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Tompkins County IDA Project Report (2015)

The Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) received an annual report highlighting metrics for projects. TCAD administers the IDA.

Active Projects:  25
Jobs Created or Retained:  2,458
Total Payroll in 2015: $103 million
New Property Taxes Paid:  $11.6 million

IDA Project Highlight:
209-2015 Dryden Road

A new, six story, 73,000 square foot building will be the home to Cornell's Johnson School of Management Executive MBA Program. The $39 million project is located in the heart of Collegetown and the IDA incentive package ensures the property will remain on the tax roles for 50 years.

Cornell put together a video on youtube highlighting the new building and its features.

Spotlight on Novomer - Local Company Making Plastics From Renewable Materials

Novomer utilizes carbon dioxide captured from manufacturing plants to produce innovative materials. Through a system of conversions, Novomer produces a polymer than can be formulated into a variety of materials including foam and plastic that are easily recyclable. 
Ford Motor Company announced on May 17 that Novomer's technology will enable the development of sustainable foams and plastics for Ford.  Ford Motor Company is the first automaker to formulate and test new foam and plastic components using carbon dioxide as feedstock. Researchers expect to see the new biomaterials in Ford production vehicles within five years. 

TCAD provided a loan to Novomer for a lab facility in Ithaca. The company is based on technology developed at Cornell.

Read the full news release.
New Report: Energy and Economic Development Task Force

The Tompkins County Legislature asked TCAD to create a task force to bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to address the following question: Over the next five years, what key issues do we need to address locally to advance Tompkins County's greenhouse gas emissions goals while supporting the County's economic development strategy? After meeting for 12 months, the task force has just released its final report.

TCAD Receives Marketing Award

TCAD's 2015 annual report received the Best In Class award at the New York State Economic Development Council annual meeting in Cooperstown.

"The 2016 Marketing Award winners differentiate their communities by demonstrating creativity, impact, and visual appeal in their marketing materials," said Brian McMahon, Executive Director of the New York State Economic Development Council.

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Mission of TCAD
TCAD is dedicated to building a thriving and sustainable economy that improves the quality of life in Tompkins County by fostering the growth of business and employment.