March 2017 Newsletter
What Your Organization Needs to Know About Data Loss Prevention
By: Barry Utesch, President TCS
Most small businesses that lose their data for more than a few days are out of business within six months.

I would suggest to you that protecting your data is the most important IT function that you need to deal with daily. Almost all small businesses put data backup in play, but then they make the mistake of assuming it's working and that means no one is checking on it.

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Developing a Cyber Savvy Workforce Free Seminar
Headlines appear weekly about a data security breach in organizations. These invasions are not isolated to publicly traded companies known worldwide. They are happening all around us. Often, smaller companies are unaware that they have been compromised, with cybercriminals capturing employees' and clients' personal information.

Let TCS train your staff on the basics of being "Cyber Savvy".  This is a free seminar.

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"Developing a Cyber Savvy Workforce"
Learn why cyber attacks are
happening more frequently
with small to medium size
businesses, the potential
costs and what strategies are
available to defend against
cyber threats.

Date: Thursday, March 16th
Time: 11AM EST

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5 amazing tech advances in healthcare
used with permission from HP Technology at Work
In the healthcare industry, innovation is more than a buzzword. The right innovations in the right hands at the right time can, in fact, ensure life triumphs over death. From high-tech sensors and drones to bacteria-quashing light bulbs, technological advances are pushing healthcare into new, exciting directions, providing heightened levels of care and improving quality of life.

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How hospitals are keeping patient data secure
used with permission from HP Technology at Work
Given the wealth of sensitive personal data healthcare organizations process and store, it's no surprise that hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare systems are prime targets for cybercrime. In 2014, an estimated 85 percent of large healthcare organizations faced a data breach, and one in five of those breaches cost the organization more than $1 million to rectify.1

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4 Ways to Practice Work-Life Balance in Your Small Business
used with permission from
by Bridget Weston Pollack
Many small business owners will tell you the rise of the internet has changed how they work. Newer entrepreneurs may not even be able to imagine moving about their day without email, social media or mobile banking.

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8 things you can do to make your Wi-Fi better
Having difficulty with your Wi-Fi? Maybe your speeds are slow or you're having trouble with the connection dropping. Here are eight tips for improving your Wi-Fi, to be better, stronger, faster!

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