March 2022

Celebrating Women's History Month
As we wrap up Women's History Month, TEDCO would like to highlight all the wonderful women that we've had the pleasure to work with and empower over the years through programs such as our Social Impact Funds, Rural Business Innovation Initiative, Urban Business Innovation Initiative, and our new Women Entrepreneur Leadership Programs.

The new programs are designed to build an alliance of diverse founders and CEOs to strategically navigate Maryland’s entrepreneurial innovation ecosystem. In collaboration with Maryland’s four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), TEDCO’s new programs will focus on creating a diversified community of women entrepreneurs and help them grow their companies.

The Black Brain Trust, based in Baltimore City, is a social technology company focused on creating a more equitable world. It’s core product, EquiScore BI™, is designed to be the “Workday for DEI professionals.”

CyDeploy, Inc., based in Baltimore City, is an intelligent, automated testing system that demonstrates how an update will affect an enterprise’s system, giving them the control to maintain cybersecurity compliance while avoiding costly workforce delays.

NasaClip offers the first and only adjustable nosebleed rescue device that provides constant, comfortable, hands-free compression.

TEDCO's Katherine Hill Ritchie, Senior Director of Venture Funds moderated the panel which included Dr. Sue Carr, Founder and President of CarrTechDr. Elizabeth Clayborne, Founder and CEO of Nasaclip, and Anuja Sonalker, Founder and CEO of STEER Tech. Thank you for sharing your stories, your struggles, your accomplishments, and your advice for fellow women entrepreneurs.

The founder and CEO of the shared kitchen, Amanda Kidd, is also the owner of Beat the Rush Delivery and has a vision of creating a hub for “foodpreneurs” that cultivates a thriving food community here in Dorchester County. The shared-use kitchen is currently estimated to open in the fall of this year. 

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