Temple B'nai Chaim / Boost! 
Parenting Workshops
October 21, 2015, 7:00-9:30 pm

TBC will be sponsoring two parenting workshops on Wednesday, October 21, conducted by Chris Parrott, a Westport-based counseling psychologist working with Boost Child & Family Services . The public is invited!

The Cyber Child and the Tangled Web of Social Media 
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
What is the true impact of social media on our children?  What are the benefits and pitfalls -- neurologically, socially and educationally -- to cyber exposure?  What are the best strategies for parents to support the overall well-being of their children in today's social-media-centric world?  This workshop will answer these questions, leveraging the most current research on the effects of social media on children's brains and behaviors.  Participants will receive firsthand exposure to the cyber social reality that pervades children's lives and shapes their still-forming identities and social interactions.  They will be engaged to critically evaluate how their own interactions with children, consciously and unconsciously, are affected by social media and technology.
Happiness is not Happenstance: 5 Keys to Motivate and Inspire Children  8:15 pm - 9:30 pm
Today's children are stressed.  At school and at home, they are bombarded with message about "success", what it means and how to best attain it.  If what parents really want for their children is happiness and love and health and contentment, how do they best weed through the noise, even the noise they themselves are contributing to?  How do they best counteract the stresses that are undermining emotional well-being and actually shutting down the learning centers of their children's brains?  This workshop will help parents defuse their children's stress.  It will pinpoint the five important elements that will help children to feel motivated, inspired, happy.  It will lay out the concrete strategies for stoking passion, resilience, emotional awareness/regulation, connection and gratitude in today's hungry child.
Cost: $35 - Payment required in advance via http://bit.ly/TBCPW15  by October 14th.
Contact adulted@templebnaichaim.org after October 14th to see if spaces are still available.  Refunds only until October 14th.

The program requires a minimum of attendees to be held - please register now!
Light refreshments will be served. No children please.

Program will be held at Temple B'nai Chaim, 82 Portland Avenue,
Georgetown, CT 06829
About The Speaker:

After graduating Cum Laude from Dartmouth College, Chris Parrott studied in London earning her MSc and Post MSc degree to become a BPS Chartered Counseling Psychologist. Back in the United States, Parrott co-founded "Your Self Series"-- a teen identity development program, and "YourChatMat" tools to engage families in meaningful conversation. She recently co-authored Reach Before You Teach: Ignite passion and purpose in your classroom (Corwin Press, 2013) a detailed guide aimed at helping teachers connect with their students. Parrott is dedicated to raising the level of education globally so that it focuses on supporting teens socially and emotionally.

According to Newport-based Scarlett Lewis, author of  Nurturing Healing Love (Hay House Inc., 2013) :
"Chris Parrot is a foremost expert on social and emotional learning and gives the absolute best talks I've ever heard on the subject of our children, what they're facing in today's environment, and how we can help them. Chris' talks are filled with astonishing facts and will change there way you view your child's education and even the way you parent for the better. She has had a profound impact on me since meeting her following the shooting death of my six-year old son at Sandy Hook Elementary. I firmly believe if we had the programs and teachings that Chris talks about, the tragedy at Sandy Hook would never have happened."