December 24, 2020

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TCF Ministry Update:
Service Times

Sundays at 9am and 11am in the Outdoor Pavilion

  • Children and Youth Ministries Available at both Services
  • Services are Simulcast to the Indoor Worship Center
  • Services are Livestreamed on and YouTube

Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Outdoor Pavilion

  • Awana, Children and Youth Ministries Available
  • Service is Simulcast to the Indoor Worship Center
  • Service is Livestreamed on and YouTube
  • No Service December 30 (Resumes January 6)

From Our Pastors
Needing Christmas

I recently opened one of those slim, crafty gift catalogues that somehow find their way into our mailboxes every December. I don’t remember which company sent it, but it offered a variety of classy winter clothing, scented candles, and assorted homey and cozy items, all modeled by handsome smiling people possessed of bright, straight teeth. Sweet. But the cover is what caught my attention. In a pleasant, casual font against a simple backdrop it said. “If Ever There Was a Year that Needed Christmas…This is It.” Wow! How true is that! 2020 has been among the most difficult years in recent memory, with Covid, wild fires, political upheaval, toilet paper shortages…Good Grief…

“Needing Christmas” is an interesting way to put it, too. Even our secularized culture senses an indescribable longing, a cavernous craving for something stable, relational, traditional, loving, perhaps eternal, and even transcendent, something that offers a perspective of hope and purpose and security amid uncertainty and threat. And Christmas represents it, even if there is no actual room philosophically for transcendent reality within the secular worldview (remember that “secularism” refers to a life lived without reference to God, a life bounded by this material world alone).

So, we feel an odd combination of conflicting notions nestled uncomfortably close to each other in our minds. On the one hand we (modern humanity in general) want autonomy and self-determination in the “closed system” of the material world. We speculate and then pontificate about there not being a God. We treasure the feeling that ultimate decisions and directions are ours alone; we answer only to ourselves. On the other hand, when plague, disaster, and trauma rise up tsunami-like in front of us, we intuitively reach into the spiritual vacuum of our own thoughts and try to pull some sentimental comfort out of it, like groping blindly in a freezer, hoping for something warm and nourishing. We “Need Christmas.”

But the kind of “Christmas” that we need can never be supplied by vacuous greeting-card poetry. Like it or not, we live in a real world with real tragedy, real danger, real grief and sorrow. We need a Christmas that has guts, a root system in reality, one that dynamically embraces the worst this age can do to us and then emerges on the other side of death in new and everlasting life. It will not do to sing cheery winter-solstice songs about the vague and romantic emotions we want to feel if there is no tangible, historical, material hope. When people sober up after their saturnalia celebrations they must stare into the void. And the void does not care about them at all. No. We need the Real Christmas.

The Real Christmas is not a mythological story about “the indominable human spirit” or a utopian exhortation to “change the world” by trying harder and tweaking our vocabulary. Nor is it a long, home-made, moralistic ladder we must climb into heaven. The Real Christmas is much more “earthy.” It is tangible, historical, eye-witnessed, hard-edged, pungent, robust, reality-facing incarnation. It was God’s idea and not ours. It is the true account of the Eternal Creator becoming one of us permanently. He experienced the quintessential realities of humanity—conception and birth, physical life, pain, and death. Cradle to Grave. He did it all. But unlike us, he didn’t stay dead. His incarnational conception absolutely guaranteed his resurrection into indestructible life, and with his victory comes a free offer of that same eternal life to any of us who will turn around from our mindless rebellion and trust and follow Him into eternity (Mark 1:15; Luke 24:44-48). Now that is
amazingly good news. That’s why the angels were so excited when they shocked the shepherds that night. It probably scared those guys right out of their sandals. But they responded logically and enthusiastically. “Let’s go see,” they said. And they did. And so should we…

The Real Christmas brings 2020 and every other hard year, decade, and century into an eternal, redemptive, hope-filled perspective. It contextualizes our grief and fear in the overall loving plan of God in Christ (Ephesians 1:3-12). The Real Christmas is life-changing, regenerating.

Yes. We Need Christmas. And we have it. The gospel is true, and the kingdom of God is eternal. Rejoice!

Just a Thought,

Pastor Rick

Take Note
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Visit and click "MyTCF Login" from the top menu bar. Need a login? CLICK HERE then follow the instructions.

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Coming Up
Christmas Eve Communion Service
Thursday, December 24

Worship, Communion and a special teaching.
Service is held in the Pavilion and Simulcast to the Indoor Worship Center.
Service is Livestreamed on and YouTube.

Trail Teens (MS and HS) join the adults.
Children's Ministry available for nursery through 5th grade.
Wednesday, December 30

This is a weekly support group that meets on Wednesday afternoons from 1-3pm. Topics include: grief's journeys, challenges, coping, heaven and more. Check out for more details. No child care and cost is $25. Each 13-week session is 'self-contained' so you don't have to attend in sequence. You may attend before paying to see if it's a good fit for you, but please contact the Leaders first.

