting and folding, and making flora and fauna, to bring life to our own piece of the world downstairs. 

Teachers, (and those interested in volunteering!), stick around afterward for a teacher check-in, and to discuss strategies for the upcoming year. We will have some challenges with 9 open teacher positions, and only 7 filled, but with your help, and more help, we will create a fellowship home where the young people of our congregation can learn, explore and thrive.

- Dr. Ray Macfarlane, Director of Learning and Exploration


The Alliance is hosting a virtual fundraiser the week of September 11-18.  All monies collected will be spent in support of AUUF endeavors. We have individually selected trusted recipes from our repertoire of food enjoyment to offer our busy UU Members & Friends. Photos of mouth-watering dishes to delight your tastebuds will be featured when the auction begins. The winning bidders will negotiate with the cooks as to the date and time that recipes are to be made. A link will be sent to Members and Friends to request a “virtual ticket” to attend the Auction. Stay tuned for more information… 

Choir Concert
7 pm Friday, September 23,

Please join us for our long-awaited Choir Concert on Friday, September 23rd at 7:00 pm! Featuring the works of Stephen Sondheim and other favorites, the Choir Concert is sure to be a delight. Stay afterward for beverages and s’mores around the bonfire to help kick off the weekends Fall Frolic activities. Admission is free but a $5 suggested donation will be gratefully accepted and shared with a local organization of the choir’s choosing. Hope to see you there!

— Megan Webb, AUUF Music Director
Our Concert Is Just A Week Away
7 pm Friday, September 23,
by Marie Lundstrom, Choir Member

The last days before a concert put anxious thoughts in our heads as we obsess over words and pitches and whether the rhythm in “Let Me Entertain You!” is just right. We go over Sondheim’s weird note sequence in “No One is Alone,” and find it stuck as an earworm as we drive to Thursday evening rehearsal. In the “Jazz Alleluia” round, will our group 2 start on the right note or a third lower with group 1? Time to sweat.

We have a nice lineup, with the first half pieces we have done at services or special
events—familiar songs. The second half will be mostly Stephen Sondheim's works—some solos, instrumental, split voices, and full choir. Sondheim died last November, and this is an occasion to give a small bow to a master of musical theater.

Luck is with us on two fronts—we have an accompanist, Janet Carr-Campbell, for
part of our concert; and of course, our AUUF Music Director, Megan Webb, will direct,
accompany, and sing as needed. She’s very versatile! Come hear us sing Friday,
September 23, 7 pm. We want your spirits to climb!
Lower our Loan & Burst our Balloon Payment! 

You have been challenged to share your PFD or other funds with AUUF! Please help our Fellowship match 100% of our Construction Loan Prepayment “Burst the Balloon” $50,000 Challenge Grant to lower our loan by December 31st.

A dedicated and generous Member of AUUF believes you will be willing to share all or a portion of this year’s Permanent Fund Dividend with our Fellowship. And Our Secret Challenger is prepared to match your generosity dollar-for-dollar up to $50,000!

Our Secret Challenger notes that “eligible recipients will be receiving a $3,200 direct deposit beginning September 20th. This ‘free money’ is a wonderful gift to each of us… More than half of our monthly payment goes to pay interest on the loan. This challenge grant presents an opportunity for AUUF to pay down our loan without impacting our personal budgets. AND it will save AUUF around $42,000 in interest.”

You’re wondering “What balloon?”  AUUF borrowed $220,000 from a member on very favorable terms in the summer of 2017 so that we could complete critical improvements to the building we had purchased in 2014. The original loan called for a June 2033 balloon payment. Prepayments to date have reduced the balloon payment to ~$100,000. When you help us match the full Challenge Grant, AUUF will retire the loan in 2029. This would burst the balloon and save ~$42,000 in interest – a 46% reduction in the cost of the loan.

Please help us turn this incredible $50,000 Challenge into $100,000!!! Make your tax-deductible donation by check or online (use the “LT Loan Principal Only” box at AUUF Online Donations). Our Secret Challenger is standing by and will be revealed during a Burst the Balloon celebration acknowledging your generosity.
Time for 2023 Half Portion Nominations

Dennis Arashiro

WHAT: Now is the time to put forth your nominations for next year’s Half Portion for Social Action. Your passion for the causes you support can fuel effective positive action by identifying those receiving half the Sunday collections for a month.

