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February 2016   
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- 8 ways to successfully lead your mobile workforce
- Cyber Security Best Practices for Employees
- How to find your office Zen
- The future of artificial intelligence: Myths, realities and aspirations
- Business Continuity Tip
- Quote & Cartoon

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Phishing Attack

Business Continuity Tip
Preparing for Winter Storm Threats

The first major winter storm of the year caught the nation's attention as it threatened the eastern US with record breaking ice and snow accumulation.

It's important no matter where you live to remember the serious threats that come along with such storms. Here are a few tips to help you prepare:

Laugh a Little

Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.

- Neil deGrasse Tyson


8 ways to successfully lead your mobile workforce
used with permission from Microsoft Office Blogs

For many of us, the rise of the remote workforce comes as no surprise. For years now, office workers have been abandoning their desks in favor of settings that are farther afield and allow them to work in a more comfortable, and often more productive, environment. And it's a trend that only promises to keep growing. In fact, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the U.S. mobile worker population is on track to grow from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020. And by the end of the forecast period, IDC projects that mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3 percent) of the total U.S. workforce.

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Cyber Security Best Practices for Employees
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Nadia Kovacs

Employees are on the front lines of information security. The more that can be done to regularly educate yourself of the small things you can do can go a long way towards protecting your organization.

Since it is the beginning of the year, many people are returning to work and trying to get out of "vacation mode." (Us too!) We've decided to outline some tips to help you throughout the year to stay safe online while protecting your company in the process.

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How to find your office Zen
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Sometimes we all need to step away from our work and take a little break. But often, actually leaving the office isn't an option. So what do you do when you need a quick mental vacation? Thankfully, the same technology that helps you stay productive can help you productively relax, too. Here are five tech tips that can help you find your balance, right in the midst of a hectic workday.

Block out the noise

If you work in a noisy office environment, noise-reducing headphones can mute three-fourths of the commotion around you.1 Built-in microprocessors go beyond simply drowning out unwanted distractions. They actively make things quieter by analyzing background noise and creating an inverse sound wave that cancels out offending sounds.

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The future of artificial intelligence: Myths, realities and aspirations
used with permission from the Microsoft Next Blog
by Allison Linn

Only a few years ago, it would have seemed improbable to assume that a piece of technology could quickly and accurately understand most of what you say — let alone translate it into another language.

A new wave of artificial intelligence breakthroughs is making it possible for technology to do all sorts of things we at first can't believe and then quickly take for granted. That's making our lives easier and more productive, and it's also raising a new round of excitement and angst about where artificial intelligence is headed.

"Right now we're in a phase of very fast advances, and that may well continue for a small number of years," said Christopher Bishop, a distinguished scientist with Microsoft Research Cambridge.

With advances in machine learning, including deep neural networks and probabilistic models, computers can now instantly translate spoken and written conversation, recognize and accurately caption photos, identify faces and be your personal assistant.

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