January 2018
TEAL: Facilitated, Online Courses
The LINCS Professional Development (PD) Center is offering the full suite of Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) virtually facilitated courses this year. The TEAL courses each focus on a critical research-based instructional strategy. These virtually-facilitated courses were first opened to states for priority enrollment to enhance the capacity of state trainers and program-based instructional leaders. The LINCS course facilitators will support state participants in sharing their new-found knowledge and expertise with their state or local programs.

With strong state enrollment, the courses opened for public enrollment, but spots have filled quickly, showing both need and interest from the field. TEAL courses are accessible through the LINCS Learning Portal. Each course includes a math and writing section, is three-weeks long, entirely online, and facilitated by a highly experienced LINCS Facilitator. If you think teachers in your state could benefit from participating in a state-focused cohort of one or more of the TEAL courses, simply email the PD Center at pdcenter@lincs.ed.gov to request a course! 
New Workforce Prep Courses
Are you an adult educator, administrator, teacher, or advisor seeking an introduction to the U.S. Department of Education’s Employability Skills Framework or Workforce Preparation Activities?
Explore Introduction to Workforce Preparation and Employability Skills, a new, self-paced course available now in the LINCS Learning Portal. This course is the first in a two-part series exploring workforce preparation skills. After completing this first course, participants will be able to:
  • Assess what constitutes workforce preparation activities referenced in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA);
  • Explain how to integrate workforce preparation activities into adult education programming and instruction; and
  • Locate resources to develop and incorporate workforce preparation activities into curriculum and instruction.
Please allow approximately 90 minutes to complete this course. 

The second course, Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom: Contextualizing Employability Skills for Deeper Learning, focuses on the implementation of workforce preparation activities in the adult education classroom and will be available this winter.

Connect with adult education colleagues around these important workforce topics in the LINCS Community. Learn from one another as you reflect and grow your skills! Participants can join the discussion around the course through the Introduction to Workforce Preparation Activities and Employability Skills discussion thread to share their thoughts and course insights. 
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Mississippi's Teacher Onboarding Practices
The LINCS Professional Development (PD) Center provided training to Mississippi to build its internal capacity to onboard new teachers. The Mississippi Office of Adult Education recognized that there was a need to provide new teachers with tools and resources for success in the classroom as well as additional training on mentoring new and seasoned teachers. This is what Mississippi shared about the experience:
The implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) has brought about many changes within our adult education programs and it is important for us to provide the latest evidence-based research in how to go about providing mentoring. Jane Meyer, LINCS National Trainer, did a phenomenal job assisting us with this. This course/training guided us through what the research tells us about teacher effectiveness. In addition, Jane’s training provided an overview of the  Adult Education Teacher Competencies ; an introduction to Teacher Induction; a summary of the  Adult Education Teacher Induction Toolkit  and its resources; and she even provided suggestions for further study. We appreciated how this training applied to all those involved in supporting teacher effectiveness, including: instructional leaders, mentors, beginning teachers, professional developers, teacher educators, and even state-level adult education directors.
Contact the LINCS PD Center Helpdesk if you are interested in bringing trainings – like  Using the Adult Education Teacher Competencies and  Implementing Induction: Strengthening Teacher Practice  – to your state and to learn more about train-the-trainer opportunities. 
"Learn with LINCS" at COABE!
Save the date and come see us at COABE March 25-28, 2018, in Phoenix, AZ. The LINCS PD Center will be hosting a booth and Learn with LINCS – a strand of learning opportunities that will include:
  • Integrating Employability Skills: A Framework for All Educators
  • LINCS ESL Pro Materials on Rigor, Digital Literacy and Career Pathways
  • Preparing Adult English Language Learners for the Workforce: Models and Resources
  • Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL Classroom
  • Evaluating the Flipped Approach: How can it work for my Learners?
  • Teaching Vocabulary: Practical, Research-Based Approaches to Instruction
  • Reboot your Digital Literacy
  • Using the Adult Education Teacher Competencies
  • Learner-Centered Practice in Adult ESL Study Circle
  • Everything you Need to Know about the LINCS Community

*More information about each training session is available in the LINCS Training Catalog.
Other OCTAE National Activities at COABE
For more from OCTAE, here are a few other sessions at COABE worth checking out:
  • Building Opportunities through Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE)
  • Let’s Talk about STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR): A Meet-Up for Current STAR Implementers
  • Get Involved in STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR): A Hybrid Approach to Evidence-Based Reading Instruction for Teachers
What's New with STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR)?
Join the STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR) team on February 7, 2018, at 2pm EST to hear about new opportunities available with STAR. The project team will be hosting a webinar to provide State staff, professional development staff, and current STAR implementers with: an overview of what’s new with STAR, an increased awareness that STAR meets the WIOA State Leadership requirements around essential components of reading, and details on how to get involved (if you aren’t already).

During this webinar you will hear the benefits of participating in STAR—a professional development project that supports instructional and systemic changes that will improve the reading achievement of intermediate-level adult learners. STAR has a new online training platform, and we’ll preview it in the webinar. It will be ready for roll-out soon – so join this webinar to see how you can get involved!
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