Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update, May 2021
Stock Up Now, Pay Later
Hal Leonard wants to help you get more stock in your store, but pay for it much later. Get all the latest and best-selling music technology products including software, interfaces, microphones and much more! Any order placed through May 30th can qualify for a 60/120 days dating split – the minimum qualifying order is only $1000. 

Contact your sales rep for details!
New Products
Yeti Microphone Plus Packs
from Blue Microphones
Get $250 worth of software add-ons for just $30-$35 with Blue Microphones Yeti Plus Packs! These bundles include a microphone from the best-selling Yeti series along a redemption code for: PreSonus' StudioOne Artist DAW; an iZotope Elements plug-in; and a 3-month subscription to Groove3 online video tutorials.
Yeti Blackout Plus Pack
00363731 - MSRP/MAP $164.99
Mic Only
00357517 - MSRP/MAP $129.99
Yeti Nano Plus Pack
00363735 - MSRP/MAP $134.99
Mic Only
00357521 - MSRP/MAP $99.99
Yeti Pro Plus Pack
00363732 - MSRP/MAP $284.99
Mic Only
00357518 - MSRP/MAP $249.99
Yeti Silver Plus Pack
00363745 - MSRP/MAP $164.99
Mic Only
00363744 - MSRP/MAP $129.99
Yeti X Plus Pack
00363734 - MSRP/MAP $199.99
Mic Only
00357520 - MSRP/MAP $169.99
Yeticaster Plus Pack
00363737 - MSRP/MAP $234.99
Mic Bundle Only
00357519 - MSRP/MAP $199.99
Uno Synth Pro Desktop
from IK Multimedia
00364499 - MSRP/MAP $399.99
from Hotone
USB Audio Interface Guitar Pedal
00301331 - MSRP/MAP $99.99
Coming soon
ClipMic digital 2
from Apogee
Premium Lavalier Microphone
00364919 - MSRP/MAP $199.00
iConnect AUDIO 4+
from iConnectivity
Audio/MIDI Interface
00363916 - MSRP $499.99/MAP $399.99
from Reason Studios
(Specifically for retailer sales reps)

Reason+ is available through the
00364918 - MSRP/MAP $199.00
Auto-Tune® Hybrid 
from Antares
For Avid DSP Systems

Auto-Tune Hybrid is available through the
00368464 - MSRP/MAP $399.99
Price Changes
from MXL
USB Condenser Boundary Microphones
MSRP $279.99; MAP now just $99.95
00356716 - Black 
00356717 - White
00356718 - Cobalt
Starting June 1 MSRP, MAP and dealer costs will increase on some PreSonus audio interfaces, recording bundles, studio monitors and mixers. Current prices are honored until the end of May while supplies last. Please contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for details.
Hal Leonard Recording Method
For Bands, Singer/Songwriters & More
by Jake Johnson
00300656 - Book/Online Media - $14.99
Music Technology 101
The Basics of Music Production in the
Technology Lab or Home Studio
by Heath Jones
00355249 - Book/Online Video - $16.99
Remembering Al Schmitt
Grammy Award-winning record producer and engineer Al Schmitt passed away on April 26th at age 91. Schmitt's musical legacy will live on, however, through this instructional books.

Al Schmitt: On the Record
00158230 - Book/Online Media - $29.99

Al Schmitt on Vocal and Instrumental Recording Techniques
00234017 - $24.99
Marketing Spotlights
Stock MI essentials from Hal Leonard to ensure steady sales! This flier summarizes the must-have add-ons you'll want to include on every order you place from Hal Leonard. Never run out of these impulse accessories that your customers always need!

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