Thank You Making the NIHB Conference a Success!

Thank you for stopping by and supporting the TEC exhibit booth at the NIHB Tribal Health Conference in Anchorage earlier this month! About 100 TEC staff attended and were able to connect with people from their areas served and each other. The Tribal Epidemiology Center Public Health Infrastructure Program Network Coordinating Center greatly appreciates all TEC staff table volunteers, the conference organizers, and sends congratulations to the winners of our Student Raffle for TEC swag. Check out some of the conference highlights in the pictures below!

Publications for

the TEC Journal Supplement

The TECs have partnered with Public Health Reports to publish a journal supplement featuring TEC authors and work. To date, the TECs have 9 published articles that are freely available on the Public Health Reports website. See links to all published papers below! Check out some of the publications from the past year and see more publications sorted by region on our website.

First published online March 27, 2023

The Association Between Resiliency Factors and Suicide Indicators Among American Indian/Alaska Native Middle School Students in New Mexico: A Strength-Based Analysis

·  Carolyn Parshall, MPH, Fares Qeadan, PhD, MS, Judith Espinoza, MPH, and Kevin English, DrPH

First published online March 27, 2023

Completeness of Race and Ethnicity Reporting in Person-Level COVID-19 Surveillance Data, 50 States, April 2020–December 2021

· Scott Erickson, MPH, Rachael Bokota, MPH, Christine Doroshenko, MPH, Kate Lewandowski, MPH, Kojo Osei, MPH, Kaeli Flannery, MPH, and Adrian Dominguez, MPH

First published online March 16, 2023

Evaluation of a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) State Agency’s Vendors to Comply With Regulatory Competitive Price Requirements

·  Mallory Phelps, BS, Jonathan Davis, PhD, Mindy Jossefides, RD, Travis Lane, BA, and Jamie Ritchey, PhD, MPH

First published Mar 9, 2023

Indian Health Service Support for Tribal Epidemiology Centers

·   Lisa C. Neel MPH and Jeffrey T. McCollum DVM, MPH

First published Feb 3, 2023

Facilitating the Urgent Public Health Need to Improve Data Sharing With Tribal Epidemiology Centers

·  Meghan Curry O’Connell MD, MPH and Charles Abourezk JD

First published Feb 3, 2023

Health Care Access and Lived Experience of American Indian/Alaska Native Two Spirit and LGBTQ+ Participants in the Pride and Connectedness Survey, 2020

·  Ashley Hoover MPH, Itai Jeffries PhD, Morgan Thomas MFA, Jessica Leston MPH

First published Jan 23, 2023

Elevated Adenomatous Polyp Detection Rate Among Alaska Native and American Indian People in Interior Alaska, 2018-2022

·  Diana G. Redwood PhD, MPH, Jennifer J. Prewitt BS, Mikaila C. Holt DNP, and Stephen S. Gerrish MD

First published online October 5, 2022

Adapting a Telehealth Network for Emergency COVID-19 Pandemic Response, 2020-2021

·  David Stephens, BSN, RN, Thomas Weiser, MD, MPH, Jorge Mera, MD, Tom Becker, MD, Whitney Essex, APRN, Harry Brown, MD, Eric Vinson, BS, Megan Woodbury, BS, Brigg Reilley, MPH, and Jessica Leston, MPH

First published online August 25, 2022

Effectiveness of a COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout in a Highly Affected American Indian Community, San Carlos Apache Tribe, December 2020–February 2021

·  Nam Le-Morawa, DPT, Amber Kunkel, ScD, James Darrahg, MD, David Reede, BS, Natsai Zhou Chidavenzi, PhD, Yvonne Less, PhD, Dilene Hoffman, AAS, Lapriel Dia, MHI, Tara Kitcheyan, MLS, Melinda WHite, MSN, Isaiah Belknap, MBA, Nickolas Agathis, MD, Victoria Began, MN, and S. Arunmozhi Balajee, PhD

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