December 17th, 2020
Proud supporters of the Warriors & BMBA Basketball Program
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Business Stories
Sandy Hill Medical Centre Special Offer

Sandy Hill Medical Centre is now offering a comprehensive skin cancer check for prevention, surveillance and treatment of all types of skin malignancies.

We understand that COVID-19 has impacted many people, but we are here to remind you that preventative health measures are still very important to look after general well-being.

We are here to help you look after your general health. Please call the clinic on 9017 4743 or book online

Paul Zaidman & Anna Selleck are both partners in life and business; they are typical of the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of so many Australian couples who embark into the adventure of running their own business.

With extensive dance and life experience they were prepared to face most challenges to make their business successful, but like so many other small businesses in 2020, nothing could have prepared them for what they faced through the covid-19 crisis; or at least our government’s management of it....Click Here
BMBA Templar Warriors are looking for players for competition from January 2021
The BMBA Templar Warriors are looking for players of all ages, both boys and girls for our training programs and junior domestic teams. Our teams play in domestic competitions at the Sandringham Basketball Association for their recently announced Autumn season commencing on Saturday the 30th of January.

We are especially interested in hearing from boys interested in playing in teams in U16 & U14 competitions. ( Players born in 2006, 2007, 2008 or 2009.) If you are looking for high quality independent coaching free from club politics, then our teams are for you, for more information please Click Here
Why not have your story told!

We are looking for local businesses to have their stories told and shared. This is a great way to spread the word about your services and/or products, but also an ideal way to share how the lock-downs and restrictions have impacted on your business through this COVID19 crisis.

The reason we established our business was for us to help you promote yours.

To have us feature your business and your story, send us an email by Clicking Here or contact me via my mobile number at the foot of this page.
Advocacy & Lobbying
Assange, an Australian son to be abandoned or rescued?

It can be difficult to attempt to be a person of ethics who sets themselves standards to live by. Once you have done so, then comes the attempt to meet those standards in your day to day life. God knows I have tried through my life only to come up short much of the time.

Once you have set those standards you have then guaranteed that you are walking into a minefield of incidents that could compromise those principles and have you looking like a hypocrite.

So why set them in the first place? For me, a definition of success has evolved in my life, that to be............Read More
Standing tall on both feet isn’t sinister, it’s courageous.

Words matter, misconstruing words can matter more, using words to raise emotions while empowering another agenda is deceptive, but for those who do not see through such deceptions for a lack of trying, is both foolish and dangerous.

Which brings me to professional sportspeople, politicians and celebrities.

Throughout 2020 we have had to endure many things, but one of the most grating things to witness is people who should know better taking a knee over something they don’t fully understand. This year, three simple words, “Black Lives Matter” have seen people who never should lose any ability for cognitive reasoning. Either that or they bow to pressure from certain groups for fear of being labelled a racist and if that is the case it’s worst than a lack of cognitive ability, it a lack of intestinal fortitude and moral courage......Read more
Do you have an opinion that you want published!

We welcome opinion articles from any member of the public as long as they are well written and are in line with our standards for publishing. We welcome contrarian points of view, articles on politics, sports, business, in fact pretty much anything.

This is a great way to lift your profile, the profile of your business or any organisations you may be a part of.

If interested please contact me via my details at the foot of this email newsletter.
Bob's Vlog
Bob's Vlog Episode Six - The BMBA Templar Warriors.
Since our last issue we have had a bit of fun putting together a promotional video for the BMBA Templar Warriors. A basketball coaching program we proudly support. CLICK HERE to see the full video. Refer to the above article if your interested in getting your son or daughter involved.
Melbourne Uni Black Angels take a step backwards, but now hope to leap forwards in 2021.

For most Melbourne based sporting clubs, 2020 was the season that never was, unless you belonged to an elite professional sporting organisation. This was no exception for the Melbourne University Black Angels who saw their BIG V basketball seasons for both their Men's and women's teams simple evaporate in a haze of COVID-19 precautionary measures.

For our founder and directory, this was especially frustrating as he was in his first year as the Men's head coach at the Black Angels. After coaching basketball both at junior levels for over thirty years to have an enforced layoff he did not want, prove to be challenging.

"We had a very promising young squad going into what would have been the 2020 season and then everything simply stopped the week before our first round. It was all quite surreal."......Read more
Film Review
Welcome to our new section, where we review films on various streaming media.

We have decided to commence a new section for our online newspaper.

Looking for something to watch over the weekend ?

Then let us assist and inform you as each week we will be publishing reviews of films on the various streaming channels and as time progresses from the cinema industry. Don’t waste time watching dud films, instead let us do that for you and guide you to where the real quality is.

At least in our opinion. This week we review some films from Netflix.......Read more
Do you have a service to barter?
In these difficult times businesses are low on revenue and cash flow making it difficult to pay for services. We are prepared to show some initiative for any business who would like to take advantage of our services we are more than prepared to enter into a bartering arrangement for any business that can provide a service that we would be interested in.
For example services that we are currently looking for include Dentists, Mechanics, Accountants, especially tax accountants, and auto electricians. We are though willing to talk to any business about potential bartering arrangements. If you're interested, send us your proposal to the email address below.
Business Listings
Below are links to various business lists for businesses that we visited earlier this year before COVID19 hit our shores and we all entered lock-downs and restrictions. Hopefully, all of you are hanging in there We have come out of our hibernation to assist in whatever way we can.
Please look to support and promote these local businesses where you can.
Carlton Business Listing.
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Check out the businesses in Highett by Clicking Here
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Sandy Hill Medical Centre is Bulk billed medical practice and located in the centre of Sandringham. We provide a wide range of services such as general medicine, minor surgery, skin cancer checks, sports medicine , men, women’s health & paediatrics. We are open 7 days a week and late nights.
Call us on 9017 4743 or Click Here to go to our website.
Do you need a great vet clinic for your pet? Well you would struggle to find a better one than the East Bentleigh Vet Clinic Click Here to go to their website.
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Your weekly shortcut to Australia's best commentary. Each week, in around 30 minutes, Damian Coory summarises the best conservative political commentary for Australians. 
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The purpose of this email is make you aware of the advocacy efforts for small business we have commenced towards Federal and Government mp's and allow you to join and support us as we continue those efforts.

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