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November 2023

Washington State TB LHJ Workshop

On October 30th, the WA DOH TB Program held the in-person workshop in Wenatchee, WA, with staff attendance from 15 different LHJs!

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department TB Program accepting the TB Team Excellence Award.

Angela Salazar, Benton-Franklin Health District, accepting the Individual Contributor Award.

Information for Local Health Jurisdictions (LHJs)

Year-End Data Deadlines

  • December 2023: Preliminary cleanup lists will be sent to LHJ partners to get a head start on data cleanup.
  • December 29, 2023Last day to submit 2023 cases for counting.
  • January 12, 2024: Limited provisional variables due for all 2023 cases.
  • Early February 2024: Second round of data closeout line lists sent out.
  • March 8, 2024: Final data deadline.
  • Case data must be as complete as possible for 2023 cases.
  • Contact investigation records for 2023 cases must be entered into WDRS and updated to be as complete as possible.
  • Class B screening data should be as complete as possible.

This information and other resources are available on the TB Data Resources SharePoint page. Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns or to request access to the SharePoint.

CDC Rifampin 300mg Notice

As of October 1st, all rifampin 300mg shipped from DOH/King County Pharmacy will be filled using the Former CDC National Stockpile medications.

  • All LHJs qualify for this supply. During this time, LHJs should not be buying rifampin 300mg. Please order as much as you need.

  • This rifampin can be used for patients with active disease and LTBI.

  • The full bottle expiration date is July 2024.

  • Please note on your Medications Log that the rifampin you've received is from the CDC and not purchased using the 340B or MMCAP discount programs.

  • The King County Pharmacy packing slip will also reflect this change: ** next to the rifampin, then lower on the sheet you will see “**Free CDC Meds**".

Order Form: Former CDC Medication Stockpile (sharepoint.com)

What is MMCAP?

MMCAP stands for the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP). It is a discount medication purchasing tool.

While 340B is the preferred program, MMCAP allows DOH to provide LHJs TB medications for patients who don't qualify for our 340B medications. DOH covers the medication, pharmacy repackaging fees, and shipping. 

LHJs who purchase their own medications can also access the MMCAP discount program. Information on how to set this up is included on our MMCAP SharePoint page linked below.

Order Form: MMCAP (sharepoint.com)

TB Partners SharePoint Updates 

  • The VDOT page includes links to the newly released SureAdhere Hub, featuring new in-depth user guides and training videos.

Please contact [email protected] if you are experiencing SharePoint access issues or would like to request SharePoint access.

Upcoming Events and Education Opportunities

December 1, 2023 | HIV and TB: A Tale of 2 Epidemics

This Mayo Clinic Center for TB course will give an overview of the current state of TB-HIV coinfection. A review of the most current research to support appropriate diagnosis and treatment of individuals with TB and HIV will be provided. Register here.

December 5, 2023 | Tuberculosis and the Eye

The Mayo Clinic Center for TB presentation will give an overview of the ocular manifestations of tuberculosis, focusing on intraocular disease. Will review several cases to discuss the challenges of diagnosis and management of ocular tuberculosis. Register here.

April 16-19, 2024 | 2024 Tuberculosis Conference

Save-the-date for the conference in Baltimore, MD, hosted by the National TB Controllers Association and The Union-North American Region. If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Brown (NTCA) at [email protected] or Menn Biagtan (The Union-NAR) at [email protected].

Washington's TB Project ECHO

On Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 pm PT, join our lunch-time virtual discussion about real TB cases with your peers. This free interactive event is guided by a panel of local TB experts. For more information about this local project and our partners who make this ongoing event possible.

SEATRAC Seminar Series

SEATRAC hosts and promotes seminars, one Friday session per month from 12 - 1 PM, focused on TB basic and clinical sciences by local trainees', local and visiting faculty, and special guests.


Tuberculosis Variant with Rifampin Resistance Undetectable by Xpert MTB/RIF, Botswana

Emerging Infectious Diseases | 11/2023 | doi: 10.3201/eid2911.230987

Tuberculosis in Lemurs and a Fossa at National Zoo, Madagascar, 2022

Emerging Infectious Diseases | 12/2023 | doi: 10.3201/eid2912.231159

Video Recordings and Education Opportunities

CITC Archived Webinars

CME/CE units will not be offered for these trainings. Access here.

Rutgers TB Institute Webinar Archives

CE units are not available for these archives. Access here.

SNTC Archived Webinars

CME/CE units are not offered for these trainings. Access here.

SNTC Online Courses

CME/CE units are offered for these trainings. Access here.

CDC: TB 101 for Health Care Workers

CE units expire on 11/6/2025 and are available at no cost. Access here.

TB ECHO Recorded Archives

Missed a TB ECHO® session? TB ECHO® has didactic presentations available for viewing on YouTube. Handouts related to the presentation are included where appropriate. Watch recorded TB ECHO® here

Tools and Resources

Minnesota's Center of Excellence in Newcomer Health

  • Access helpful tools, trainings, and updates for newcomers and refugee health here.


DOH Refugee Health Program

  • Afghan Health Resources - Fact sheets, webinars, videos, and other health resources (scroll down for TB resources).
  • Ukrainian Health Resources - Fact sheets, webinars, videos, and other health resources to support new arrivals from Ukraine (scroll down for TB resources).

Southeastern National TB Center

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