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Important Dates

 February 4th
 February 8th 
 - Fees due for
NYCDA dance convention  
 February 18th 
- President's Day
 Classes as Usual 
 February 23rd 
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Happy February Everyone!
It's time for our Performing Company Showcase! The dancers have all been working very hard and we are excited to see them up on stage. The TDA Showcase is a great opportunity for our dancers to have a rehearsal in a real theater before they get up on stage at a competition. We've also created an opportunity for you to tell your dancer how proud you are by placing a Dancer Dedication in our Showcase program.

It's going to be an exciting February!


Robbie Teruya

TDA Performing Company Director



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to a regular entry into our TDA Performing Company newsletters. In this section I will address questions I've received more than once leading me to believe there are a lot more of you out there with the same questions.

Q.  Are we still going to Disneyland in May?

A.  Yes we are! The people at Disney are supposed to send me all of the information this week so watch your email for an all Disney Newsletter next week.

Q.  Why was I charged for OnStage NY now, when the dancers won't be attending that event until April?

A.  Each competition and convention has its own registration deadlines. Because we attend most of our events in the Spring all the fees end up coming due in a very short period of time. Last year many families found this difficult.  In an effort to spread payments out I took care of OnStage NY early which will make the charging less crowded in the Spring. 
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New York City Dance Alliance Dance Convention
The fees for NYCDA are now viewable on your TDA tuition account. Those fees will be collected on February 8th. If you wish to pay in a manner other than your tuition account please let me know before the 8th. Debut Dancers, Company Lite and Hip Hop Crew are not required to attend NYCDA.

For more information regarding these fees please visit the NYCDA page on our website.
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Performing Company Showcase 

It's time for our 2nd annual TDA Performing Company Showcase! Dress rehearsal and show orders are now posted on our website along with an opportunity for you to place a Dancer Dedication in our Showcase program. 

Check out all things Showcase on our
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Warm Ups and Dance Bags   
The order window is closing!  If you need warm-ups or dance bags for the current season please order TODAY!  The order window will close on Monday, February 4th.  
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