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Canterbury Hall (100 West 39th Street) is the first building that Charles Friz designed in Tuscany-Canterbury in 1911. See more information about Charles Friz on Tuscany-Canterbury's website.
June 2019
In this issue
What's Happening in Tuscany-Canterbur y
  • June 4 Neighborhood Meeting
  • Website – About the Neighborhood: Green Spaces and Gardens

Safety Suggestions & Crime Updates 

Construction & Improvements Around the Neighborhood
  • Alley Between Ridgemede and Tuscany
  • New Sidewalk : Linkwood along Stony Run Hillside 
  • Bishop’s Square
  • Stony Run Park Clean-Up

Neighbors Have Asked 
  • Speeding on Linkwood Road
  • Possible Alley / Garage Sale
  • Bike at Ridgemede and Linkwood 
  • Dead tree – On Canterbury at University Parkway 

Volunteers Needed for Cary Institute Study

Recycling: Compost Drop-off Available

Sale Prices of Homes & Condos (May) 

Neighborhood Business Updates for JULY
  • Hopkins Deli 15% Discount 
  • Sam’s Café
  • Ambassador Dining Room 
  • Alizee American Bistro 

Monthly Calendar of Events  (more events & information below)
  • First Friday July – Canceled July 5 Due to Holiday Weekend
  • Board Meeting – July 10 7PM

If you are not a member of the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association, we hope you will join. If you know someone who is not a member, send them this newsletter and ask them to join . Information at end of newsletter.
Special thanks to .....

  • Ellen Silbergeld who coordinated the Residential Parking Permits for the neighborhood
  • John Robinson, our neighborhood photographer, takes pictures for the all the newsletters and website
  • Ginny Perkins takes pictures for the website
  • Calvert School for use of their auditorium for TCNA general membership meetings
  • Broadview Apartments for use of their meeting room for the TCNA board meetings
  • Ann Finkbeiner who proofreads and edits the newsletter
  • Alizee Bistro for all the free appetizers for the TCNA Happy Hours throughout the year
  • Hopkins Deli for the generous discounts for TCNA members
  • And all the new board members, officers, and volunteers of TCNA who will continue to ensure that Tuscany-Canterbury is a treasure of a neighborhood.
  • To everyone who supports TCNA by becoming a member or renewing their membership.

June 4, 2019
Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Meeting
The following officers and board members were elected for 2019-2020.  
If you have any questions, thoughts or want to get more involved with your neighborhood talk to a board member or email the Lu or Andy Parsley, the new co-presidents of Tuscany-Canterbury
Co-Presidents:       Andrew and Luciene Parsley  (Tuscany Road)
Vice President:      Garth Thompson  (Ridgemede Road)
Past Presidents:     Anne Perkins and Linda Eberhart (Tuscany Road)
Treasurer:             Bill Bass (Cloverhill Road)
Secretary:             Alison Moliterno   (Cloverhill Road)

Board Members:
Bonnie Boland (The Colonnade, Canterbury Road)
Ann Christopher (Tuscany Court)
Julia Frazier (Canterbury Road)
Paul and Maria Gallo  (Tuscany Court) 
Hannah Mazo (Ridegmede Condo, Ridgemede Road)
Rosalyn Mansouri (Winthrop House, Charles Street )
Jo-Ann Orlinsky (St. James, Charles Street) 
Rose Reis and Brian Weeks (Cloverhill Road)
Steve Summers (Ridgemede Road) 
Chris Whitaker  (Tuscany Road) 
About Andy and Lu Parsley: New Co-Presidents TCNA

Andy and Lu Parsley have lived at 313 Tuscany Road for the past 11 years, where they have the great fortune to own the row home between Linda Eberhart and Anne Perkins. They have two college-age children and one extroverted cat, Earthling. Andy is a school administrator for Sheppard Pratt Health Systems, where he is the Director of Education for two nonpublic schools for children with special needs. Lu is Legal Director at Disability Rights Maryland, a nonprofit law firm that champions the rights of Marylanders with disabilities. In their spare time, Andy and Lu enjoy spending time with friends and family, cooking, gardening, watching movies, and reading. 
Keynote Presentation: Charles Friz
Jillan Storms gave an awesome presentation about Charles Friz who not only designed the Canterbury Hall, Tuscany, Lombard, Gardens of Guilford, 4201 Linkwood Road and lived in the area for several decades but created the overall framework for the western section of the neighborhood.  Jillian has been in contact with his grand daughter who will be visiting Baltimore this summer and will be able to learn more about Charles Friz.    More history and information to come in the future.
The New Tuscany-Canterbury Website
Stony Run Walking Path

