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Hal Leonard Music Technology Retailer Update / March 2019

Hal Leonard was recently named America's Audio Partner of the Year & Worldwide Channel Partner of the Year by Avid for 2019 at the Avid Global Sales Conference. The picture above shows Hal Leonard Sales Manager, MI Division, Peter Carlson accepting the award.


Pro Tools 2019.3 Is Here!
from Avid

Avid is excited to announce Pro Tools 2019.3, which will be made generally available to the public today.   This release introduces a voice limit increase for all Pro Tools | Ultimate customers on  active plans, macOS Mojave support, as well as new features that enable fast and fluid creation and  experimentation. 

Boxed Editions
00267661 - Pro Tools Perpetual License - MSRP/MAP $599.00
00267662 - Pro Tools Annual Subscription - MSRP/MAP $299.00
00267666 - Pro Tools Ultimate Perpetual License - MSRP/MAP $2499.00
00267667 - Pro Tools Ultimate Annual Subscription - MSRP/MAP $999.00

Downloadable editions available in the Virtual Music Software Vault

Voltage Software
Virtual Instruments from Cherry Audio

Voltage Modular
Core + Electro Drums Bundle
This virtual modular platform was designed to be the best sounding, most powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use virtual modular instrument available.
00292378 - $200.00

Voltage Ignite
Ignite is a smaller bundle for a smaller price! Get a taste of Voltage Modular with 45 modules for the ultimate introduction to modular synthesis.
00292379 - $50.00

Now available from Hal Leonard through the Virtual Music Software Vault

Virtual Music Software Vault
from Hal Leonard

The software shown above and much more is available now through the   Hal Leonard Virtual Music Software Vault . Join this free service and expand your sales!

Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep to get started today on the vault!

RL & RS Loudspeakers
PA Cabinets from Samson

400-Watt 2-Way Active Loudspeaker
These speakers offer powerful, versatile and convenient sound reinforcement to a wide range of audio applications. They feature an onboard mixer with mic/line input options, Bluetooth audio streaming, plus a USB wireless port.
00293973 - RS112A - $233.99;  00293974 - RS115A - $259.99

800-Watt 2-Way Active Loudspeaker
Designed to make live sound portable and easy, these speakers feature 800 watts of power from an advanced Class D amplifier, keeping the overall system weight under 35 pounds. They are ideal for DJs, lectures, meetings, events, as well as for the singer/songwriter or acoustic duo.
00293975 - RL112A - $363.99;  00293976 - RL115A - $389.99

AirLine 77 with AH7
Wireless Systems from Samson

The AirLine 77 system is a wireless microphone solution designed to meet the specific demands of presenters, singers and other active performers. Includes the unique AH7 micro transmitter mounted to a low-profile DE10x headset microphone plus a CR77 wireless receiver.  MSRP $389.99/MAP $299.99

00294366 - Frequency K1
00294367Frequency K2
00294368Frequency K3
00294369Frequency K4
00294370Frequency K5
00294371Frequency K6

AirLine 99m with AH9
Micro UHF Wireless Systems from Samson

These wireless microphone systems are designed to meet the specific demands of  active performers. Each frequency-agile system combines the AH9 micro transmitter with a AR99m micro receiver for a highly-portable, rechargeable setup with high-definition sound.

Headset System
Includes a low-profile DE10x headset microphone. Perfect for singers, presenters, educators and interviewers.
00293977 - D-Band - $439.99;  00293978 - K-Band  - $439.99

Fitness Headset System
This fitness headset system includes a water/sweat-resistant QE headset microphone. Great for fitness instructors
00293979 - D-Band - $439.99;  00293980 - K Band - $439.99

DE & SE Microphones
from Samson

DE10x Headset Mic
Omnidirectional Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule
00293981 - $128.74

DE50x Headset Mic
Omnidirectional Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule
00293982 - $257.49

DE60x Headset Mic
Unidirectional Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule
00293984 - $187.49

SE60x Earset Mic
Unidirectional Microphone with Miniature Condenser Capsule
00293983 - $187.49

PED Pro 2
Bluetooth Controller from AirTurn

The price of the PED Pro 2 has been changed to $75 as of March 1. Dealer margin remains the same.

00241086 - MSRP/MAP $75.00

2019 Products Catalog
Music Technology, Gear & Accessories
from Hal Leonard

Our new catalog includes software, interfaces, controllers, speakers/monitors, mics, wireless systems, powered speakers, mixers, and more. Also includes brand-name gear for guitars, basses, keyboards, ukuleles, and more instruments; plus accessories like tuners, stands, folders, mobile device accessories, headphones, and more. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep to add this catalog free of charge to your next order (HL 90015803), or view a PDF here.

See Hal Leonard Catalogs page for more catalog offerings.

Up to 60% Off Plug-Ins

Evolve your mixing and mastering skills with up to 60% off plug-ins like Ozone 8, Neutron 2 and Music Production Suite 2. Expires March 31.

Instant Rebates on Wireless Mics

Get instant rebates for as much as $100 from now through March 31 on the following items.

XD-V35 Digital Wireless Systems $50 rebate
00118220 - XD-V35 Handheld
00118221 - XD-V35L Lavalier

XD-V55 Digital Wireless Systems $65 rebate
00122086 - Handheld
00122121 - Lavalier
00122996 - Headset (Black)
00122997 - Headset (Tan)

XD-V75 Digital Wireless Systems $80 rebate
00122087 - Handheld
00119260 - Headset (Black)
00122998 - Headset (Tan)
00122088 - Lavalier
00122999 - Bodypack & Receiver

Instant Rebates &
Temporary Price Reductions

StudioLive Series III Consoles  - Instant Rebates through May 31
00237316 - StudioLive 32 - MAP $2999.95 $2699.95 - Special Cost $2025
00237314 - StudioLive 24 - MAP $2499.95 $2299.95 - Special Cost $1725
00237315 - StudioLive 16 - MAP $1999.95 $1799.95 - Special Cost $1350

AIR Series Speakers  - 25% Off through April 30
00196611 - AIR10 - MAP $499.95 $374.96 - Special Cost $262
00196612 - AIR12 - MAP $599.95 $449.96 - Special Cost $315
00196613 - AIR15 - MAP $699.95 $524.96 - Special Cost $367
00196614 - AIR15s - MAP $799.95 $599.95 - Special Cost $420
00196615 - AIR18s - MAP $999.95 $749.96 - Special Cost $525

Reason 10 Specials

Specials are valid on qualifying sales during the promotional period submitted by April 21. 

Reason 10 - $100 Instant Rebates ( MAP $399.00)
00254556 - Retail Boxed Edition
00254570 - Retail Download

Reason Upgrade from Previous Versions - Only $99 (Reduced from $129)
00254557 - Retail Boxed Edition
00254571 - Retail Download

Reason Lite Upgrade - Only $199 (Reduced from $299)
00254559 - Retail Boxed Edition
00254573 - Retail Download

NOTE:  Credit per unit is calculated using standard unit purchasing price less the promo discount percentage; price protection credit for this instant rebate promotion to be applied to purchase orders made during the promotional period; Proof of sales (sell-through report) during the promotional period and Propellerhead Manager approval is required for all submissions

Save Up to 20% on Wireless Systems

The following temporary MAP reductions are valid through March 31st.

Concert 288 Dual-Channel Handheld Wireless System
00140659 - H Band - MSRP $419.99/MAP $329.99 $299.99
00140660 - I Band - MSRP $419.99/MAP $329.99 $299.99

Stage 412 Quad-Channel Handheld Wireless System
00287395 - VHF System - MSRP $324.99/MAP $249.99 $199.99

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