TBANS Monthly Thoughts - October 2018
"Magical Realism"
"Magical Realism" refers to situations that are basically real yet infused with magical or fantastical ideas. I love the idea of applying this term, usually reserved for literature and art, to early childhood development. As TBANS Framework for Early Education indicates, one significant task of the preschool years is to "figure out the lines between reality and fantasy." This is surprisingly challenging for young children, and it's our obligation to let them play with real and pretend scenarios as we guide them to a sturdier grasp of the distinction between them. Most children don't accomplish this goal until they are at least kindergarten age, though we support their evolving understanding in developmentally appropriate ways throughout the years. Following are two resources you can use to explore "Magical Realism" with your children.
"Imagine a day...when everything you build touches the sky."
Have you noticed this painting behind my desk? Rob Gonsalves paints in the genre of Magical Realism. I particularly love this painting that shows how children use play to make sense of their world, and grow to become the future architects of our society.

Books of Gonsalves' paintings promote imagination and creativity. Read the books: Imagine a Day/Night/Place/World to explore Magical Realism with your children and help them develop clearer concepts of real and pretend.
Daniel Tiger
Many of you know the Daniel Tiger show. You may not realize that Daniel Tiger is supposed to be the son of Mr. Rogers' treasured puppet, and this newer show is an extension of Mr. Rogers' brilliant efforts to promote healthy child development.

Daniel Tiger employs Magical Realism by exploring real-life issues in a make-believe setting.

Yes, I am going to encourage screen time - in moderation! Preferably with the adult and child watching together. These two reviews couldn't be more persuasive.

Jax Stief, TBANS Mom and Teacher stated:
"This is actually quality programming that holds the same values that TBANS does. It's about kindness and managing one's emotions. It's about families coming together and supporting each other. It's also a good reminder that being 2 or 3 or 4 or even 5 is hard and that we as parents, despite how busy we are, need to slow down and recognize that their tantrums or fits are stemming from learning to be a member of society which is sometimes difficult, and we as adults take that for granted."

And coming off the High Holidays, read how this mom used Daniel Tiger to explain Rosh Hashanah and "starting over" to her child.
What a great start to a new year!
October Highlights

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1 Simhat Torah - TBANS Closed
4 Cheeburger Community Night, 5:00 on
8 Children's Notecard Project - all week
11 Bet Parents' Bowling Night
12 Tot Shabbat, 6:30 pm
16 Parent Partnership Meeting, 9:45 am
17 Parent Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm
24 Picture Art
25 Apple Cider Demonstration for Gimels
26 Community Shabbat, 9:30 am
26 Challah Tots, 10:00 am

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