Dear TBC Community,

We have exciting news!

Starting this fall, our Confirmation Program will be transformed into TBC TEENS , a brand new approach to post-B'nai Mitzvah programming!

The TBC TEENS initiative will be innovative and experimental. And, best of all, all students in grades 8th-12th are invited to participate! That's right... all 8th-12th graders are eligible to participate, regardless of whether they have participated in years past!

We are deep in "planning mode" and are working on all the details for next year, but we couldn't wait to share our vision of the new TBC TEENS program. From the graphic above, you can see that we are taking a holistic approach to teen life and are working hard to make our program reflect the interests of our students.

We're dreaming big and planning boldly and will be relying on all participants and families to provide feedback throughout the year so that we can keep making TBC TEENS better and better.

Registration materials for TBC TEENS and Religious School will go out later this week, but please feel free to email or call with any questions.

We hope that you'll join us on this new adventure!

Rabbi Rachel Bearman and Karin Beitel, Director of Lifelong Learning

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