Parish Party, Silent Auction, & Cabaret, 1/26, 6-9 pm
You know how you wave at your friend at Coffee Hour and wish you had more time to catch up? This is your chance!

12 Lives Forum: Teresa of Avila, 1/28, 10:15 am
"It is foolish to think that we will enter heaven without entering into ourselves."  

Dialogue Arts Project Poetry Performance, 1/30, 7 pm
At the intersection of "cool art" and "a better society." Plus, snacks.

"Dirtbags in Paradise"
Have you been watching "The Good Place"? Now in its second season on NBC, it's a nimble and lighthearted take on the afterlife that combines two of my favorite things, actress Kristen Bell and moral philosophy. Bell plays Eleanor, a woman who finds herself in a cheerful afterlife full of frozen yogurt called "The Good Place." "You know how you feel when you see otters holding hands?" asks Michael, the archangelic "architect" of the neighborhood, which is ostensibly designed for people who have led the saintliest of lives. "That's how you're going to feel every day here." 

There's just one problem: Eleanor isn't supposed to be there. Her earthly life was selfish, lonely and cold. She's a dirtbag in paradise, drunkenly hoarding buffet shrimp in her bra and ineptly trying to pass for a good person. To help her learn to be good, she enlists the help of Chidi, a moral philosopher prone to anxiety-induced stomachaches.

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A.R.T. Book Club, 1/28, 12:15 pm
Reading Citizen: An American Lyric, by MacArthur Genius Claudia Rankine.

Last Chance for Unique Auction Items
Even if you can't attend the Parish Party & Cabaret, you can still support the Trinity Choirs through Friday evening!

Bible Study Groups Resume This Week
Find your niche at Trinity in a small group Bible study.

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Make the Church Shine: Robert Treat Paine Society, 2/10, 9 am
How is Robert like an aspirin? They both Treat Pain. Courtesy of Middle School Youth Group.

Rosie's Place Catering Team, 1/30, 4:30 pm
Help create a world where no one goes hungry.

Parish Update, 2/4, 10:15 am & 2/11, 7:15 pm
Hear the latest on the rector search and more!

20s and 30s Conversation About Lent, 2/13, 7 pm
With special guest star Adam Dawkins!

Ash Wednesday, 2/14, 7:30 am, 12:10 pm, 7 pm
Yes, it's also Valentine's Day. We think it kinda works, actually.

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