WHO: Name the charitable funds or organizations you are nominating. They should have tax-exempt status, usually designated as a 501(c)(3) organization. They should have a mission consistent with our principles and a demonstrated record of effective action.

WHEN: Nominations are due by October 1, 2022. After a period of vetting nominees, you will be given the opportunity to vote from October 13 to November 1 for 10 nominees as recipients of the monthly Half Portion for Social Action for 2023. The final schedule for the 2023 Half Portion will be announced on November 17.

WHY: 5th Principle: The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process Within Our Congregations and in Society at Large.

Anti-Racism Team Corner

ALASKA BLACK CAUCUS Community Conversation: Where Are The Body Cams?
Sunday 9/18/22
7 - 8 PM

Join the Alaska Black Caucus for a necessary conversation about police reform and the APD Body Cam Policy.
ADN recently covered the delays in APD body camera policy progress and community concerns: Click here to read the article.

We demand transparency and accountability now. We’ve waited too long already.
This conversation is brought to you by the Alaska Black Caucus Justice Committee.

Online Concert - Reggie Harris (singer/storyteller) - Fundraiser for Living Legacy Project
Sept 30th, 3:30 pm

Would you like to partner with Living Legacy Project to build a just and equitable world free from racism and other systems of oppression?

Join them on September 30 for an evening of powerful music and stories with the incomparable Reggie Harris! This event is designed to raise funds to expand the reach of the Living Legacy Project, deepen its program offerings, and solidify the organization's future.

Rev. Lise has this to say: “If you can make the time and can donate, Reggie is a fun and knowledgeable performer. I got to know him when I went on one of the LLP tours in 2012. It was definitely one of my lifetime changers.”

From the Living Legacy website:
“How we plan to impact racism
As we get back on the bus starting in October, we are committed to extending our reach to inspire today's work for racial justice by sharing more lessons of the Civil Rights Movement. We plan to do this by:
• continuing our signature pilgrimages to Mississippi and Alabama while adding pilgrimages to new places around the country that have civil rights lessons to share;

• partnering with college groups to educate students about the importance of these stories to present-day activism.

• providing experiential education and resources to educators at all levels about the Civil Rights Movement; and inspiring and emboldening activists with the music of the Civil Rights Movement and today’s protest music.”

Reggie has earned distinction as one of the foremost interpreters and song leaders of the music of the Underground Railroad and the Modern Civil Rights movement. With a passion for peace and justice, Reggie travels worldwide using his gifts to share hope and raise awareness of human rights in the spirit of Dr Martin Luther King’s beloved community.
Using AUUF Online Directory?

A few years ago, AUUF switched from a paper directory of members and active friends to an online directory. You can use the directory on a computer by going to and logging in there, OR you can get an app for your smartphone (IconCMO Utilities) and use it anywhere! Each member gets their own personal login credentials. If you’ve joined recently, you will be receiving a login this week. If you’ve forgotten your login from a couple of years ago, email so Shellie can send you a new login. Please remember or write down your login. If you forget it, she has to send you a new one. There was a major upgrade a year ago, so you may need to get a new login because of that. Please check it out. ALSO, if
your photograph isn’t there, please send it to the office so we can get photos up. This is VERY helpful for new AUUF ministers, RE directors, and all of us to get to know each other.
Finding Your Way into Fellowship class coming soon!

If you are newer to AUUF or are interested in becoming a member, we invite you to participate in our next “Finding Your Way into Fellowship” 3-session class starting in late October. These 3 evenings give folks time to really learn about UU, AUUF and how it fits into their own spiritual journey. We’re hoping to meet in person for this class with Covid mitigation measures in place.

The exact dates will be published next week. Please email for questions or to sign up. We look forward to seeing you there!
Program Council is BACK!
Hey, team and committee chairs, mark your calendars for Tuesday, Sept. 27, because after a brief hiatus, Program Council is back! Fearing it’ll take both of us to do what Kelley Hartlieb so graciously did alone, Erik and I will oversee the Council starting this month. We look forward to working with you all as we begin our new Fellowship year. Please be sure your team or committee is represented – we work best when we all work together. We’ll meet 6-8 pm over zoom. Watch your email for more information later in the month.
Help Needed for AUUF’s Auction!

