Issue 2.17 / July 2017
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TEEB National Studies Workshops

Final workshops have been conducted in all five countries: Bhutan, Ecuador, Liberia, Tanzania, Philippines. The studies findings and draft recommendations have been presented to stakeholders at the national level. All countries are currently finalizing reports, incorporating stakeholder inputs from these workshops. read more ] and [ watch teaser video ]

El  Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía  de México fue sede de la reunión de Consulta de Alto Nivel y del taller técnico para avanzar en los trabajos del proyecto pionero de Cuentas de Capital Natural y Valoración de los Servicios Ecosistémicos.   [seguir leyendo]

The  National Institute of Statistics and Geography of Mexico (INEGI, in its Spanish acronym) hosted a high-level meeting and several technical workshops to advance on the Natural Capital Accounting and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services project.   
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The Advisory Board  provides guidance and oversight for all TEEB activities. In addition to contributing to strategic portfolio decisions, the Board plays an active role in reviewing draft TEEB outputs. 

TEEB National Studies
Lake Piso in Liberia was the scenario for the training that introduced participants to ecosystem services and how to assess them at the site level using the TESSA toolkit.  
'TEEB Aruba' aims to provide insights on the links between the economy and nature on Aruba. Its objective is to quantify and integrate the value of Natural Capital in long term planning, thereby contributing to sustainable economic development on the island.  [ read more ]

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a key donor of TEEBAgriFood, hosted its 2nd International Dialogue with over 250 food systems leaders from the local to the global. A team of Barilla Centre for Food & Nutrition Youth Alumni interviewed some of the speakers 

From 30 May - 1 June 2017, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) hosted the second TEEB for Agriculture & Food writers workshop in Washington DC. 
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#ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Mercados de Medio Ambiente
 interview with Humberto Delgado Rosa, Director for Natural Capital, DG Environment, European Commission. Delgado Rosa has served as TEEB Advisory Board Chair for the last year
                                                                           [  read the complete interview ]

Smallholder farmers live as a forced laborers for a changing global food system, in which their success is only defined in terms of yield per hectare. A story about the hidden tragedies behind the true costs and benefits of food production.
Upcoming Events
London, UK (26-26 October)

Bridge Collaborative Launch Event will bring together 300 decision-makers, leaders, and other professionals to move forward the Bridge Collaborative Principles and Guidance and Leadership Reporting for global cross-sector engagement.   read more ]
* International Conference on Research for Development, Bern, Switzerland (5-8 September) 
* Food Tank Summit - Food Loss and Food Waste, New York, USA (13 September)
Committee on World Food Security - CFS 44, Rome, Italy (9-10 October) 
Climate Change & Food Systems:
Assessing Impacts and Opportunities

Thi s draft report  reviews key literature about how food and agriculture affect climate change and how  climate  change is affecting food  systems. 
                                                                                                    [ read the report ]
The report sheds some light on the nature of the challenges that agriculture and food systems are facing now and throughout the 21st century, and provides some insights as to what is at stake and what needs to be done.  
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