Software Update Released March 4
On March 4, 2021, ABM Franchising Group released the redesigned TEGGPro Sales 2 and an update to TEGGPro Remote 2.

TEGGPro Sales 2 streamlines sales process with a new dashboard and tracking capabilities. Please watch our video presentation for more on all the new features.

The updated TEGGPro Remote 2 introduces problem relationships for more accurate counts and correction processes. To learn more, please watch this short video.
Update Access and Information
To access the new TEGGPro Sales 2 application, please click the button below, select your Contractor, and use your existing login credentials.
The existing TEGGPro application will remain available on Both applications access the same database, so you can add, edit, and view the same data from both applications.
TEGGPro Remote Users Please Take Note
To complete the update process on all the remote laptops, TEGGPro Remote 2 technicians should follow the steps below.

Both a database update and software update will be required. As a best practice, we recommend completing each step independently.
  1. Under options on the TEGGRemote Synchonization and Software Update screen, first select 'Sync Database" and start.
  2. Once that has completed, uncheck the 'Sync Database' option and select 'Software Update' to run the second step.

For more information or for support:
Contact ABM Franchising Group's Support Team via email or call 724.873.2977.