TE Connectivity is the Vital Link in your Data Chain

Commercial vehicle designers are increasingly introducing advanced functionality, which was previously developed for passenger vehicles. Driver assistance and automation, infotainment options, 360-degree camera systems, high speed V2V and V2I communication, and a wide range of essential safety features are now being integrated into commercial vehicles as well.

Challenges with Safety and Automated Features on Commercial Vehicles

Watch our recorded webinar about the challenges with safety and automated features on commercial vehicles. During this informative presentation, our experts address your need for a robust electronical architecture, what must be considered when designing a network, and how good connector design encompasses many different facets.

Engineering the Next Generation of Mobility

Next-generation mobility will be defined by safer, more sustainable and convenient ways of moving around. Our vision is to co-create engineering solutions for the vehicle architecture physical and wireless connectivity challenges that will be key enablers of this vision.  Click to learn more about TE’s vision for the next generation of mobility.

New Product Introduction!  SK Series String Pots

Safety regulations for aerial lift equipment are becoming increasingly stringent in North America and Europe. Aerial manufacturers are looking to sensors that provide greater measurement accuracy and are easy to install to meet these regulations.  TE Connectivity’s SK series offers a customized product and help meet the strictest safety requirements.  

What Does Big Data and Ethernet Have to do With Commercial Vehicles?

To meet today’s needs in the industrial and commercial transportation industry, bandwidth is crucial. That’s where big data, ethernet, and TE Connectivity solutions come into play. We’ve been serving the unique needs of the truck, bus, and o ff-highway markets for more than 30 years. We are the vital link in your data chain.