Today At Your Fellowship
March 1, 2021
This Week @ AUUF on Zoom
Monday 3/1/2021
7-8:30pm A Comic Eye on Serious Racism

Tuesday 3/2/2021
10am Gentle Beginners Yoga
4:30pm Forum Planning Meeting
6-8pm Finding Your Way to Fellowship
7-8pm Adult Religious Exploration
with Rev. Lise

Wednesday 3/3/2021
6:30-8pm Fireside Chats
7-8:30pm Building & Grounds Meeting

Thursday 3/4/2021
7pm Choir Practice

Friday 3/5/2021
12-1:30pm Freethinkers

Saturday 3/6/2021
Sunday 3/7/2021
9am Virtual Forum

10:15am RE Chalice Circle

11:00am Virtual Worship

6:30pm Virtual Jr. Youth Meet-up

Zoom links for public meetings always available on the calendar on the AUUF homepage.

To learn how to participate in Religious Exploration youth programming contact
Rosene Beachy 
A Comic Eye on Serious Racism
Sponsored by the AUUF Anti-Racism team
Monday March 1st, 7 - 8:30 PM

As a way to facilitate thinking and sharing our ideas and feelings about racism, we will watch two brief comedy videos which focus on the topic of racism.
The format of these sessions will include a listening circle and thought-provoking questions to encourage sharing our own personal experiences, thoughts and feelings about this very serious topic.

This program will be offered twice to help provide an opportunity to participate based on individual schedules.

Find the Zoom link on the calendar on the AUUF Homepage
Gentle Beginners Yoga
10am Tuesday March 2

Enjoy engaging your mind, moving your body, and tending to your spirit at home with each other via Zoom! This yoga class is a gentle, beginner yoga class that incorporates a combination of yoga philosophy themes, pranayama or breath-work, accessible asanas or yoga poses that embrace different modifications for every body to the extent possible, and meditation and relaxation techniques.
Go to Yoga Collective AK for zoom link and class details.
Adult Religious Exploration with Rev. Lise
Rev. Lise facilitates the Tapestry of Faith curriculum, What Moves Us. Written by theologian, Rev. Thandeka, the 10 sessions look at the belief systems of historical and current UUs and help us articulate what we believe and have experienced in our own faith journeys.
Classes will be on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month through May.

Find the Zoom link on the calendar on the AUUF Homepage
Connecting During COVID: Fireside Chat for Adults
6:30pm Wednesday March 3

Your AUUF Connections Team invites you to our monthly Fireside Chat (Tea and Toddies!) -- no agenda, just show up on Zoom for some friendly conversation. You’re welcome to attend for the entire time period, or drop in whenever you want for as long as you want.

Monthly Connections on Zoom
March 3, 6:30-8:00 pm
for ages 18 and up
We’ll offer this every first Wednesday of the month until further notice.

Find the Zoom link on the calendar on the AUUF Homepage
Choir Practice
7pm Thursday March 4

Find the Zoom link on the calendar on the AUUF Homepage
12pm Friday March 5

Our resident poet, Marie Lundstrum, notes that “Campbell really gets us to look at our own “tribal” customs, especially the lack of them, such as rites of passage into adulthood. In the US, we have a strong emphasis on individualism, a person being responsible only for oneself, which certainly gets in the way of the need for cooperative effort toward tribal safety, as evidenced during this pandemic. How can we be a global “tribe” of billions and follow group “norms” to save our Spaceship Earth from becoming a second Mars? Big question. No answer. ~ Read through Part I, Chapter III, Section 2, “The Magic Flight,” in Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces for next Friday, March 5. I find reading Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers (c1998) alongside Campbell helps me to understand the elements and archetypes of the Hero’s Journey. He uses numerous movie characters and situations as examples of Hero (Dorothy, Luke, Frodo, Brody), Mentor (Glinda, Quint, Gandalf, Obi Wan), Allies, Enemies, Threshold Guardian, Trickster, Shapeshifter, Ordeal, and other important parts of the journey. As a movie-loving person, I find this approach a real help in clarifying Campbell. And fun! 
Why don’t you join ua on this incredible journey, Freethinkers Friday Noon on Zoom.

Find the Zoom link on the calendar on the AUUF Homepage
Catch the Rising Tide
Final Pledge Reminder Video
Communications Team Members Wanted
Hi Everyone,
Last summer we did a call for communications team members. We had one meeting and ended the conversation with many good points and new communications patterns. Then we closed the last meeting with "until the new Minister arrives..." So here we are! Rev. Lise and I have been discussing developing new communications goals and how we can involve AUUF community in creating strategy for future communications plans. If you have skills relating to the following things you maybe helpful for this team!

  • Staying in the know with AUUF community
  • Social Media & marketing experience
  • Experience with Wix
  • Opinions about AUUF "digital presence"
  • Skills & opinions not yet considered

Contact Kelly Spring at if you'd like to volunteer
Joy & Sorrow
From Sunday February 28

From Diane Smith, Usher : Joy - Chalice Circle, where I get to think about & hear about topics I usually only hear about on Sundays. And beginning to get to know some new (to me) people.

From Cari Sayre : Joy - After seeing Nina Simone earlier, Dave wonders how anyone could see black as anything but beautiful. Concern - the lack of clarity as to what is safe to do after having been vaccinated.
Do you Have Zoom Fatigue? Sign up for Friendship Nights
Many of us are missing seeing each other in person. The Fellowship decided to offer Outdoor Friendship Nights at member’s homes. Several members with outdoor fireside seating are hosting Friendship Nights for small groups of 4-6 members. This is an opportunity to gather in small groups outside.

All one needs to do is sign up for one of the following dates by contacting:
Joan Frankevich  at 907-250-6056  ( or Andee Cordano at 907-350-6361   ( and we will send you the address and contact information for your host.

6:30 Saturday, March 13, on Hillside, 4WD needed, an accessible location with no stairs
7:00 Saturday, March 20, accessible location, with no stairs in West Anchorage
6:30 Friday, March 26, South Anchorage
7:00 Friday, March 26, West Anchorage

Guests will need to dress warm and bring their own drinks in their own glasses. This is an
informal outside gathering. As much as we love food, we decided to be Covid Safe and not serve refreshments. We have additional dates and locations coming soon.

If you have an outdoor area and would like to host, please contact Joan or Andee
Soul Matters Playlists
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