TEF presents at SLHTA’s Chefs Table

Project Consultant to the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Noorani Azeez presented an update of the Fund to a sitting of the Chefs Table today. 

Attendees were presented with a summary of the proposed restructure of the TEF as well as a snapshot of the thematic areas prioritized for future attention. The event was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel and was attended by a number of hoteliers and SLHTA allied members.
Encouraging Youth Empowerment: An EYE for Success

The first stage of the pilot program Encouraging Youth Empowerment came to a close this week as participants were awarded certificates for the two-week training.

The attendees were excited to have completed the soft skills training session and proudly collected their certificates as they look forward to the next stage of the pilot. In the coming weeks through the Tourism Enhancement Fund's apprenticeship program they will be placed at various hotels and restaurants to apply the soft skills acquired in their training.

It is the hope of the  Human Development Network (HDN)  Coordinators that the preparation provided during the training will better prepare the youth to adapt and make meaningful contributions to the world of work.

To celebrate the first milestone of this program the group was hosted to a small closing ceremony which was sponsored in part by Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Auberge Seraphine.
The Tourism Enhancement Fund; What's Next on the Horizon

On Thursday 6th September 2018, Trustees of the Tourism Enhancement Fund convened their monthly Board meeting to discuss matters relevant to the Fund. Among agenda items discussed were updates on a number of projects for TEF support. Trustees also reviewed updates on the institutional restructure of the TEF currently underway and discussed an urgent Strategic Planning exercise to guide the next five years of operations of the Fund. The Strategic Planning exercise is set to be conducted before December 2018.

The meeting received presentations from GIZ, NCA and the Dive Association on areas of possible collaboration with the TEF. Some of the initiatives receiving positive attention from Trustees were support for Beach Rangers, reduction in use of single use plastics, management of the hyperbaric chamber and construction of a vendor’s facility.

The meeting was attended by SLHTA Board Representatives Winston Anderson, Cheryl Skeete, John Mathurin, Sanovnik Destang, Ministry of Finance Representative Jeanette Jn Louis Hughes and presided over by Chairperson Karolin Troubetzkoy.

Emerging Priority Areas for Funding over the coming year include projects in the areas of:
  • Environmental Issues
  • Human Resources Development
  • Health and Wellness
  • Visitor Safety and Security
  • Entrepreneurship
Next week’s edition of the TEF Top 5 Newsletter will feature more information about our new partners.
SLHTA Cup Quarter finals

It's this time of year again fans as the SLHTA's Championship Cup welcomes eight teams to the quarter finals. Over the past few weeks SLHTA members have been battling to make it to the quarter finals. The mêlée continues Friday 7th September and Sunday 9th September at the Marchand Playing field.

The teams competing in the quarter finals are Royalton, Royal By Rex, The Body Holiday, CDSL, Sandals La Toc, St. James Almond Morgan Bay, Coconut Bay and Sandals Halcyon. Come see who makes it to the semi-finals as the action heats up this evening.

The Tourism Enhancement Fund continues to be a proud sponsor of the coveted event and invites all patrons to come support the teams and to get a chance to win some fantastic prizes.
Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School Congratulates their own

TEF Chairperson Karolin Troubetzkoy, SLHTA Representative for Independent Restaurants Chef Orlando Satchell and TEF Projects Coordinator Wendel George attended the first assembly for the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School to celebrate the victory of the students who recently won the Caribbean Junior Dueling Challenge in Barbados. Cheyenne Hippolyte and Karina Abraham, both students of the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School along with their Coach Chef Frank Faucher represented Saint Lucia in the regional competition and emerged victorious over 7 other islands.

Mrs. Troubetzkoy made an official trophy presentation to the School, and also congratulated the girls on their victory, encouraging students to pursue their dreams. The TEF spoke briefly about the work of the Tourism Enhancement Fund and the SLHTA, and assured the school of the Association’s continued support.

In 2019, the SLHTA with support from the Tourism Enhancement Fund and other sponsors and stakeholders will host the Caribbean Junior Dueling Competition and Conference in Saint Lucia. Over 10 islands have indicated their interest in visiting Saint Lucia to competition at the Caribbean most prestigious Junior Culinary Event.