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Summer 2019

In this issue
Beautiful Black Eyed Susans growing across from Calvert School on Tuscany Road

What's Happening in Tuscany-Canterbur y
  • First Friday Happy Hour, August 2
  • Neighborhood Priorities and Concerns
  • Board profile: Alison Moliterno - new board member and secretary
  • Calvert School Liaison to meet with Calvert School in August
  • ALERT: Raccoon With Rabies (City Health Department Information)

Safety Suggestions & Crime Updates 
  • Crime data - January to June 2019
  • Johns Hopkins Security Force Update
  • New Northern District Neighborhood Coordination Unit
  • Monthly safety tips

Construction & Improvements Around the Neighborhood
  • Linkwood Park - Grass replacing the mud field

Neighbors Have Asked 
  • The Social Apartments (3900 N Charles St) - Entrance canopy
  • Types of services for the homeless in Baltimore

Sale Prices of Homes & Condos (June) 

Updates about Neighborhood Restaurants for AUGUST
  • Alizee American Bistro 
  • Ambassador Dining Room
  • Cypriana
  • Hopkins Deli 15% Discount 
  • Sam’s Café

Monthly Calendar of Events  (more events & information below)
  • First Friday August 2
  • Fall Dumpster Days

If you are not a member of the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association, we hope you will join. If you know someone who is not a member, send them this newsletter and ask them to join . Information at end of newsletter.

What priorities do you want TCNA to work on this year?
Neighborhood Priorities and Issues
At the July TCNA Board Meeting, the board agreed that a number of priorities need to be addressed.  Some of the topics below came from residents over the past year and board members have suggested others.  

We want to hear you. Think small improvements and think big projects . What would you like to see in our neighborhood? What do you want TCNA to do this year?

Look at the list below and if you have other ideas or comments, please send them to Lu and Andy Parsley, TCNA co-presidents or talk to a board member.  Just click on the button.
These are suggested projects that would improve the safety and look of the neighborhood. (These are not in any order).

  • Slow down traffic on Linkwood Road from Coldspring Lane to University Parkway   

  • Improve the dangerous pedestrian crossing on University Parkway at Tudor Arms (in front of the Carlyle)

  • Repave all of Canterbury Road

  • Convince the City to implement the 39th Street’s Calming Plan that TCNA approved in 2018  (Speed bumps, cross walks, curb changes) 

  • Install historic lights throughout the neighborhood

  • Improve the intersection at Stratford and Charles Street near the Winthrop House so that cars can turn into their parking lot.

  • Add large street garbage cans in several areas of the neighborhood   

  • Continue to improve Bishop Square Park, located at the northwest corner of Charles Street and University Parkway

  • Get the sidewalk in the 3700 block of Charles Street that is broken and dangerous replaced

  • Create a median strip on University Parkway between Charles Street and Linkwood Road that is more attractive

  • Improve the lighting on Linkwood Road where it is very dark

  • Prune, remove, and replace street trees throughout the neighborhood 

  • Replace the broken benches in the Stony Run Park

  • Make the intersection at University Parkway, 39th Street, St. Martin Drive and Linkwood Road safer 

  • Provide dog poop trashbag containers in Stony Run Park

At the September board meeting the board will decide on a plan of action.   
August 2 and September 6
5:30 - 7:00
  4 West University Parkway
Board profile: Alison Moliterno
New TCNA board member and secretary

Alison came to Tuscany-Canterbury when she arrived in Baltimore in 1989 and lived on University Parkway. Her dreams of living on Cloverhill Road were realized in 1997, when she and her family moved into 3910. When not obsessively tending to her deck garden, she works at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Alison is growing a "whisky barrel" fig tree" in her yard. Alison is delighted to serve on the TCNA board as secretary and to serve our most beautiful and cherished neighborhood. 
Alison loves to work in the garden - both in her yard and on the deck.
This is a picture of Alison's amazing Whiskey Barrel Fig Tree.

Raccoon Picked up by Animal Control Tests Positive for Rabies

Baltimore City Health Department of Animal Control
The Baltimore City Health Department Office of Animal Control picked up a raccoon from Schenley Road in the Roland Park neighborhood on July 9 th  that has tested positive for rabies . Anyone who came into contact with a raccoon near this location recently should contact the Office of Acute Communicable Disease at 410-396-4436 during business hours or 410-396-3100 after hours. 

