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Happy New Year!  
Svante Myrick on Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Law & Policy List

Co ngratulations to Svante Myrick, TCAD Board Member and Ithaca Mayor, on being named to Forbes' 30 Under 30 Law & Policy list!   Those chosen for this list "are the young voices that will be shaping U.S. policymaking from both the public and private sectors" in 2017. 

Forbes wrote that " Myrick was first elected Mayor of Ithaca, New York at the age of 24. He inherited a $3 million budget deficit, which he closed while ultimately lowering taxes. He has added new infrastructure and housing, and has revitalized public transportation. He was recently re-elected with 89% of the vote."

Rosie Part of Federal Pilot Program

Rosie is a local company located in Downtown Ithaca that provides an online shopping platform.   TCAD provided a loan to Rosie at an early stage when they were not yet in a position to take on traditional bank financing.  Rosie recently " announced that its partner, Dash's Market, has been selected to take part in a federal pilot program to enable Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants to purchase their groceries online.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) invited only seven companies to participate, including Dash's Market of Buffalo, N.Y., who presented Rosie as their eCommerce solution provider to the USDA." Click here for the full article.

TCAD Staff Members Present at NYSEDC's  2017  Economic Development Conference

The New York State Economic Development Council (NYSEDC)  is the  st at e's principal organization representing economic development professionals.  The purpose of NYSEDC is to promote the economic development of the state and its communities, e ncourage sound practices in the conduct of regional and statewide development programs, and to develop education programs that enhance the professional development skills of N YSEDC members.

Michael Stamm, President of TCAD, and Julia Mattick, Executive Director Tompkins County Workforce Development Board, are presenting on Wednesday, January 18th on the following topic:
Taking the Initiative: How Tompkins County Area Development and the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board are Collaborating to Meet Job Requirements of Manufacturers in the Region
Many regions are trying to find workforce solutions for manufacturers trying to fill technical and middle - skill jobs. Led by the Tompkins County Workforce Development Board and Tompkins County Area Development, a comprehensive survey of manufacturers has been conducted in a four - county region to identify workforce shortages; determine the potential for training based on common needs; assess level of interest in a common approach; and compile data on best sources and training providers. This session will discuss survey findings; next steps; and, lessons learned. 

Heather McDaniel, Vice President and Director of Economic Development Services at TCAD is presenting on a panel on Wednesday, January 18th on the following topic: 
Learn How Economic Developers - in rural and urban areas - Partner with Innovation Ecosystem Programs to Help Build Their Innovation Economies 
Every community has different assets that impact its innovation - driven economy, starting with traditional supply chain services that can be transformed to serve emerging sectors. Whether communities have a strong high - tech industry base and higher education presence, or not, participants in this session will gain insight and ideas as to how they can more effectively create an environment to facilitate growth of their innovation economies.

Area Businesses Featured at History Center in Tompkins County

The History Center in Tompkins County is hosting a presentation on Ithaca Beer, Co. and a pa nel discussion, led by TCAD's Martha Armstrong, on Tompkins County Businesses that Value Place.  

Ithaca Beer Co. Presentation - Friday, February 3rd, 6pm - 8pm  (Ithaca Beer & Soda tasting will be available at The History Center starting at 5:30 PM)
In conjunction with the current exhibit "Made in Tompkins County: A Timeline of Local Enterprise" and  Downtown Ithaca 's First Friday Gallery Night, The History Center will host a 6:00 PM presentation on  Ithaca Beer Co.  Gregg Stacy, Marketing Director of Ithaca Beer, will talk about the history and current initiatives of the Company. 

Businesses in our Midst that Value Place - Saturday, February 4th, 2pm-3:30pm 
There are Tompkins County businesses for which place matters from any number of perspectives such as location, workforce, access to technology, branding, entrepreneurial spirit, lifestyle and community connections. There will be a panel presentation followed by a discussion with the audience.
ModeratorMartha Armstrong, Vice President and Director of Economic Development Planning (TCAD)
Panelists: Gary Woloszym (Wegmans), Julie Baker (Ursa Space Systems), Julie Crowley (Ithaca Coffee), Nick Nickitas (Rosie App).

Real People, Real Jobs - January Podcast

Martha Armstrong's most recent podcast on WHCU's Real People, Real Jobs is an interview with  Tom Schryver, Executive Director of the Center for Regional Economic Advancement at Cornell University. They discuss recent activities at "rev", Ithaca Startup Works, business incubator. Click HERE to listen.

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