Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update - February 2021
Thanks to all who participated in NAMM's 2021 Believe in Music online convention in January, especially those who took time to visit our MI Products virtual booth, meet with our sales staff and place an order. It was our pleasure to show you the newest and best-selling MI products available from Hal Leonard.
Best in Show Winners!

Congratulations to IK Multimedia, PreSonus & TASCAM for the Best in Show honors they earned from the NAMM U Panel at the close of Believe in Music Week.

iRig Video Creator Series (IK Multimedia)
Gotta Stock It! Winner
00345996 - Video Creator Bundle - MSRP/MAP $99.99
00345997 - Video Creator HD Bundle - MSRP/MAP $199.99
00346001 - Mic Video Creator Bundle - MSRP/MAP $169.99

Gotta Stock It! Winner
00334307 - Mic/Instrument Interface for iOS - $89.99

Sphere (PreSonus)
Best in Show Winner
Software Solutions for Recording, Mixing, Scoring and Producing
00355808 - Download Code - MSRP/MAP $164.95
00355809 - Boxed Set - MSRP/MAP $164.95
New Reference Guides

2021 Addendum - This 32-page summary shows images, descriptions, item numbers and prices for all the latest music technology products available from Hal Leonard.

2021 Line Card - Can't keep track of which manufacturers have products sold through Hal Leonard? Check out this updated line card.
Even with all the new quality products showcased at Believe in Music Week, even more great new lines are coming to the Hal Leonard warehouse. Watch for more details coming soon on the following:
from Reason Studios
Subscribe to Reason+ and get the tools to sound like nobody else. With the new Reason+ subscription, you get the Reason Rack plugin and standalone software along with every single synth, drum machine, player, effect device, guitar amp model, and sample that Reason Studios has ever released - and will ever release. That's over 70 plugin devices right off the bat, plus weekly new Sound Packs.

00364918 - Annual Subscription - MSRP/MAP $199.00
Reason+ is available now through our Virtual Music Software Vault
NOTE: The following items have been discontinued by Reason Studios with the release of Reason+ but are still available from Hal Leonard while supplies last:
00322840 - Reason Intro - MSRP/MAP $99.00
00322842 - Reason Suite - MSRP/MAP $599.00
00322845 - Reason Suite Upgrade - MSRP/MAP $249.00
Virtual Music Software Vault
from Hal Leonard

Dozens of music software lines are available through the Hal Leonard Virtual Music Software Vault. Join this free service and expand your sales!
Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to get started today on the vault!
See video on getting set up on the Vault 
- Get more details on the program from our Dealer Access website
Sign up for the Virtual Music Software Vault via the Xchange platform 
iConnect AUDIO4+
from iConnectivity
Plug everything into one interface – your computers and iOS devices, high-res audio, MIDI, USB, mics, instruments, speakers, headphones – all with this popular audio interface. The iConnectAUDIO4+ integrates everything seamlessly. Intro video

00363916 - MSRP $499.99/MAP $399.99
Looking for more interface options?

From USB to desktop to MIDI interfaces and much more, Hal Leonard is proud to carry interfaces for all levels from Apogee, Audient, AVID, iConnectivity, PreSonus, and TASCAM to meet your customers' needs.

Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details.
The MZ-123BT is a compact 1U multi-channel, multi-zone professional installation mixer that provides versatile routing, mixing and distribution of up to three channels of music and announcements for a wide range of commercial applications.

00360492 - MSRP $699.99/MAP $499.99
To support the trends of more professionals setting up their recording and mixing equipment in home studios, Hal Leonard can drop ship studio rack shells from Grundorf to your store. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for additional details.
Carpet Series Rack Shells
00334726 - 2-Space - $109.95
00334727 - 4-Space - $119.95
00334728 - 6-Space - $129.95
00334729 - 8-Space - $149.95
00334730 - 10-Space - $159.95
00334731 - 12-Space - $179.95
Studio Series Rack Shells
00364921 - 2-Space - $139.95
00364922 - 4-Space - $144.95
00364923 - 6-Space - $159.95
00364924 - 8-Space - $179.95
00364925 - 10-Space - $199.95
00364926 - 12-Space - $214.95
Make a Splash with Cordial!

Ask about our free samples and merchandising program to make a splash with Cordial Cables.

Music Technology 101
by Heath Jones
Ideal for music students and teachers, this book breaks down the basics of music creation in the technology lab or home studio. Heath Jones provides practical, actionable, and easy-to-understand information, resources, and advice to anyone interested in teaching a music technology course or learning how to become a do-it-yourself music producer. Nearly 90 minutes of video tutorials are included!

00355249 - Book/Online Video - $14.99
Presidents' Day Weekend Sale
from IK Multimedia

Enjoy temporary MAP reductions on the following products from February 11th through 16th.
00158578 - iLoud Micro - $299.99 now $229.99
00294405 - iLoud MTM (Black) - $349.99 now $299.99
00345953 - iLoud MTM (White) - $349.99 now $299.99
00323143 - iRig Mic Video Bundle - $169.99 now $129.99
00345996 - iRig Video Creator Bundle - $99.99 now $79.99
00345997 - iRig Video HD Creator Bundle - $199.99 now $159.99
Neoverb Promotion
from iZotope

Enjoy a temporary price reduction through March 1st:
00360063 - MSRP/MAP $249.00 now $149.00
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