Leaders: Dave & Leslie Pfeifle: 541.878.2363 or
Global Outreach Prayer
Monday, January 4

Join us at TCF to pray for our supported partners and outreaches.
Open to all, no child care.
Men's Ministry
Men's Prayer Gathering
Friday Mornings

Join us in the outdoor Pavilion for our traditional weekly time of nourishment in the Word, a preview of what's to come on Sunday morning, and devotional prayer time led by one of our Pastors or Elders.

Note: We are not meeting on Christmas day. We are meeting on New Year's Day. 
Trail Teens
Teen Dinner and Movie Night
December 31, 2020
TCF Teens in Middle and High School are welcome to sign up for a New Year’s celebration with good food, fellowship, fun and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King shown on the outside screen in the Pavilion! Cost is $5, registration required along with a signed ‘On campus’ Teen Permission slip.
Children's Ministry
Wednesdays through May 26, 2021

No AWANA on December 30.

A club with a goal to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. At TCF it's designed for kids 4 years up to 5th grade. Check schedule for theme nights and breaks. Visit to download a Parent Letter and schedule. There is a suggested donation to cover costs of materials but it's not mandatory to participate.

Nursery and Children's Program for 0-3 years old.

Awana registration is at capacity and is now closed.
If your child is currently enrolled, please check the schedule for theme nights.

Debbie Conley: 541.261.2605
Prayer Warriors by Email

If you would like to be a regular part of praying for the Children's Ministry and receive an email prayer letter periodically to keep up with what God is doing with the next generation, email to get on the list. This will be a blind copy email and your email address will not be shared with others.

Debbie Conley: 541.878.3501
Trail Life USA
Thursday, January 7 from 6:30-8pm at TCF

Trail Life USA is a Christ-centered outdoor character development adventure program for boys and young men ages 5-17. TCF’s Trail Life troop meets twice a month on Thursdays from 6:30-8pm during the school year. For more information about the Trail Life USA organization, click HERE.
  • For TCF’s Troop Information, and to confirm meeting times, contact Matthew Paradela: 541.625.0359
American Heritage Girls
Thursday, January 7 from 6:30-8pm at TCF

American Heritage Girls is a faith-based character building program for girls ages 5-18. Girls learn leadership and team building skills while growing spiritually. TCF’s AHG troop meets twice a month on Thursdays from 6:30-8pm during the school year.
  • For Trail Christian Fellowship Troop information and to confirm meeting times, please call call Karrie Hovis at 541.951.3135 or email 
  • For more details about the American Heritage Girls organization, click HERE.
Celebrate Recovery
 Celebrate Recovery

A Christian 12 step program for those struggling with any addiction, abuse or other hurts, habits or hang-ups. We meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm (masks required). You're welcome to come early at 6pm.

No nursery or child care program available at this time.

If you have questions call the Paige Winfrey 541.821.0459 or send an email to You can also keep up with Celebrate Recovery on our Facebook page.

Area Events
pacific bible logo
Registration is Open!
Spring Term starts January 4th

PBC...We're Here

A quality Christian college education is closer to you
than you think, it’s right here at home…..
Pacific Bible College, centrally located in Medford.

We’re here...
  • for a fully accredited four year degree.
  • for a Bibilical education, that’s affordable.
  • for students who want to stay local, with a supportive college environment.
We’re local and here for you.
Pacific Bible College offers Pell grants and most students graduate debt free.
…a college course to prepare pastors, first responders, counselors and health care providers for crisis, trauma and disaster situations
We don’t know when the next crisis or trauma
will occur within our communities – a shooting, fire, act of nature, child abduction, domestic violence, suicide and other crises. What we do know - is who will be there to help cope with the crisis – special emergency responders, counselors and chaplains.  These are community members trained and dedicated to providing counsel and comfort in crisis, trauma and disaster situations.
Pacific Bible College is offering this new course which will prepare participants to…
  • understand the causes of crisis/trauma and the methods for intervention.
  • gain awareness of triggers, situations and symptoms revolving around crisis.
  • deal with crisis personally and in a pastoral or counselor role.
The Crisis Intervention Class will be taught by Stuart Boyer, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer for Pacific Bible College. Stuart brings nearly 20 years chaplaincy experience including Public Safety Chaplains of Southern Oregon, Fergus County Sherriff Department MT, Polson Police, Fire, and Lake County Sheriff Department MT, U.C.S.D. Hospitals in San Diego CA, Public Administrator/ Guardian Office -San Diego County Division CA, Albany Fire Department CA, American Red Cross: Lake County MT, San Diego and Stanislaus County Divisions CA.
The Crisis Intervention class will include such topics as: death, suicide, abuse, and helping children through crisis or trauma. It will explore historical and contemporary theory and methodology of crisis intervention.  Specific emphasis will be given to understand situational and maturational crises, and the Christian implications of crisis counseling.  Students will be introduced to the basic process and application of Biblical crisis intervention.
Class Starts Tuesday, January 5
Tuesdays 5:00 – 8:00 pm
3 Credits
Register online at or call Stuart Boyer at 541.776.9942 x2
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