Fall is auction time for AUUF’s fun online fundraiser to help support our operating budget! This year we budgeted $15,000, which is about what we made last year. Before we can accept your donations, we need to increase our volunteers! Come join us for this short-term activity …

September through early November. We especially need people who like to photograph and write up short descriptions of the donated items. The software is easy to use to do the uploading, and it could be done by different people. There is also need for someone to accept and organize the donated items in classroom 2 downstairs.
Please contact Peggy Robinson at if you are interested or need more information.

This is a great short-term activity with a flexible schedule!
Tibetan Buddhism Presentation at UAA October 7

Hi all, Khentrul Rinpoche will be giving a presentation in early October. He has an active sangha in Anchorage and provides online and in-person training. See the note below if you are interested:

Khentrul Lodro T’Haye Rinpoche Speaking on THE POWER of MIND
We have all heard platitudes about cultivating wisdom, love, and compassion, but can these qualities really transform adversity?

Tibetan Buddhist monk Khentrul Rinpoche will discuss how yes, they can – not by searching for something in the outside world, but instead, through training the mind. Peace and happiness start within us and then extend out to the entire globe. Regardless of what’s happening in our lives, Rinpoche teaches that our route to freedom lies within our minds.

A thousand years ago, the Indian saint Atisha risked his life to seek out these mind-training teachings in Indonesia. He then brought them to Tibet, where they flourished and spread to the rest of the world. Khentrul Rinpoche was inspired by his own teachers, who were able to follow these techniques during the Cultural Revolution and transform immense suffering into something positive. Join us for an event with Rinpoche as he explores the potential and power of our minds, and introduces us to this wisdom, which has been passed down from teacher to student for centuries.

Khentrul Lodrö T’hayé Rinpoche is the abbot of a monastery in Tibet and oversees meditation groups across North America, Australia, and South Africa. Since 2002 Rinpoche has traveled year-round teaching seminars and leading retreats. During the covid pandemic, Rinpoche held online retreats for his students around the globe. Khentrul Rinpoche is one of the only monks in the world with three Khenpo degrees—equivalent to three PhDs in Buddhist philosophy. Many of his students have nicknamed him “the mind training Khenpo” for his passion for teaching mind training practices.

WHERE: UAA Recital Hall, 3700 Alumni Drive, Anchorage AK

WHEN Friday, Oct 7th 7:00-9:00 pm

No Admission Fee
Sponsored by UAA Psychology Department and Title Wave Books

Contact Susan LaGrande: Carla Doroff:
A Message from Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President 

This time of year begins another season of Ingathering when Unitarian Universalists come together to renew our commitments to each other and to our communities and begin another year of vital ministry. Please watch and share this video message from me welcoming people back in this new congregational year.

We are living in what I have come to call a liminal time – a time in between. The pandemic has upended so much. After two years of virtual and hybrid gatherings, the ways in which people connect to religious community have broadened and new patterns are developing. On so many levels, what comes next is still being imagined. 
The September Half Portion offering goes to the Food Bank of Alaska 

Food Bank of Alaska was incorporated in 1979 to fulfill the basic mission of food banks: to salvage surplus food from the food industry and the community and distribute it efficiently to pantries, soup kitchens, and other organizations feeding hungry people. Today our mission is the same but our impact is greater. Last fiscal year we distributed 11 million pounds of food to more than 150 partner agencies throughout Alaska. Our program now includes USDA commodity food, child nutrition programs, a mobile food pantry, SNAP outreach, and anti-hunger advocacy to achieve our vision of eliminating hunger in Alaska. We have been able to respond to the increased need over the past two years but need additional help again as families are now facing the tough choice between food and housing and medicine as a result of inflation and the lingering effects of the pandemic. 

Click on the Half-Portion note or Donate/ Pay
at the bottom of the home page.
Enter your donation under
“Half-Portion for Social Action”
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