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November 2017 

Give the Gift of Better Brain Fitness! 
Our 2017 Totally Brain Healthy Gift Guide

We're always on the lookout for cool and fun ways keep you, your family and friends brain healthy. This gift-giving season, click here  to read our recommended gifts sure to boost their brainpower!

We've covered the full range of Body, Mind, Spirit activities that are part of our Total Brain Health Blueprint, with ways of engaging minds shown to improve everyday performance and long term brain vitality. 

What's New @ TBH
Training, Talks and More
Join Dr. Green at ASA Conference
Dr. Green will be part of a panel on brain training effectiveness at the March 2018 American Society on Aging Conference. 

Total Brain Health Sponsors Memory Competition Games at OlympiActs
Total Brain Health is thrilled to have sponsored the  Total Brain Health Games  competition as part of Acts Retirement-Life Communities mid-south region OlympiActs this past week. 


T BH MEMORY Level 2.0 Toolkit
Here's something you won't want to forget! Our next-level memory strategies course for graduates of TBH MEMORY Level 1.0 is on it's way!

You can expect:
  • All new 8 Themes | 24 Memory Builders
  • Ramped-up Memory training    workouts
  • New strategies along with reviews of traditional techniques
  • A "Memory Best" Daily Challenge for out-of-class engagement
Ordering information coming soon!

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TBH Academy  
Certificate Courses
TBH "Story My Name" 
Contest Winners 
TBH  Certificate in 
Brain Wellness  
Winter Session:  Register HERE

Congratulations to our TBH 
"Story My Name" 
Contest Winners!  

We challenged ICAA conference attendees to create a short story using the TBH Storytelling Strategy of their first and last names. Thank you to all of our contest entrants!  The winners are:

1st:  Stephanie Ratliff
American Senior Communities
2nd:  Melissa Gill Hausz
Casa Dorinda
3rd:   Brittany Meador
 Blakeford at Green Hills
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