October 25, 2016
One of the goals of the TEACHED short film series is to help " change the lens" on how youth of color, especially black boys, are viewed, portrayed and treated in America. We simply do not accept that  some students are treated more harshly by our education and judicial systems while receiving fewer opportunities to excel. 

Complimented by our online interview seriesOn the Loudspeaker, TEACHED short films examine the causes and consequences of race-based inequality while highlighting the potential of what could be.

Please help us spread the word about these upcoming TEACHED screenings :

- United Nations Association Film Festival  
Oct. 26, 3:00 pm  East Palo Alto
This program includes a screening of Code Oakland and a panel discussion " At the Crossroads of Civil Rights" with Director Kelly AmisThe event is free to students and teachers (but open to all). Details here

- Napa Valley Film Festival
Nov. 9-13, Napa Valley 
Don't miss Think of Calvin, featured in Documentary Shorts Program #2, which is screening four times during the festival always followed by directors' Q&A. This is our third appearance at NVFF and we are truly grateful for its support of TEACHED (and independent filmmaking generally). Festival passes available here; tickets will also be available at the door.

- Georgetown University: Changing the Lens on African American Boys 
Nov. 17, Georgetown Campus
This Washington, DC premiere of  Think of Calvin and Code Oakland is organized by  Georgetown's Prisons and Justice Initiative and its Film and Media Studies Program with support from the Moriah Fund and the CityBridge Foundation. Check out the speakers and program  here and reserve tickets here. Note: seating is limited!

- Fulbright Private Screening
Code Oakland will be featured at the Fulbright Association's 39th Annual Conference  next month. If you are a Fulbright alum, be sure to attend (and give us a shout-out on Facebook or Twitter). 
As our friends and fans know, TEACHED is a non-profit project that relies on donations and grants to pursue our mission.

We hope you will consider making a donation  today or before the end of the year.

What will your donation help us do?
  • Finish Offsides, the third & final short film for TEACHED Vol. II

  • Grow the Malik Smith Intern Program for High School & College Students

  • Produce curricula for & organize more Changing the Lens screening events

  • Produce new On the Loudspeaker episodes
We thank you for any level of support you can provide.

We'd also like to thank two organizations supporting our work in other ways: the International Documentary Association, our wonderful fiscal sponsor and all-around, go-to resource, and Oakland-based Saybrook University, which is providing fellowships (in the form of incredible office space) to both Producer & Director Kelly Amis and one of our fave DPs and Editors, Shaka Jamal Redmond

Why? Next semester,  Saybrook is launching a new and timely Master's program in Social Impact Media as part of its Transformative Social Justice Program.  We are grateful to be a part of its development and this collegial community. Much gratitude all around!