One of the sections on the new TCNA website is About the Neighborhood.  There is an entire section about the Green Spaces and Gardens in the area.  If you haven’t explored the Stony Run Walking Path, you can find a map of the path on the website.  The path goes from Northern Parkway to 29 th Street.  

The two bridges in Tuscany-Canterbury enable you to walk the entire pathway.  

Send us pictures of what you see and we can post them for others to enjoy.
Safety Committee 
Paul and Maria Gallo, Committee Chairs, CrimeSafetyTCNA@gmail.com
Past 30 days
Some neighbors have requested updates about crime data in the neighborhood.  Tuscany-Canterbury is one of safest areas in Baltimore. Specific information can be found at  crime reports
During the past 30 days the crimes reported in Tuscany Canterbury were:  a burglary in the 3800 block of Canterbury and one stolen package from Canterbury Road. 

We understand from the Northern District detective assigned to the package thief case that an arrest warrant has been issued. There have been no recent sightings reported to the TCNA Safety Committee or board members.  

The additional late night patrols that Major Gibson has sent through the neighborhood have helped with the overnight car break-ins.

I f you have a reasonable suspicion that an illegal activity is happening, call 911.

If a crime is committed, including a stolen package or car break-in, please call 911.
Our neighborhood is a treasure. We have a safe neighborhood.

Everyone can help make our neighborhood even safer.

1.     Lock your car doors and remove anything
of value if your car is parked on the street
or in a parking garage.

2.    Lock your house doors.  

3.      If you are going to be away, let your
neighbors know.

4.      Keep your outside lights on all night.

5.      Add motion lights to your property.
Alley Work between the 300 block of Tuscany and Ridgemede Roads

All work is done; alley has reopened; parking has returned to normal.  Thank you to the City and P & J Contracting for getting the work done as quickly as possible and for a job very well done! Working on Saturdays and into the early evenings (and very little rain) made the disruption last only three weeks.
New Sidewalk on Linkwood Road

A new sidewalk has been installed next to the Stony Run hillside on Linkwood between University Parkway and Stoney Ford by the large bridge (on the west side of the Hopkins House). The city sidewalk had been broken and was in need of repair. The sidewalk will be much safer for everyone.  Special thanks to Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke for making this happen.
Bishop’s Square
16 new trees

The Bishop’s Square is a small park located at the northwest corner of University Parkway and Charles Street. The Cathedral of the Incarnation and One Water Partnership paid for the new trees that were planted in this area.

The large trees are canopy street trees such as oaks and elms. The small trees are hawthorns and serviceberries. 
Thank you to One Water Partnership and the Cathedral of the Incarnation who paid for these improvements. A special thanks goes to Fred Chalfont, a former president of TCNA who lives on Cloverhill Road, for moving this plan forward. 
Stony Run Park
Chris Whitaker, Streets & Greens Committee

Volunteers continued to clean up the Stony Run Park near the small bridge at Linkwood and Ridgemede.  Another truckload of debris and invasive plants have been removed. Thank you everyone who continues to help throughout the year.

If you are interested, please email to volunteer. 
Neighbors Have Asked?
If you have a neighborhood question or issue that you cannot resolve (by calling 311 or checking the TCNA website), please email  presidentTCNA@gmail.com and we will try to answer your question or help resolve the issue.

Andy and Lu Parsley
Co-Presidents TCNA
“Who do we thank for the beautiful median on 39 th Street?”
The Broadview Apartments has a Memorandum of Understanding with the City to maintain the median strip.  Five years ago the Broadview paid for the plantings and, with volunteers from the neighborhood, planted the area.  Now they clean, mulch, and weed the garden.  Last year they added the pavers and the tables for the neighborhood to enjoy.
“It looks like there is a dead street tree at 3801 Canterbury Road.  What can be done about it?”
When you see a tree like this, any City resident can call 311 to report it and request that you want it to be removed for safety reasons.  

