Distribution of CARES Act funds stirs debate
Local schools should begin receiving their share of federal CARES Act funds in June, but controversy has emerged over how much of the nearly $1.3 billion given to Texas will go to private schools.

Guidance from U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos directs school districts to determin e how much CARES Act money to spend on services for private school students based on total enrollment in private schools, rather than on student poverty levels. Some groups have charged that this method of calculation means that wealthy children in private schools are counted and used to generate the equitable services share of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund   for their private schools at the direct expense of low-income children remaining in public schools. TEA has said it plans to distribute funds based on DeVos' guidance. Click here to read more.
Check out what's new this week in our COVID-19 FAQs

As the 2019-20 school year winds down, more guidance was released this week about summer school and the 2020-21 school year. We continue to update our FAQs about COVID-19 based on local, state and federal guidance. Check out what's new:
Keep in mind that our FAQs are not legal advice. Each school district will handle situations differently, so we strongly encourage members who have specific questions or concerns to call us at 888-879-8282 so we can help. Members also can submit general inquiries through our Ask-a-Lawyer portal.
UIL releases rules for summer as activities resume June 8

The University Interscholastic League has released its rules for UIL Summer Strength and Conditioning and Sport Specific Instruction. Some activities can resume starting June 8 as the state lifts more COVID-19 restrictions. Click here for more information.
Texas families with kids may qualify for extra federal food aid

Starting June 1, low-income Texas families can apply for $285 in federal aid per child to make up for the free and reduced-price meals they missed while schools were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Families receiving SNAP program funds in March already received these benefits, but those who enrolled in April or May have until June 30 to submit applications for the food benefits program. Click here to read more.
Optional end-of-year tests must be taken by June 12

The testing window for the state's optional end-of-year assessments to measure student progress ends June 12. While STAAR testing was canceled and districts will not be rated for the 2019-20 school year, TEA says these optional exams can help measure student learning and identify areas where they can improve in the coming school year. Districts can sign up students for these exams through May 29. Parents can register students until June 5. Click here to read more.  
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