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Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update / August 2018

Now industry-leading plug-ins  RX, Ozone , and  Neutron  from iZotope are available through the Hal Leonard Virtual Music Software Vault program. If you are already getting codes via the vault, you can now automatically order iZotope. If you are not on the Vault, see below for details.

Virtual Music Software Vault
from Hal Leonard

The software shown above from iZotope and much more are available now through the Hal Leonard Virtual Music Software Vault. Join this free service and expand your sales!

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to get started today on the vault!

iD Audio Interfaces
from Audient

Audient is a British-based company that designs and manufacturers professional audio equipment. A strong supporter of independent music dealers, Audient does not sell to certain national chain stores, making their brand a valuable addition to your audio/recording department offerings!  These iD interfaces deliver the audio performance of a large format console in a desktop package. Providing Audient console mic preamps, class-leading converter technology, console style monitor control, JFET D.I and more, these interfaces are a professional but affordable solution.

iD4 (2-In/2-Out Interface)
00284408 - MSRP/MAP $199.00

iD14 (10-In/4-Out Interface)
00284409 - MSRP/MAP $299.00
iD22 (10-In/14-Out Interface)
00284410 - MSRP/MAP $499.00

iD44 (20-In/24-Out Interface)
00284411 - MSRP/MAP $699.00

from PreSonus

Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they're far more effective when used in tandem with the FaderPort's precise tactile control over mix and automation functions. A superior solution for anyone who mixes in the box, the FaderPort provides a 100 mm touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation in real-time and 24 buttons covering 40 different functions, all in a compact chassis that easily sits on any desk. 

00284896 - MSRP $249.95 - MAP $199.95

Studio 2|4
from PreSonus

Great for home recording, mobile musicians, guitarists, podcasters, and live streaming, the Studio 24 2x2 USB-C bus-powered audio/MIDI interface can record up to 24-bit, 192 kHz audio. Equipped with PreSonus XMAX-L solid-state preamps and high-end converters, it delivers professional quality audio in a rugged, compact enclosure, allowing you to create your next hit in your studio or on the go. A complete, all-in-one recording solution, the Studio 24 comes with PreSonus' award-winning StudioOne Artist music production software for Mac and Windows.

00284899 - MSRP $199.95 - MAP $149.95

AudioBox Studio Ultimate
from PreSonus

Produce and record like a pro with a single-purchase bundle! The core of this package is the AudioBox® 96 audio/MIDI interface and award-winning StudioOne Artist software. You also get the best-selling Eris E3.5 active media reference monitors and HD7 headphones, allowing you to monitor your work loud and proud or quietly to yourself. Lastly, the M7 dynamic microphone is a superior all-purpose condenser mic ideal for guitar and vocals. We even include all the necessary cables and a desktop mic stand. 

00284898 - MSRP $399.95 - MAP $299.95

Also available separately:
00237319 - AudioBox 96 - MSRP $129.95 - MAP $99.95
00148962 - StudioOne Artist - MSRP $149.95 - MAP $99.95
00279797 - Eris E3.5 - MSRP $129.95 - MAP $99.95
00125088 - HD7 - MSRP $79.95 - MAP $59.95

HP4/HD9 Bundle
from PreSonus

This budget-saving bundle pack includes the HP4 4-channel headphone amplifier and the HD9 professional monitoring headphones from PreSonus.

00284900 - MSRP $499.95 - MAP $399.95

Also available separately:
00125085 - HP4 - MSRP $159.95 - MAP $129.95
00279802 - HD9 - MSRP $129.95 - MAP $79.95

Spire Studio
from iZotope

Spire Studio is a dead-simple recording studio that fits in the palm of your hand so you can record studio-quality tracks any time, anywhere. It includes award-winning sound processing technology plus the convenience of portable recording and push-button simplicity.

00284599 - MSRP/MAP $349.00

Spire companion products are also available:
00284600 - Warrior Recording Device Bundle Pack - MSRP/MAP $499.00
00284601 - Travel Bag - MSRP/MAP $59.00

New Wireless System
Concert 88 Camera (Handheld)

This professional UHF wireless system brings exceptional audio quality to film and video production. Featuring 16 selectable frequencies for interference-free operation and a camera mountable receiver powered by a removable rechargeable battery, the Concert 88 Camera provides reliable performance and efficient setup. 

00285020 - MSRP $454.99 - MAP $249.99

Gear Video
Gear Up for Performance:
The Other Favorites
featuring Blue Microphones

Hal Leonard continues its series of " Gear Up for Performance" videos this month with a video featuring  Brooklyn-based duo "the other favorites" as they discuss using Blue Microphones in their recent recording session.

Other Gear Up for Performance videos available:
My Own Advice -  Rock or the Hard Place -  The Lion and the Lamb(Praise Band edition) -  The Greatest Show (Make Music Day 2018)

New Books
How to Choose and Use
Audio Interfaces
Musician's Guide to Home Recording Series

Along with a computer, an audio interface provides the all-important hardware foundation for computer-based recording. This book by Craig Anderton helps musicians choose, apply, and get the maximum performance from all types of audio interfaces.

00269495 - $14.99

Al Schmitt on Vocal and Instrumental Recording Techniques
from METAlliance Academy

Legendary producer and engineer Al Schmitt takes you into the studio and shares his process of selecting a microphone and shows how to get the best sounds. Considerations such as song style, instrumentation, and the recording space itself are taken into account when making mic choices and determining the best placement for each. Schmitt demonstrates how to achieve the best sounds for a number of instruments - including drums, bass, piano, guitars, organs, and horns - across many genres of music.

00234017 - $24.99

Specials for August & Labor Day

Enjoy temporary price reductions on the items below. Expires 8/31/18.
00158578 - iLoud Micro Monitor
- $299.99 now $249.99
00214966 - iRig Keys IO 25 - $199.99 now $169.99 plus free travel bag
00214965 - iRig Keys IO 49 - $299.99 now $249.99 plus free travel bag

From August 31 through September 7, 2018, enjoy price reductions on:
00128344 - iRig Keys - MSRP $129.99 - MAP $99.99 $69.99 promo price
00153170 - iRig Keys Mini - $79.99 $49.99 promo price
00123353 - iRig Keys Pro - $149.99 $99.99 promo price
00275361 - iRig Stomp I/O - $299.99 $199.99 promo price

Instant Rebates
Offer valid through August 31, 2018

XD-V35$50 instant rebate
00118220 - Handheld
00118221 - Lavalier

XD-V55 -  $75 instant rebate
00122086 - Handheld
00122996 - Black Headset
00122997 - Tan Headset
00122121 - Lavalier
XD-V75 -  $100 instant rebate
00122087 - Handheld
00119260 - Black Headset
00122998 - Tan Headset
00122088 - Lavalier

Get a FREE StudioLive AR Bag
Purchase a StudioLive AR8, AR12 or AR16 through September 30, 2018 and get a FREE StudioLive AR Bag after submitting the mail-in form.

00193866 - StudioLive AR8 - MSRP $499.95 - MAP $399.95
00193867 - StudioLive AR12 - MSRP $599.95 - MAP $499.95
00193868 - StudioLive AR16 - MSRP $699.95 - MAP $599.95

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