As many of you know, immigration is a subject near and dear to my heart. I do volunteer legal work at the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, Inc. at least two days a week. I mainly work with abused women and abused, neglected and abandoned children to get status under certain humanitarian portions of the immigration laws.

I also work with DACA recipients. Watching Jeff Sessions sanctimoniously talk about law and order and unconstitutional executive orders as he announced the repeal of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals made me angry. Many of my DACA clients are working their way through college or already hold responsible jobs. Some came to the United States fleeing violence. For many their land of birth is a foreign country. Why is our government hurting people who are contributing to our society? .

President Trump has challenged Congress to legislate DACA. However, that is not what our country needs. Keeping these young people in an under class of people allowed to stay here but not fully participate in democracy is wrong. We need a DREAM act to give these young people status.

In 2014, a bipartisan Senate passed the
Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act that provided for increased border security, 40,000 additional border agents, revisions to immigration law and (yes) increased fencing at the border. It also provided a path to legal residence and citizenship for undocumented people which included strict background checks, hefty fees and a long wait.. The House refused to even consider this legislation because the Republican majority did not want to give President Obama a win. Had our elected officials represented all Americans instead of just their base, we wouldn't be dealing with these issues now. We would have 4 years of increased border security, a modernized immigration system and a rational way to deal with undocumented people.

We need to elect people to Congress who will do what is right for the country.. We need to elect Democrats and we need your help so do so! .

Your President,
Carol Jablonski