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Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update / August 2019

It was our pleasure to to see many of you at the Summer NAMM show in Nashville this month. Thanks to all who attended for making the show a success! Hal Leonard was honored to be selected by Rand Cook for the Best in Show Panel's "Company to Watch" Award. He wrote:

"This has been a perennial pick, and there's a very good reason for that. They have really upped their distribution game and for small companies like mine, it's really important to have an effective breadth of product that we can get from one source and have them be sharp and knowledgeable. It really helps the smaller companies look like a bigger company."

Didn't go to summer NAMM? 
It's not too late to take advantage of summer NAMM show specials. Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep and place an order in August to get extra discounts and coverage of freight costs.

Software Renewals & Upgrades for the 2019-2010 School Year
from Avid

Do you have school accounts? Are they ready for the new school year with regards to software renewals and upgrades? Use the links provided below to explain the upgrade pathways for the two most popular programs, Pro Tools and Sibelius. Please share these with your school accounts and make sure they are up-to-date and take advantage of this great selling opportunity.

Auto-Tune Artist
from Antares

Auto-Tune Artist includes all of the advanced real-time features of Auto-Tune Pro's Auto Mode. If you don't need the detailed Graph Mode editing capabilities of Auto Tune Pro, but still want access to all of its advanced Auto Mode features, this is the plug-in for you.

00304617 - MSRP/MAP $299.00
Also available:
Auto-Tune EFX+
00300024 - MSRP/MAP $199.00

Only available as a downloadable code through the Virtual Music Software Vault

Virtual Music Software Vault
from Hal Leonard

The software shown above and much more is available now through the   Hal Leonard Virtual Music Software Vault . Join this free service and expand your sales!

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to get started today on the vault!


Coming soon!  See intro video here

Avid S1
Avid S1 gives you deep hands-on control of your favorite audio and video software and provides great ergonomic efficiency, easy touch workflows, and S6-style metering and processing views, so you can navigate large sessions quickly, mix more intuitively, and turn around better sounding mixes fast. Get more details on the Avid website

Avid S4
Get the mixing power of industry-standard Pro Tools S6 in a more compact control surface for budget-conscious pros and smaller audio post and music facilities. Avid S4 boosts your mixing efficiency with the same award-winning workflows in a more streamlined, semi-modular surface that provides intelligent DAW control. Get more details on the Avid website

MalletKAT 8
MIDI Percussion Controllers from KAT

The MalletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using true FSR sensing technology. It incorporates the same FSR technology as all of the KAT instruments, delivering superb feel and response. The MalletKAT comes with 127 factory setups and 127 programmable user setups.

00291785  -  MalletKAT 8 Express  (2 octaves) - MSRP/MAP $1,799.00
00291783  -  MalletKAT 8 Pro  (3 octaves) - MSRP/MAP $2,199.00 
00291784  -  MalletKAT Grand 8  (4 octaves) - MSRP/MAP $2,799.00

Eris E5 & E8 XT
Active Single Studio Monitors from PreSonus

With their smooth, accurate frequency response; powerful amplification with tons of headroom; and acoustic tuning functions that ensure you always get the best sound - it's no wonder that Eris 2-way monitors have been a hit since their introduction. The Eris E5 & E8 XT are a substantial update to a lauded classic. Deeper lows and a wider, more controlled sweet spot (thanks to its new EBM wave guide design) mean that our best-selling studio monitors just got even better. See intro video

00299792 - Eris E5 - MSRP $199.95/MAP $149.95
00299793 - Eris E8 - MSRP $324.95/MAP $249.95

Zi 100 & 200
Professional Reference Earphones from Samson

These earphones with micro balanced armature drivers are superior upgrades to conventional in-ear monitors for onstage performance and personal listening. They deliver detailed, full-range sound via a contoured design that provides maximum sound isolation and a comfortable fit.

00303585 - Zi100 - MSRP $149.99/MAP $99.99
00303586 - Zi200 - MSRP $299.99/MAP $199.99


The Samson RC10 Reflection Filter works with any stand mountable microphone to transform untreated recording spaces into professional vocal booths. Featuring single-panel, aluminum construction with acoustic foam, the RC10 rejects unwanted ambient noise and off-axis reflections, resulting in clear, crisp recordings. 

00301327 - MSRP $159.99 - MAP $99.99
Musician's Guide to Home Recording Series
Now in Stock from Hal Leonard

How to Apply Dynamics Processing
00276206 - $29.95

How to Apply Equalization
00269493 - $24.95

How to Choose and Use Audio Interfaces
00269495 - $19.95

How to Create Compelling Mixes
00269492 - $29.95

How to Get the Best Sounds
Out of Amp Sim Software
00269499 - $29.95

How to Record and Mix Great Vocals
00269491 - $19.95

Microphones for the Recording Musician
00283537 - $24.95

The Musician's Guide to Audio
00276208 - $14.99

Use any AirTurn foot pedal or handheld remote to conveniently turn pages or start/stop audio files! AirTurn recommends the DUO Pedal (00289738) pedal or DIGIT3 (00241087) handheld remote. View our quick setup instructions here The redesigned Apple Books is a single destination for all your books. Browse the new Book Store, keep track of what you've read and want to read, and even listen to audio books!

