2018 TEAMS Poster

A promotional 18"x24" TEAMS poster is being sent to all TEAMS coaches for display in the classroom. You should receive your poster in the next 10 days. If you would like additional posters (up to five per coach) please email Cindy Donahue. Make sure to mention the number of posters you would like, your name and mailing address.

Competition Registration

Registration for the 2018 TEAMS competition, "Engineering a Greener World," is now open.

Competition Venue Options

Your team can compete at nearby host university, a local high school or middle school serving as a secondary host, or at your own school (onsite location).

1 . Competing at a collegiate host site
Universities around the country serve as host sites for TEAMS. Each year hosts update their information regarding the competition date and any fees they charge to hold the competition. Once a host has updated their information, the institution name will appear on the TEAMS website in the drop down box as a choice for competition sites. Host sites are encouraged to update their information by October.
2. Serving as a secondary host site
When a collegiate host site is not available, high schools and middle schools may choose to become a secondary host site and invite other schools to participate at their location. Competing in an environment with other teams increases the students’ enthusiasm and excitement. Secondary hosts have access to a Secondary Host Guide to help them plan their day. All answer sheets are returned to national TSA for judging.
3. Competing as an on-site location
If you are not able to compete at a collegiate or secondary host site, you may also hold the competition at your own school for your own students. To do so, choose “Onsite Location” as the competition site when you register. Onsite locations have access to an Onsite Location Guide to help them plan the day. All answer sheets are returned to national TSA for judging.

The competition window for 2018 is February 12th - March 18th.

Thank you for your support of TEAMS.