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TEI Man Portable with new 260 Drifter or Rotary Head

 NPP has many Man Portable drills which offer a great option for those difficult to reach areas.  The drill is capable of installing up to T40 or R38 Hollow Bars or a DTH using the Rotary Head.

We also offer Electric Power packs to power these drills in inaccessible areas.

NEW Comacchio MC-8D

14" clamps and 17,000 ft lbs Rotary and Drifter.
Power Pack detaches and can be tethered up to 100' and still fit under 9' headroom
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Obermann Grout Plants
NPP has Grout plants in stock for Sale and Rent.  Our most popular units have been the Diesel VS-63 and VS-109 units.
We carry a large inventory of parts and the expertise to diagnose problems and personnel to train new owners in the use of these pumps. Customers also send their used units to us for in house diagnosis and repairs. Also custom racks can be built to keep your unit protected and any other task specific modifications.

NEW TEI HEM 500/ Hydraulic Excavator Mount Drill

This unit has a double rota-tor which give it the ability to be positioned at desired angle no matter the position of the excavator.
It can run the TEI-560 drifter or 550 rotary heads.  Capable of drilling any type of micropile.

TEI TD-100 

This unit has the ability to install 7' material and run the TEI 1000 Drifter and Rotary.  It offers the ability to install T73 and T103 hollow bar materials.  Its larger frame and rear leveling pads offers a very stable carriage with incredible capabilities.  Units are all electric.

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