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. It is usually spread to humans through the bite of an infected animal or by getting saliva from an infected animal into an open wound or in the eyes, nose, or mouth. Rabies is not spread by petting a rabid animal or contact with blood, urine, or feces (stool).

To protect your family and pets from rabies:
Have your dogs, cats, and ferrets vaccinated regularly.
  • Do not let pets roam free.
  • Enjoy wildlife from a distance.
  • Teach children to stay away from animals they don’t know.
  • Cover garbage cans securely and do not leave pet food outside.
  • Prevent bats from entering your home.
If you are bitten by or exposed to an animal that may be rabid , you should:
  • Immediately wash the wound well with soap and water; if available, use a disinfectant to flush the wound.
  • Get prompt medical attention.
  • Report the exposure to your local health department.
Safety Committee 
Paul and Maria Gallo, Committee Chairs, CrimeSafetyTCNA@gmail.com

Past 6 Months (see below)
The crime statistics in the article are from the Baltimore City Police Department.
Northern District
Neighborhood Coordination Unit
The Neighborhood Coordination Unit was established in February 2019 to conduct community outreach, and engage in proactive policing by identifying areas of concern in local communities and addressing them. 

Sergeant Amy Streett and Officer Matthew Henry attended the July 10 TCNA Board meeting to introduce themselves and provide the board with an update on crime in our neighborhood (4000 residents and 1800 homes, condos, and apartments.)

Tuscany-Canterbury remains one of the safest areas of Baltimore. The good news is that violent crime remains flat when compared to the previous year. There have been only 2 violent crimes since January 2018 (1 robbery from a garage and 1 aggravated assault (a fight without weapons) involving individuals not from Tuscany-Canterbury.) Property crime has risen slightly from 13 incidents to 21 incidents. The rise could be due in part to our efforts to have people call 911 to report such incidents as car break-ins. 

Sgt. Streett and Officer Henry plan to attend all TCNA board meetings going forward.  

Amy.Streett@Baltimorepolice.org 443-934-7576

If you have any concerns or questions please let the TCNA Safety Committee know your concerns.
JHU Safety and Security Update

For the most recent update, see the JHU Safety and Security website :

On August 13, TCNA Board President and a Crime & Safety Board member will be attending a meeting with JHU during which they will receive updates and provide input on Johns Hopkins’ public safety and security efforts.
Our neighborhood is a treasure. We have a safe neighborhood.

Everyone can help make our neighborhood even safer.
The information below is information that Sergeant Street and Officer Henry wanted us to share with the community.  Many neighbors have asked about how thieves are getting into cars that are locked.

  • Car thieves use relay boxes to clone key fob signals and unlawfully gain access to vehicles.
  • Protect your vehicle by placing your key fob in a tin box or purchasing an RFID Pouch
  • If your vehicle is broken into, contact police at 911 and file a report
  • Contact Neighborhood Coordination Unit at 443-934-7576 with any questions

Calvert School Liaison Committee

Julia Frazier
TCNA Chair
Julia Frazier, of Canterbury Road, is pleased to be named the next Head of the TCNA Calvert Liaison Committee. She and the other members of the committee will be meeting with the Headmaster in late August, just before school begins.

It is important to keep good communication with the school, and continue our dialogue as neighbors, to ensure a harmonious co-existence. We will continue to stress the importance of monitoring the pick-up and drop-off traffic, and the impact it has on the neighborhood. Other items to discuss: truck deliveries at appropriate times, lighting issues, and alerting the neighborhood to school events that may impact parking and traffic. Please contact Julia should you have specific questions or concerns regarding Calvert School and the neighborhood. 
Stony Run park is a park again – Overhill and Meadow Lane

The contracting company removed all the rocks and stones, dug up several inches of dirt, added topsoil to the entire area, and hydro-seeded the area.  The rain has helped and grass is growing.  Thanks to everyone who made this happen.
BEFORE: This was used as a construction site to rebuild Meadow Lane Alley. This is what it looked like in May 2019

AFTER: Today
Neighbors Have Asked?
If you have a neighborhood question or issue that you cannot resolve (by calling 311 or checking the TCNA website), please email  presidentTCNA@gmail.com and we will try to answer your question or help resolve the issue.

Andy and Lu Parsley
Co-Presidents TCNA
Residents have asked about the entrance to The Social.  For many months only a bare canopy structure existed.  What are the plans for the entrance?