TCNA contacted the City a week ago after we saw it. The City responded that it will take 5 business days for someone to come out and evaluate what needs to be done.

We will keep you posted on the progress. But FYI: the city took 5 years to remove another street tree and then the homeowner who lives near the tree finally paid for someone to come and remove the trunk.  
“This bike has been attached to this pole for over a month and has not moved. It falls down on the sidewalk. What can be done about it?”
Thanks to the Ridgemede Condo Association the bike is gone.  They surveyed all of their residents and we also left a note on the bike looking for the owner.  After a month of trying to find the owner, the abandon bike was taken to the bike recycling shop.   
“I was wondering if you know of a neighborhood garage sale this summer. If not, would it be possible for you to put it in the newsletter to see if anyone is planning one? I'm not interested in organizing, as I have done that for many years in the past, but I would like to hook onto one.”
If anyone is planning a neighborhood yard sale or wanting to help organize one, please let us know.  The fall is usually a good time to have one.  Please contact Ann Christopher, TCNA Events Committee Chair.
“Is there anything that can be done (e.g. speed humps installed or even just “slow down” signs posted) to help stop the speeding of drivers on Linkwood? With the trail, grassy areas and playground all along Linkwood, it has become extremely scary to walk my dog and/or take my child to play in this area. “

This will be the first topic that the TCNA board will address at their July 10 board meeting. You will be kept in the loop about what solutions might be proposed and what support might be needed from the neighborhood.
May 2019 Sale Prices of Homes & Condos in Tuscany-Canterbury
Thanks to board member and realtor, Julia Frazier, who provides this information for each newsletter. To see previous sales go to TCNA website where the previous newsletters are available.

Address and Sale Price
  • 220 Stony Run Lane (#DG). $110,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#312) $100,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#505) $40,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#1111) $70,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#611) $75,000
  • 4100 N Charles St (#411). $121,500

Note:  This data represents real estate activity from May 1 to May 31, 2019 in the Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood.  The information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.   
Source;  This information is gathered from BRIGHT MLS, Inc and is provided courtesy of Julia Martin Frazier of Monument Sotheby's International Realty, 4800 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210 Cell: (410) 908-1760; Office: (443)708-7074 email: j ulia@monumentsothebysrealty.com
Linkwood Apartments Sold
The 48-unit apartment development sold at auction on May 20 for $5.97 million. The Linkwood Apartments at 4000 Linkwood Road is located west of Stony Run stream. It is between Stoney Ford and Ridgemede Road.
Volunteers Needed for  Cary Institute Study
The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is looking for adults over the age of 18 to participate in an interview about how residents of Baltimore City perceive spaces or facilities in their neighborhoods that manage stormwater and have ‘green’ or natural components. Interviews will take between 1 and 1.5 hours of time at a location to be determined with the interviewee. During the interview, participants will be asked a series of open-ended questions about rain, the environment, Baltimore City, their neighborhood, and their familiarity with city or non-profit agencies that construct facilities that manage rain. There is no compensation available for participating in this study, but we will be able to reimburse transportation expenses to and from the interview venue. For more information please contact  phillipsa@caryinstitute.org.

Thank you for your help in circulating this advertisement.
Sarah Carpe
Research Assistant
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Compost Drop-Off Available
EVERY SUNDAY 8:00-12:00
All Baltimore residents are welcomed to bring their compostable scraps to the Baltimore Farmers Market & Bazaar under the JFX. Baltimore's Office of Sustainability will continue to coordinate the collection of food scraps/compost every Sunday through December 2019.

The compost drop-off tent is near the Hollywood Dinner at Holiday Street. You can bring your food scraps, plants trimmings, coffee grounds/tea bags, and paper products. We will not be accepting meats, dairy, fish, eggs, liquids, coated paper products, glass, metals, plastics and rubber.
Neighborhood Restaurants Updates
Hopkins Deli  July 2019
15% off in-store purchases ( except tobacco products) for TCNA members

This discount is offered to TCNA members for the month of May. Take this portion of the newsletter or show the cashier this on your phone and you will get the discount. The discount is good for the month of May, in-store purchases only, for any item except tobacco products.   Any questions see Zafar Igbal, (manager) or Lucky Singh (owner).www.hopkinsdeli.com
Sam's logo
Sam’s Canterbury Café
Will be closed from July 1- July 8

All staff will have the week off for vacation.

