Spring Conference
April 25-27, 2018
Panama City Beach, Florida
President's Message
As we approach the spring season, it is my hope that you have survived the winter and have been able to avoid the flu, virus or any other crud that might have been floating in the air. At our recent Day on the Hill, I noticed several fist bumping as opposed to shacking hands - and rightfully so. While on the subject, I want to thank those who were able to attend and for those who could not make it, you missed another magnificent event. Combining the efforts of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TCCE, TN ECD and TEDC not only results in one of the largest events during the legislative year, but one of the most effective for the business community. Thanks once again to Suzie, Carolyn and the Chamber staff for all of their hard work. It was great having Gov. Haslam and Nashville Predators CEO Sean Henry as the keynote speakers during lunch. Also, the 6 Gubernatorial candidates spoke to the group after the luncheon and highlighted their platforms and plans if elected governor.
During the 50th Anniversary Fall Conference in Memphis last fall, we honored two recipients with the Legacy Award. One being Jim Rowland and the other was Bill Shuff. Mr. Shuff was unable to attend, and we held off announcing his award until the MTIDA Christmas reception in early December. Bill was totally unaware of the recognition and was rather taken back. We asked Jim Rowland to make the presentation and what a memorable event it was witnessing Mr. Shuff speechless!
Also, at a recent Board of Directors meeting, Mr. Ted Hackney was given the Honorary Lifetime Member designation. Ted has retired after almost 30 years from the Coffee County Industrial Board and has been an active TEDC member for all of those years. Ted was a past TEDC Professional of the Year recipient and is one of the most respected professionals in economic development, not only in Tennessee but in the entire southeastern part of the U.S.
Please take the opportunity to congratulate both Bill Shuff and Ted Hackney on their recognition. They have earned it.
Lastly, the 2018 Spring Conference will be held in Panama City on April 25-27. Susan Maynor is working on finalizing the agenda and we will be sending it out very soon. The spring conference is always well attended, and we encourage each of you to participate once again this year.
- Robert T. (Bob) Bibb
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Bill Shuff
TEDC Legacy Award Winner
Bill Shuff was recently recognized as a recipient of the TEDC Legacy Award for his years of dedication and experience in economic development. “It is a true honor to have received this recognition from the Tennessee Economic Development Council,” said Mr. Shuff. “Being a part of the economic development profession has been and continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Bill began his economic development career in 1969 while working with the Governor’s staff for industrial development for Governor Buford Ellington. He later went on to work with the Middle Tennessee Industrial Development Association (MTIDA) as an industrial consultant while simultaneously attending the Nashville School of Law (YMCA Law School). Upon completing his law degree in 1975, Bill worked in private law practice in Nashville before joining Third National Bank in 1977 as an economic developer. Then on July 1, 1979, Bill was hired as Executive Director of MTIDA becoming only the sixth person to lead the organization. Over the course of Bill’s involvement in MTIDA, he served as Alternate and State Director for Tennessee on the Southern Industrial Development Council (now called SEDC).

Bill has been a member of TEDC his entire career. He has served as president of TEDC, and is currently one of eight Honorary Life Members of TEDC. Bill played an integral part in the successful growth of the Middle Tennessee Region over the nearly four decades he was involved. During his career, Middle Tennessee landed over 800 new projects representing thousands of new jobs and investments worth more than $12 billion. “Bill would be the last one to say that he and MTIDA did any of this singlehandedly,” said Brian Hercules, Senior Vice President of Economic Development at the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce. “But it can be said that because of Bill’s leadership, passion and persistence, Tennessee is a much better place.”

The Legacy Award recognizes those in the economic development community who have had an extraordinary impact on their profession and community. This award is not given annually but is offered as a special recognition for individuals who are highly respected, active in economic development, and have been a TEDC member for at least 10 years. Recipients are nominated by the TEDC Board of Directors. 
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