A new cover has been ordered to replace the previous canopy.  It has taken longer than expected for the cover to be made.  We will keep you posted with any additional updates.  
Some neighbors wanted to know ways to help the homeless.

Here is some information provided by Lu Parsley about services that exist.
What services exist for those experiencing homelessness in Baltimore City? Although the counting system is imperfect, the city estimates that more than 5000 unique individuals experienced an episode of homelessness in Baltimore City last year. The majority of these are single individuals with disabilities, six percent were people 62 or older, nine percent were fleeing domestic violence, and three percent were youth-headed households aged 18-24. Baltimore City has a severe lack of affordable housing, and we have lost a significant amount of public and subsidized housing over the past 20 years through demolition and privatization. For those relying on social security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income (currently $771 per month), it can be nearly impossible to find an apartment that is safe, decent, and affordable. For those of you who haven’t rented recently, the average rent for a modest one-bedroom apartment in Baltimore now tops $1000 per month. Currently, the public housing waiting list at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City is nearly 30,000, and the wait for housing can be 3-10 years (depending on the size unit needed and various preferences). The Section 8 waiting list, which is currently closed, has more than 24,000 families on it. Baltimore City does have am emergency shelter downtown, and a network of publicly funded and private shelters and transitional housing providers. Nearly 8 out of 10 persons applying for that housing are not served, however, due to the lack of available placements. 

Are there ways you can help? One is to support the creation of mixed income housing that provides some affordable units within housing developments also offering market rate or workforce housing. Despite studies demonstrating the contrary, it is common for neighborhoods to oppose the construction of new affordable housing developments due to fear of crime and lowered property values. Integrating low income housing within market rate housing allows individuals to avoid stigmatization and more easily become part of the fabric of their communities. Second, get to know someone experiencing homelessness or housing instability. The reasons for homelessness are varied and complex, but most people remain homeless for only a short period of time. Community connections can provide a stepping stone for exiting and preventing future homelessness.

If you know someone experiencing homelessness, two places to access resources are Health Care for the Homeless,  www.hchmd.org , and Health Care Access Maryland, homeless-services .
UPDATE: Same building and same location
Thank you for making the improvements.
June 2019 Sale Prices of Homes & Condos in Tuscany-Canterbury
Thanks to board member and realtor, Julia Frazier, who provides this information for each newsletter. To see previous sales go to TCNA website where the previous newsletters are available.

Address and Sale Price
  • 230 Stony Run Lane (#3E) $255,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#305) $105,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#141) $105,000
  • 4000 N Charles St (#1001) $125,000
  • 3801 Canterbury (#510) $255,000
  • 3704 N Charles St (#1004) $390.000

Note:  This data represents real estate activity from June 1 to June 30, 2019 in the Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood.  The information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.   
Source;  This information is gathered from BRIGHT MLS, Inc and is provided courtesy of Julia Martin Frazier of Monument Sotheby's International Realty, 4800 Roland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21210 Cell: (410) 908-1760; Office: (443)708-7074 email: j ulia@monumentsothebysrealty.com
Special thanks to .....

Ann Bond has volunteered to help with the TCNA E-newsletter. She is updating the information about the restaurants each month. Thank you Ann for your help.

Neighborhood Restaurants Updates
Hopkins Deli  August 2019
www.hopkinsdeli.com. 410 366-6603

15% off in-store purchases ( except tobacco products and in-store purchases) for TCNA members

This discount is offered to TCNA members for the month of August. Take this portion of the newsletter or show the cashier this on your phone and you will get the discount. .   Any questions see Zafar Igbal, (manager) or Lucky Singh (owner).
Sam’s Canterbury Café

Sam’s now has a new marble counter equipped with charging stations and new in-house bakery chef.  The August special muffin is Brown Butter Peach.

Check out the catering that is available with free delivery and set up to the neighborhood.  See their website for more information.

Tuesday-Friday 7-4, Saturday & Sunday 8-3, Closed Monday
3811 Canterbury Road
Come and enjoy the amazing Indian cuisine for dinner in their patio dining area that overlooks the beautiful Ambassador gardens.

