Did you think we would live to see the day when the President of the United States was defending Nazis and KKK members? Our fathers and grandfathers fought WWII to free the world of Nazis. Many of them were badly shaken by the inhumanity and cruelty they witnessed freeing the concentration camps. Our President’s behavior shows a complete lack of respect for those brave soldiers and a lack of understanding of history.
During both his campaign and presidency, President Trump has normalized behavior previously viewed as abhorrent. I don’t know what the man believes, but he craves adulation and the people providing adulation are the white supremacists and alt-right. They are the ones who are cheering at his rallies and wearing his “Make America Great” caps. He can’t bear to split from them or forego their praise. Many Republicans are appalled at his behavior. (Although, given the campaign rhetoric, what did they expect?) Our allies and neighbors are incredulous.

Unfortunately, many of those Republicans who are currently appalled by the President seem to have short memories. They were able to overlook his bigotry and sexual predation to put a “Republican” in the White House. Many will forget their outrage when the issue dies down. We cannot count on them to protect America. We need to elect Democrats who have a history of supporting equality and human rights. We need to clean house. 
We can only do it with the hard work of Democrats like you. As I said at the retreat, the election of 2018 is the most important election of our lives. We have many excellent candidates stepping up to the plate, and we need to help them get elected by calling, knocking, donating and doing whatever is necessary. We also need to raise our voices so the electorate remembers why it is important to elect Democrats. We cannot remain silent or inactive, nor can we allow our friends and neighbors to be silent. I know that you won’t let America down.

Your President,
Carol Jablonski