November 2022

The latest on innovation and entrepreneurship in Maryland

Datakwip provides an enterprise, cloud-based facility analytics platform to Utilities, Energy Savings Performance Contractors, Operations & Maintenance Contractors, as well as organizations and institutions that have a vested interest in optimizing the operation and efficiency of their facilities. Datakwip works with building owners, property managers, asset managers, building engineers, and heads of sustainability to breakdown the complexities of day-to-day building operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce energy impact.

NanoBioFAB is a woman-owned medical device manufacturer providing high throughput technology and services to accelerate nanomaterial research & development. NanoBioFAB enables cost-effective innovations and reduces time to market for new sensor products. NanoBioFAB also provides artificial intelligence (AI)-driven smart sensors for telemedicine and personalized healthcare. It employs unique patented technology to ultra-fast high-throughput 3D nano-print and screen nanosensors that can accurately detect tiny amounts of gases that emanate from one’s skin and breath, as well as measure pressure, temperature, and humidity. With the coming 5G era, NanoBioFAB’s smart sensor will enable more effective personal health management.

CoolTech, LLC is developing novel, drug-free medical device therapies for temperature management and neurmodulation. This includes CoolStat® a portable and easy-to-use device that is a disruptive alternative to current expensive and invasive strategies used for Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) after traumatic events such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. The company has raised $16 million in grant funding and private capital to date.

If you have a technical innovation that you need seed money for, a National Science Foundation grant may help – and TEDCO can help you win it through our Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Proposal Lab 2023 cohort.

We are selecting up to 25 companies to participate in a unique opportunity to join the next SBA FAST* SBIR/STTR Proposal Lab. The application period closes on December 31, 2022 or sooner if all the seats are filled. The application process is competitive and companies are admitted on a first-come, first-serve basis if they qualify.

Tuzmo is an app that connects travelers and tourists with authentic artisans and craft persons. Using the app, artisans can sell directly to a global customer community, cutting out the middle and offering an economic benefit to the artisans. For travelers, Tuzmo offers authentic crafts and unique visitor experiences.

Flexnode, Inc. is a digital infrastructure company developing the first fully modular, liquid-cooled micro data center (MDC) system to support the next generation of data centers for consumer, enterprise, government and academic markets. Flexnode supports the full data center lifecycle across site design, build and project finance. It also supports operations and maintenance with a turnkey Data-Center-as-a-service (DCaaS) business model, using its modular prefabricated MDC system as deployable data center building blocks.

Elizabeth Clayborne of NasaClip joined Good Morning Washington to talk about how NasaClip is poised to become the “Band-Aid” of nosebleeds. The NasaClip device provides simple and effective nosebleed rescue at home or anywhere, using hands-free, external nasal compression with intranasal sponges that medicine can be added to – helping to stop nosebleeds fast. According to Clayborne, “TEDCO provided the capital, executive training, and the contacts to help bring the product to market.”

Source: WJLA-TV

TEDCO has been awarded $125,000 by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) through its Federal and State Technology (FAST) Partnership Program. TEDCO is one of 44 recipients to receive the award, which will support TEDCO’s SBIR/STTR Proposal Lab for underrepresented small businesses.

Sarah Iranpour the founder of PerSoN Care a next-generation counseling and coaching platform joined Good Morning Washington to talk about how PerSoN Care is increasing access to experienced certified coaches to support you through your anxiety, stress management, depression, smoking addictions, weight loss and much more. TEDCO, drives innovation by helping early-stage Maryland-based companies. TEDCO helped turn PerSoN Care’s vision into reality. Our viewers can check out the platform for themselves by reaching out via email to for free counseling. For more information on PerSoN Care please visit.

Source: WJLA-TV

CyDeploy, Inc. is an intelligent, automated testing system that demonstrates how an update will affect an enterprise’s system, giving them the control to maintain cybersecurity compliance while avoiding costly workforce delays.
The CAMI awards recognize leading-edge cybersecurity products and services, along with change-makers and innovators, that contribute to our nation’s cybersecurity ecosystem.

Science and tech entrepreneurs share a common challenge: accessing capital for essential research and development. That’s where TEDCO, Maryland’s economic engine for technology companies, comes in. TEDCO is here to help Maryland tech companies grow; that includes helping them apply for the $4 billion federal SBIR/STTR award programs.

The World’s Leaders Magazine profile notes that Dr. Santhanam brings the right combination of skills, knowledge and empathy to her role with MII. As a childhood cancer survivor who went on the earn a PhD in microbiology and molecular genetics, Santhanam had experience as both a scientist and a patient. She could see ground-breaking science and tech happening at institutions where they weren’t thinking about getting it to market. At the same time, there were patients desperately hoping to access those discoveries for themselves or their families. Santhanam understood the power of the MII, which could help accelerate innovative solutions from bench to bedside.

For Tech + Government Month, we asked our Ecosystem Builders what programs and services they have to advocate for the technology community.


In the two years Troy LeMaile-Stovall has been leading TEDCO, Maryland’s leading source of funding and support for early-stage, technology-based businesses, his focus has been investing in his team and ensuring that the organization is engaging with the broader innovation ecosystem across the state.

TEDCO, along with its state and local partners, is building a culture in Maryland that is equitable and inclusive. When benchmarked against states around the country, Maryland regularly ranks in the top 10 and often in the top five from best place to live to most educated workforce. Recently, WalletHub ranked states based on their ability to grow innovation through investments in education, research and business creation, especially in highly specialized industries – Maryland ranked fourth, behind DC, Massachusetts and Washington. In that same report, Maryland ranked third in share of technology companies.

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TEDCO Honoree:
Katherine Hill Ritchie, Senior Director of Venture Funds, TEDCO

All honorees were recognized on November 3, 2022 at DCA Live’s 2022 “The NEW Power Women of DC Tech” event.

For Troy A. LeMaile-Stovall, CEO of TEDCO, helping the community is a matter of inclusion and equity.

“We believe expanding and including those groups that have been historically excluded from wealth-creating opportunities is our ultimate responsibility, and will help lay a foundation for addressing the social challenges faced by those communities,” he said. “There is nothing more critical than that.”

Economic Development Week in Maryland will emphasize the importance of economic development for the State of Maryland. The week is designed to increase understanding of economic development’s contribution to the state’s business climate, job retention and growth, the tax base, and the overall quality of life in Maryland.

Economic development will take center stage in counties, cities, and towns throughout Maryland when proclamations are made heralding the significant projects that have made Maryland a great place to live, work, and play. Recognizing the dedicated work of economic developers is a primary focus of the effort.


Join TEDCO's CEO, Troy LeMaile-Stovall, in thought-provoking conversations with regional leaders about the future of Maryland’s innovation ecosystem.
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