Summer hours:  Closed on Monday, no lunch any day in the summer
Dinner Tuesday - Sunday, 5:00 - 10:00
at the Colonnade , 4 West University Parkway

Sunday night:  Half-price burger night
Tuesday night: All Pasta ½ price
Wednesday night:  12oz. New York Strip
Steak $14.00

* Cypriana
Greek/Mediterranean cuisine
 105 W. 39 th Street
410-837-7482      https://cypriana.com
Cypriana’s menus include authentic Cypriot Greek food, Vegan and Gluten Free.  Fresh Greek fish, slow roasted lamb, craft cocktails are some of their specialties to try. If you haven’t dined on their spacious but cozy outdoor patio for al fresco dining it’s great for dinner.  Cypriana’s also caters for large groups.

Special event for all:   August 19 – MEZZE MADNESS , $35 all inclusive, reservations. Check out the website for more information

Summer Happy Hour, 5 – 7
Mondays closed (except Aug 19) Tues – Thurs  5 – 10 Fri – Sun 5 - 12
Neighborhood map
Did you know
There was a recent deer sighting on Tuscany Road. This is the first reporting of any deers in Tuscany-Canterbury for a long time.
Events Happening In and Around
August 2. 5:30-7:00
Neighborhood First Friday Happy Hour & Get Together
Alizee Bistro Bar, 4 W University Parkway
August 2 & 3
September 6 & 7
9:00AM -7:00PM
Household Hazardous Waste Collection 
2840 Sisson Street
Drop off items such as oil-based paints, pesticides, herbicides, car and household batteries, drain cleaners, pool chemicals, and more. Latex paint is NOT hazardous waste, it can be dried up and the cans put out for regular trash collection.
September 4
Tuscany Canterbury Board Meeting
Broadview Apartments, 105 W 39 th Street, Lower Level Game Room

All are welcomed. Discussion of priorities for the neighborhood will be discussed.
September 6 5:30-7:00
Neighborhood First Friday Happy Hour & Get Together

Our neighbors, Police Commissioner Harrison and his wife has been invited to attend . Hope you can meet and welcome them to Tuscany-Canterbury.

Alizee Bistro Bar, 4 West University Parkway
Dumpster available for Tuscany-Canterbury neighborhood

October 5 9:00-12:00
at Highfield & Canterbury

October 19 9:00-12:00
at Tuscany & Linkwood
If you know of other events that you think should be included in the Tuscany-Canterbury E-newsletter, please send them to the Newsletter Coordinator by August 15 for the September newsletter. NewsletterTCNA@gmail.com
Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association - Officers & Board Members

Co-Presidents:        Andrew and Luciene Parsley  (Tuscany Rd)
Vice President:       Garth Thompson  (Ridgemede Road)
Past Presidents:     Anne Perkins and Linda Eberhart (Tuscany Rd)
Treasurer:              Bill Bass (Cloverhill Road)
Secretary:              Alison Moliterno   (Cloverhill Road)

Board Members :
  • Bonnie Boland (The Colonnade, Canterbury Road)
  • Ann Christopher (Tuscany Court)
  • Julia Frazier (Canterbury Road)
  • Paul and Maria Gallo  (Tuscany Court) 
  • Hannah Mazo (Ridegmede Condo, Ridgemede Road)
  • Rosalyn Mansouri (Winthrop House, Charles Street )
  • Jo-Ann Orlinsky (St. James, Charles Street) 
  • Rose Reis and Brian Weeks (Cloverhill Road)
  • Steve Summers (Ridgemede Road) 
  • Chris Whitaker  (Tuscany Road) 
Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association        
Membership Form    ____ New Member _____ Renewal  

All residents, businesses, and institutions within the neighborhood are invited and encouraged to join the Tuscany-Canterbury Neighborhood Association (TCNA).

To join or renew by mail, simply fill out this form and mail it with your dues to P.O. Box 26223 Baltimore, MD 21210   OR   you may also go on-line   www.tuscanycanterbury.org and use the convenience of Pay Pal.

If you are getting a family membership and a second person in your family wants to get email alerts and the E-newsletter, please also use the “second name” line.

Businesses and institutions, please indicate your corporation name on the last line and use the first “name” line for a personal contact name and email.

NAME ________________________________ 

EMAIL ______________________________

SECOND NAME _________________________ 


ADDRESS ____________________________________________




ANNUAL DUES  __$30 Individual ___$40 Family  ___$100 Business/ Institution

Make checks payable to “TCNA” and mail to:  P.O. Box 26223 Baltimore, MD 21210

If you are a current member we will send you a reminder when your dues need to be renewed. If you aren't sure if you have renewed, email Hannah Mazo, membership chair.