It was great to see Doug Jones win the Alabama senate seat on Tuesday night. It was a moment of sanity as well as a big shot of hope for Democrats in the midterms. Given what has happened in Virginia and Alabama, we should be fired up and ready to go to work for Texas Democrats.

We can turn Texas blue. As has been said over and over, Texas is not a red state; it is a non-voting state. Every one of us needs to work on voter registration and getting out the vote. There are Democrats in even the reddest areas, and we need to identify them and get them to the polls. They need to understand that their votes are important, especially in state wide races.

I know that many of the candidates are facing primary challengers before the general election. What each one of us needs to do is research the candidates in our area and make sure that we are voting for the best one. Alabama showed that a primary can have severe consequences. Had the Trump base not selected a crazy pedophile as the Republican candidate, it is unclear whether a great ground game and stronger support would have put a Democrat in that seat. 

But after the primary, we need to energetically and enthusiastically support the Democratic candidate, even if that person was not our first choice. The right wing is systematically dismantling programs that truly make America great. Paul Ryan is coming for Medicare and Social Security next year. The Texas legislature will undoubtedly attack abortion, healthcare and education. Unless you are happy with the status quo, staying home is not an option.

We are inviting candidates to join us at the TDW 2018 convention and to introduce themselves to you. Please come and take advantage of this opportunity to see candidates in person and share ideas of how we can work together to make Texas blue. I look forward to seeing you in Austin in February 2018!

Your President,
Carol Jablonski