AirTurn Price Changes
Please note the following price changes on AirTurn products, effective August 1
00143408 - BOOM  - MSRP/MAP $19.00 - now $15.00
00281464 - BT200S-2  - MSRP/MAP $69.00 - now $79.00
00281465 - BT200S-4  - MSRP/MAP $99.00 - now $109.00
00281466 - BT200S-6  - MSRP/MAP $109.00 - now $129.00
00142937 - QUAD  - MSRP/MAP $149.00 - now $139.00
00241086 - PED Pro  - MSRP/MAP $69.00 - now $79.00


Hal Leonard distributes thousands of MI products from the industry's top manufacturers. So which ones should you make sure you have in your store? This bestsellers list is a great place to start. Ask your sales rep for details on how you can get free freight with a qualifying order!
00241086 - PED Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

00155762 - Duet Audio Interface
00182831 - Quartet Audio Interface

00257363 - Instrument 1 (White)

00633255 - Artist Mix Control Surface
00267661 - Pro Tools (Retail Edition)
00267663 - Pro Tools (Student/Teacher Edition)
00155724 - Pro Tools Dock
00204800 - Pro Tools Ultimate + HDX
00217478 - Sibelius (Student/Teacher)

00265749 - Compass Boom Arm
00288975 - Ember Condenser Mic
00214951 - Spark SL Microphone

00142930 - iRig 2 Guitar Interface
00200639 - iRig HD 2 Guitar Interface

00289788 - Spire Studio

00156361 - Relay G10 System
00290088 - Relay G10S System

Morley Pedals (Ebtech)
00242743 - Hum X Exterminator

00216159 - iLok (Third Generation)

00242603 - AirLine 77 Fitness (K1)
00242605 - AirLine 77 Fitness (K3)

00152226 - LoFReQ Sub Mic (Black)

00286770 - Jamstik 7 Fret Edition
Symphony Mark 2, Element 88 & USB Series - Summer 2019 Promotion

The following Apogee summer specials are valid through August 31, 2019. Get images, details, and more on all these specials from the Apogee site .

Symphony Thunderbolt Mark 2
Buy Symphony and get a FREE Apogee Control (00214947) and a complete Apogee FX plugin bundle. A savings of $694!
00233662 - 16 x 16 I/O Analog - MSRP $4,295.00/MAP $4,595.00
00255812 - Pro Tools HD I/O + 8 Mic Presets - MSRP/MAP $5,995.00
00255811 - 16 x 16 I/O Analog + 8 Mic Presets - MSRP/MAP $6,195.00

Element 88
Buy any Element 88 and get a FREE Apogee Control (00214947) as well as Mod6EQ & ModComp Apogee FX plugins. A savings of $694!
00201963 - 16 x 16 I/O Thunderbolt - MSRP/MAP $1,495.00

USB Interfaces
Buy the Apogee Duet, Quartet, Hype MiC or any USB I/O and get the Apogee Opto-3A Vintage Compressor plugin FREE! A savings of $99!
00155762 - Duet (2 x 4 I/O Interface) - MSRP/MAP $649.00
00292214 - Hype MiC (USB Microhpone) - MSRP/MAP $349.00
00171350 - One (2 x 2 I/O Interface) - MSRP/MAP $275.00
00182831 - Quartet (12 x 8 I/O Interface) - MSRP/MAP $1,495.00

MAP Upgrade Specials

Upgrade to the "Ultimate" versions of Pro Tools and Sibelius for a limited time and save!

Pro Tools Upgrade to Pro Tools Ultimate
Expires August 31
1-Year Subscription - Manufacturer Code 9938-30123-00
00211527 MAP $999.00 $799.00 

Sibelius Upgrade to Sibelius Ultimate
Expires December 31
1-Year Updates & Support Plan - Manufacturer Code 9938-30013-00
00261958 - MAP  $299.00 $149.00  
3-Year Updates & Support Plan  - Manufacturer Code 9938-30013-01
00261961 - MAP  $399.00   $249.00  

Legacy Product Dealer Cost Promotion

Enjoy up to 36% off regular MAP prices on the following Blue Microphones products through August 30th. Ask your sales rep for details on how you can save with a qualifying order.

00214949 - Baby Bottle SL - $399.99
00260513 - Blackout Spark SL - $199.99
00214950 - Bluebird SL - $299.99
00211516 - Encore 100 Black - $99.99
00754506 - Encore 100i Black - $89.99
00211520 - Encore 200 Black - $149.99
00145531 - Hummingbird - $299.99
00214951 - Spark SL - $199.99
00287167 - Yeti Blackout Studio - $149.99
00139418 - Yeti Studio - $149.99
00287166 - Yeticaster Studio - $219.99

Ask Your Sales Rep About Our Current Specials!
Sales restrictions to some countries may apply. All prices listed in U.S. funds. 

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