Daily Lunch Buffet: 11:30am-2:30pm and with a view of the beautiful gardens.
at the Colonnade
Sunday night:  Half-price burger night
Tuesday night: All Pasta ½ price
Wednesday night:  12oz. New York Strip
Steak $14.00
Neighborhood map
Did you know
Age and Gender Breakdown for the total population (about 3900 residents) in Tuscany-Canterbury.
Events Happening in and around
Architect Friz designed built this home in the 1920's on Linkwood and lived in for many years. Find out more information about Friz on the Tuscany Canterbury website. Another Spring 2020 tour is being planned. Let us know if you are interested.
June 28 6:00-9:00 PM
Also Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Dr.
Registration is required
This event is free
Space Telescope Science Institute 's  Youth for Astronomy and Engineering (YAE) Program will be hosting its annual "Family Night at the Institute" event.
You are invited to attend a fun engaging astronomy/engineering presentation as well as interactive STEM activities for the entire family. There will also be an opportunity to participate in night sky observation through the Morris W. Offit Telescope, weather permitting.

Contact to register for event
Tania Anderson, Youth for Astronomy and Engineering Program Office
yae@stsci.edu. 410-338-4571
July 1 Field opens at 7:30 and movie begins at 8:00 PM
This event is open to all JUH students, staff, faculty and surrounding community members.  Bring a blanket or lown chair to sit and enjoy
Prohibited items:  Alcohol and tobacco products, bikes, skateboards, skates, and related items – animals, weapons, coolers, grills, etc
July 5 First Friday
CANCELED Due to holiday weekend
July 5 & 6 9:00-7:00
Household Hazardous Waste Collection 
2840 Sisson Street
Drop off items such as oil-based paints, pesticides, herbicides, car and household batteries, drain cleaners, pool chemicals, and more. Latex paint is NOT hazardous waste, it can be dried up and the cans put out for regular trash collection.
July 10 7:00-8:30PM   Tuscany Canterbury Board Meeting
Broadview Apartments, 105 W 39 th Street, Lower Level Game Room

All are welcomed. 

Board agenda will be posted prior to meeting on the Tuscany-Canterbury website under Current Events.
Eddie's of Roland Park continues to celebrate its 75th anniversary, Bring a chair and/or blanket, and head to Eddie's of Roland Park for a FREE outdoor movie night on the front sidewalk. Weather permitting. Details at  eddiesofrolandpark.com/anniversary
July 17  Showtime at Dusk, Eddie’s in Roland Park
Outdoor Movie Night: “ Wallace and Gromit” -everyone's favorite cheese-loving animated duo: an eccentric inventor and his trusted canine friend. 

July 24 Showtime at Dusk, Eddie’s in Roland Park
Outdoor Movie Night: “Jaws”-   featuring the thrilling faceoff between a tourism-minded beachside town, and one extremely "hangry" fish
Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association        
Membership Form    ____ New Member _____ Renewal  

All residents, businesses, and institutions within the neighborhood are invited and encouraged to join the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association (TCNA).

To join or renew by mail, simply fill out this form and mail it with your dues to P.O. Box 26223 Baltimore, MD 21210   OR   you may also go on-line   www.tuscanycanterbury.org and use the convenience of Pay Pal.

If you are getting a family membership and a second person in your family wants to get email alerts and the E-newsletter, please also use the “second name” line.

Businesses and institutions, please indicate your corporation name on the last line and use the first “name” line for a personal contact name and email.

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ANNUAL DUES  __$30 Individual ___$40 Family  ___$100 Business/ Institution

Make checks payable to “TCNA” and mail to:  P.O. Box 26223 Baltimore, MD 21210

If you are a current member we will send you a reminder when your dues need to be renewed. If you aren't sure if you have renewed, email Hannah Mazo, membership chair.