The recent Democratic victories in Virginia were a shot in the arm to Democrats across the nation who have been fighting the Trump administration on health care, gun control, taxes, immigration and other issues. The Democratic wins proved that grassroots campaigns with messages the voters want to hear will win. Senator Kaine said the Democrats in Virginia kept the message simple – education, jobs and healthcare.

           In the last election, we had many candidates who narrowed the margins of Republican victory with great grass roots campaigns. For example, in HD 115 a tenacious and determined candidate, Dorotha Ocker, came within a percentage point of flipping a district that was dismissed by pundits as being solidly red and unwinnable with little monetary support. When I look at the women currently running for office, I see a lot of Dorotha Ockers out there. They are tough, determined women who are already running great grassroots campaigns. Some will be supported by groups like Annie’s List but many others will not. TDW can help them.

           One big way that you can help is by attending and supporting our convention. It is TDW’s main fundraiser and allows us to provide funds for pro-choice women candidates in Texas. Last year we got a great start with a sold-out convention. This year’s convention is going to be even better. For example, on Friday night, Cindy James has arranged for a comedy/talent show in the hotel called “Over the Ledge” with Donna Howard and other elected officials. She also is arranging some great breakout sessions that will provide tips on effective campaigning for both rural and urban areas. Make your reservations early! If you can’t come to the convention, consider donating an item for the silent auction or perhaps purchasing a small ad in the convention program.

           Make no mistake, 2018 is going to be the most important election of your like. Knock, on doors, make calls, and support individual candidates. But also come to Austin in February and help TDW make a difference in Texas.

Your President,
Carol Jablonski