We need your input about COVID-19 disruptions
Here’s hoping that all of you have either concluded or are winding down from the extraordinary 2019-20 school year. A lot of things changed quickly, and no doubt we will continue to experience unexpected developments. To help us best advocate on your behalf as state and local leaders make plans for 2020-21, we hope you will take a few minutes to complete our COVID-19 survey to share your experiences.

The survey has a lot of questions, but i t can be completed quickly, and the information we receive from it will be invaluable. Results will be shared in the summer issue of The Classroom Teacher magazine. Thanks in advance for taking time to provide feedback. Enjoy your summer break and be well.
Check out what's new this week in our COVID-19 FAQs

We continue to update our FAQs about COVID-19 based on local, state and federal guidance. Check out what's new this week:

Keep in mind that our FAQs are not legal advice. Each school district will handle situations differently, so we strongly encourage members who have specific questions or concerns to call us at 888-879-8282 so we can help. Members also can submit general inquiries through our Ask-a-Lawyer portal.
Teacher seeks hearing over sanctions to his certification

A complaint was filed against a teacher, alleging that his teaching certificate was subject to sanctions based on his conduct toward another teacher. The teacher requested a hearing regarding the attempt to impose sanctions. At the hearing, the evidence showed that the teacher had engaged in a sexual affair with a co-worker and that he threatened her after becoming suspicious that she was seeing someone else. Click here to read more.
TCTA's 2020-21 Executive Board begins term

TCTA's 2020-21 Executive Board started its term in office Monday, led by State President Twila Read of Grand Prairie. We appreciate your service and leadership and look forward to the year ahead! Pictured, from left, are: Joyce McCurdy of Wichita Falls, Albert Mosqueda of San Benito, Twila Read of Grand Prairie, Sherry Miller of Killeen, Eleanore Malone of Tyler, Melody Young of Sherman, Cristal Isaacks of Levelland, Nydia Alvarez-Alonzo of Mission.

A quick word about payroll deduction of dues

The issue of payroll deduction of association dues continues to get more complicated as certain non-teacher-friendly groups and policymakers would like to make it as difficult as possible for teachers to join an organizational ally. The U.S. Supreme Court released the Janus decision in 2018 in response to a lawsuit filed by an educator who did not like being forced to pay a fee to a teacher union that promoted social and political views with which he did not agree. Texas is a right to work state, and no educator is forced to join an organization or to pay a fee for that organization’s advocacy efforts.
However, the Texas attorney general recently issued an opinion indicating, to summarize, that continuous payroll deduction might not be legal, and that an employee wanting to use payroll deduction must transmit the request personally to the district, rather than having the organization do it. TCTA attorneys submitted a brief to the attorney general with our analysis that the Janus opinion has nothing to do with Texas educator association dues, and this remains the position of TCTA. The attorney general's opinion is advisory only, but TCTA will be working with school district payroll offices to ensure that your ability to payroll deduct your dues is not interrupted.

As you renew your membership for 2020-21 or encourage colleagues to join, the optimal way to pay is online or by phone with a debit/credit card, or via check. That way your membership is activated right way (the new membership year begins Aug. 1), your membership is private and not subject to disruption by outside forces, and processing is less expensive, thus helping to maintain lower dues levels. You can renew or join now at
TEA seeks feedback on health, PE TEKS revisions

TEA is now accepting feedback on draft recommendations prepared by Work Group E for health education and physical education.

Mobile STEM Lab available to visit schools during 2020-21

TEA has partnered with Learning Undefeated to offer the Texas Mobile STEM Laboratory for the 2020-21 school year. Available for grades K-8, the STEM Lab offers engaging, immersive, hands-on science, technology, engineering and math lessons for students and teachers. Click here for more information or to request a visit.
  • June 21 is Father's Day.
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