March 2023

The latest on innovation and entrepreneurship in Maryland

JuneBrain Inc. provides remote monitoring devices to support physicians and patients. Their telehealth eye-scanning system allows providers to identify and monitor disease activity in patients without requiring appointments. Learn More

Clymb is dedicated to supporting young people through a mindfulness and emotional health software. Clymb’s software was created by educators and experts in the mental and emotional health fields to empower users with critical coping skills that remain easily accessible through their phones. Learn More

NasaClip is a startup focused on providing patients with a painless, hands-free treatment for nosebleeds. This kid-friendly, FDA registered treatment allows patients to forgo an expensive and timely trip to an emergency department, allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home or at a clinic. Learn More

Elite Gaming Live is an organization that supports the education and development of youth. Through their program, students can learn more about careers in the video game industry as well as any relating STEM fields. Using video games, the program provides students with social, developmental and academic benefits. Learn More

While many organizations are increasingly comfortable talking about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), the proof of commitment is in the actions taken to ensure DEI permeates both the organization and its external stakeholder work. Here, at the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)—a public-private entity tasked with investing in Maryland tech companies and helping them grow—our commitment to DEI is evident in our culture, our programming and our funding. Hector Ocasio, founder and CEO of Pet Connect Business, a TEDCO portfolio company, recently highlighted our work to support under-represented founders like himself. Read More

Morgan State University is one of five institutions collaborating with TEDCO as part of the Maryland Innovation Initiative (MII) – a technology transfer program established in 2012 to grow and accelerate promising technologies through venture creation. Learn More

NextStep Robotics is an organization dedicated to providing game-changing solutions to patients with foot drop. With help from TEDCO, a Maryland based venture capital leader, they have been able to develop an effective solution beyond rigid leg braces. Watch Now

Astek Diagnostics is a clinical-stage local company founded by Mustafa Al-Adhami, PhD with help from TEDCO, a Maryland based venture capital leader, to provide an effective therapeutic response to urinary tract infections. Watch Now 

TEDCO released a new episode of its virtual thought leadership series, TEDCO Talks with special guest, Washington College President Michael Sosulski. Throughout this series, TEDCO CEO, Troy LeMaile-Stovall, connects with various thought leaders in economic development from across the state of Maryland.

On this edition of TEDCO Talks, LeMaile-Stovall spends time talking with President Sosulski about innovation, the education sector, and the college’s plans to improve diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the campus. Learn More and Watch Now

On the latest TEDCO Talks, TEDCO CEO, Troy LeMaile-Stovall interviews Carim Khouzami, president and CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE). During the discussion, Khouzami and LeMaile-Stovall dive into BGE’s role in the community, the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and how it impacts the innovation ecosystem in Maryland. Learn More and Watch Now

Big Tech influences almost every aspect of modern life, and local tech ecosystems are no exception.

It’s not surprising, then, that communities’ Ecosystem Builder supporters — like universities, law firms, accelerator programs, economic development groups, coding bootcamps and corporate entities — occasionally partner with Big Tech firms to aid their missions. These initiatives range from financial support to business advice and resources to connections for employment opportunities, and together, these efforts leverage Big Tech’s power to provide benefits to the whole community.

How does your org interact with Apple, Meta, Google, Amazon and similar Big Tech companies? Read TEDCO's response now

Federal Opportunities

TEDCO's Federal Programs is launching the Maryland Defense Technology Commercialization Center (DefTech) to help Maryland companies accelerate growth through collaborative partnership with Department of Defense laboratory research and innovation. Learn More

The Army is seeking technology from the private sector and academia that advances the science of robotics and autonomy for battlefield application. Tech Assess ’23 will take place in Summer 2023. The deadline for submittal of Phase 1 applications/white papers is 8 March 2023. Read the complete announcement

The Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation has launched the Hospitality Tech Accelerator: Innovating the Future focus on solutions to the industry’s top sustainability challenges, such as energy, water, and waste reduction and management. The application deadline is March 8, apply today.
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