February 2017 Newsletter
Cloud Computing- Why Business Owners are Making the Switch
In the IT world there is a buzz around the term Cloud computing, also known as ‘the Cloud’. Executives and CEOs will say, ‘Our company is making the move from server to Cloud.” Or they may say, ‘My company is moving to Cloud migration because it is good for backup purposes and it’s easily accessible’.

But, then you might have a slew of possibly embarrassing questions: What is this Cloud? Is it space? Does it just become larger every time something appears? Are there different kinds? Who controls what happens there?

These are quality outsider questions, but frankly, the newest way to store data is oddly a common concept for most of us, considering many of us use Cloud-based applications every day.

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Seven Questions to Ask Before You Move That Application to the Cloud
The decision to move an application to the cloud is a strategic decision that requires careful planning.

In General: Using Software as A Service (SAAS) means you do not need a server(s) to run your software and you probably will not have downtime due to server hardware failure. Cloud providers typically have “no single point of failure” and for the average small business to build an environment that has no single point of failure is prohibitively expensive

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3 techniques for successful cloud collaboration
used with permission from Microsoft Office Blogs
What's your business's motivation for implementing cloud collaboration solutions? The ones we hear most frequently are increased productivity, accelerated decision-making and improved sales. But here's the surprise: According to the 2016 Connected Enterprise Report, one in four IT groups aren't measuring cloud collaboration results by whether business goals were achieved. They're not even checking whether users adopted the solution. They're just measuring whether the tool was implemented.

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With Office 365, there's no reason to compromise
used with permission from Microsoft
by Michael Atalla
A lot is said these days about the choices people and organizations are faced with when adopting technology. In the end, it's all about productivity. All of these decisions are made with the aim of optimizing your productivity -- whether you're a stay-at-home mom, accountant, student, or business person.

As people navigate these decisions, their ability to do great work revolves around having the right mix of capabilities delivered by a company they can trust. Why?

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