ICBF, the central authority in Colombia, has invited MAA to host children in summer 2021!

Obviously these are unusual times, so this hosting session will be different from previous years as we are bringing only a small group, and will work with families and the authorities in Colombia to ensure everyone's health and safety. For these children to get this chance, we need to recruit families quickly. Families who host must live in Illinois, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania and must complete a home study. Read more here about why we limit hosting to those states. Hosting is scheduled for August 1st to 15th, but dates are subject to change and families must be flexible.

To learn more about hosting, please complete the free Prospective Adoptive Parent form, or email Misty Lucas.
Motherhood requires patience. It requires compassion, organization, and creativity. Motherhood requires persistence. It requires firmness, authority, and tenacity.

Truthfully, motherhood requires grit.

Because mothers are tasked with processing and regulating their emotions, then assisting their children with theirs.
Because mothers are tasked with organizing their schedule and completing necessary tasks to manage their home and family, then helping their children with their schedules.
Because mothers are tasked with mediating sibling arguments, having hard conversations, and educating their children on the reality of the world.

There are dinners to be made, laundry to be done and lunches to be packed.
There are bathrooms that need scrubbing, rules that need enforcing, and dishes that need cleaning.

Mothers are tasked with doing hard things.
Hard thing after hard thing.

And they can do hard things, often with great success.
But when these hard things pile up, day after day, and come from sources outside of their own home or outside of their control, a mother can break.

And mothers are allowed to break.

Because when the weight of their own mental and emotional world is heavy; when the weight of their children’s struggles is heavy; when the weight of the world—with a pandemic, government unrest, financial insecurity, virtual school, quarantining—is heavy, a mother is tasked with persisting.

A mother is expected to do hard things. And mothers will.

Because mothers always want what is best for their children and will do whatever they need to in order to make sure their children are ready and capable to tackle hard things when they arise.

Because mothers model faith, hope, and strength. They model patience, compassion, and persistence. They tackle one hard thing after the next.
And that tenacity, that grit, allows mothers to raise the next generation of children who are empowered to change the world.
At Madison, we are proud of the fact that the phones are always answered by a live person during our regular office hours. Although our staff will still be working regular office hours, starting May 1st, our phone lines will only be open 9am-12pm on Fridays.  We will continue to be reachable by phone our regular hours, 9am-5pm, on Monday through Thursday, as well as Friday mornings. Please feel free to contact your case worker if this change effects your ability to efficiently contact us. We will also remain available through email. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
Arnel & Leizyl arrived home with their 6 year old son, John, from the Philippines in March!
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