FCA Action Alert
 Friday, April 28, 2017
Budget Conference Update

The budget conference meeting of the Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations (TED) met this morning to consider the Senate's #1 offer, which is below for the Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 2017-2018 grants' programs:

Cultural and Museum Grants:  Senate offer #1 accepts the House's position of $11,281,124
(all from non-recurring general revenue; Senate recommends taking away  $5 million in recurring-general revenue in base budget each year)  This $11,281,124 would fund 480 organizations at approximately 31.7% of their qualified grant amounts. Go here to see proposed grant amounts under blue column #6).

Note:  We will continue to advocate with legislative leadership to add money to this line item that impacts so many organizations and counties.

Culture Builds Florida Grants:  $2,320,109 -- full funding for all 110 grant applicants -- both Senate and House agree.

Cultural Facilities Grants:  Senate offer #1 stays the same as in its current proposed budget of $7,211,940 (would fund first 22 on list and partially fund #23;  $11,591,554 is needed to fund all 36 DCA grants; we'll see if the House accepts this offer this afternoon)

NEXT TED Budget Conference Meeting:  they will meet again this afternoon to resolve funding issues for Cultural Facilities and legislative projects under the Division of Cultural Affairs, as well as other areas of the budget assigned to this budget conference.