Spring/Summer 2022
Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative
Hello TEKS Resource System Users, and welcome new districts! This year is moving quickly, thanks to you, professional educators! You do a fantastic job every single day!  
ESC educators who work directly with districts just finished the TEKS Resource System ESC Conference. We worked together as a group and experienced excellent breakout sessions. We base this conference on your needs! Your feedback is crucial to our future work. Please continue to share on our site and share with your ESC contacts.  

Our teams continue to work for you. Science is under new development, and the other content areas are constantly refining, modifying, and creating resources and items for the item bank to ensure TEKS Resource System has the latest information.  

It’s time to register for our summer curriculum conference, TEKSCon 2022, scheduled for June 27-29. The keynote speaker is Joe Sanfelippo, and you will love his message: Lead From Where You Are! Please encourage your district to register your team or your campus! With all the specialty speakers and breakout sessions, you will find many tools to begin the 2022-2023 school year and be successful. Set along the waters of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, TEKSCon is the confluence of innovation, effective practice, and passion for success in K-12 Texas education. Beautiful San Antonio is calling, and you MUST GO. Join other Texas educators from across the state. Register below!

We hope to see you in June! Stay focused, and thank you for our continued partnership. We are here for you!

Best to you,
Ann Graves
Director, TEKS Resource System
Leading the way to Student Success
June 27-29 | San Antonio, Texas
The TEKS Resource System Curriculum Conference brings together curriculum specialists, educators, administrators, schools districts, and entrepreneurs from across the state. Set along the waters of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, TEKSCON is the confluence of innovation, effective practice, and passion for success in K-12 Texas education.

Our team is committed to working hard to bring you the events you love, and we will always strive to fulfill our purpose - LEADING THE WAY TO STUDENT SUCCESS.
TEKSCON Keynote: Dr. Joe Sanfelippo
Education Dive named Joe 1 of 5 K-12 administrators to watch in 2018 and their National Superintendent of the Year in 2019. He has been a featured speaker in multiple states in the areas of Advancing the Use of Social Media for School Leaders, Telling Your School Story, Creating a Culture of Yes, and Personalized Professional Growth for Staff. Go Crickets!!
Keynote: Dr. Joe Sanfelippo
Lead from Where you Are!
TEKS Review and Revision
Implementation Timeline
Implementation Schedule for Upcoming TEKS Revisions:

  • School Year 2022-2023: Revised Health/PE
  • School Year 2024-2025: Revised Science AND Revised K-8 Tech Apps
  • School Year 2025-2026: Revised Social Studies
  • School Year 2026-2027: Revised Mathematics
Thank you, teachers and leaders, for your brilliance and resilience during this challenging time. You are an inspiration and we’re proud to be your partner. Please see our message of appreciation for your hardwork below.
Check Out Our NEW Assessment Tool
In the Assessment Access section of System Management, District and Campus Content Administrators can manage users' ability to convert assessments into Checks for Understanding.

A Check for Understanding (CFU) is an online questionnaire for students to enter their responses and provide teachers with aggregate class data to broadly track student comprehension. This feature is intended as a formative method of assessment to help drive instruction and is not meant as a means for collecting grades for individual students. A CFU is created using a regular assessment from the Assessment Center and is shared with students via a web link. CFUs can be administered throughout the course of a unit, used as an "Exit Slip", or given as a unit pre-test to gauge students' prior knowledge.

When access is granted, the Check for Understanding section will appear for all district users on the Assessment Center landing page. Altering the controls within the District Assessment Settings table will automatically update all of the subsequent campuses, though District Admins may still customize each campus (if desired).
Did you know?
Assessment Q&A
  1. Did you know assessments now have a collaboration feature? THEY DO! An administrator with one of the REQUIRED ROLES below must turn on this feature for educators in your district to use it.
  2. Did you know you can turn access to unit assessment items and formative items on and off? YOU CAN! An administrator with one of the REQUIRED ROLES below must turn on this feature for educators in your district to use these items.
  3. Did you know you now have access to Check for Understanding online testing? YOU DO! An administrator with one of the REQUIRED ROLES below must turn on this feature for educators in your district to use this feature.
Help documents and videos are found in the Support Library!
OR click one of the direct links below AFTER logging in to TEKS Resource System.
Content Updates
RLA Update
We have completed our Formative Assessment development and all new items are set to be published by May 15th! Visit the Assessment Center to find these FAs that are SE/unit-aligned for grades K - English IV. Note: Formative Assessments provide qualitative and quantitative data of student progress towards the unit and course goals. The purpose of the data collected from these assessments is to check for understanding and inform instruction.

This summer, we plan to review K-5 YAGs in reference to the latest TEA blueprints and testing dates in order to determine if any adjustments need to be made.
Forthcoming in the 2022-2023 RLA Development Cycle are Resources to support the Curriculum (e.g., Convention Alignment Tool) and new Assessment features (e.g., new STAAR item types, passages, revising and editing items, ECR and SCR prompts, etc.) Remember that the TEKS Resource System RLA team has included most of these new assessment features in previous development cycles in Grades 2 – English IV.
Mathematics and Matemáticas Update
It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of another school year. Summer will be here before we know it. We appreciate all you do for Texas students. The TEKS Resource System Mathematics team is here to support you! 

The TEKS Resource System Mathematics team has been collaborating with various TEA teams and other entities to create a new product. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding this collaborative work.

Our team is finalizing the analysis of the TEKS Resource System assessment item banks to determine what items, if any, are needed for each student expectation, while considering the expectations of the new STAAR question types by grade level. New assessment writing will begin later this year.
If you are interested in writing, please apply for the contract positions under TEKS Resource System: Mathematics at https://esc13.net/careers

Additionally, our team will be revising the Blueprint Summary on each Grade Level/Course STAAR Enhanced Blueprint resource when
TEA’s Preliminary STAAR Math Blueprints are finalized.  
Don’t miss TEKSCon 2022, June 27-29, in San Antonio. We are excited about the mathematics sessions being offered. Come ready to learn and walk away recharged. Hope to see you there! 

Mathematics TEKS Review and Revision are on the horizon. According to TEA, the schedule below shows the most recent review and adoption schedule.
  • 2022-23: Mathematics TEKS will be reviewed.
  • 2023-24: Revised Mathematics TEKS will be adopted.
  • 2024-25: Instructional Materials will be reviewed.
  • 2025-26: Instructional Materials will be adopted.
  • 2026-27: Revised Mathematics TEKS and Instructional Materials will be implemented.

You can be assured that the TEKS Resource System Mathematics team is already beginning to plan for this new standard development. Be on the lookout for opportunities to be part of this development process
 as a writer, reviewer, or member of a focus group through your ESC. Texas teachers are critical to helping us develop the best curriculum product possible for Texas! 
Science Update
New Resources
We are happy to announce that we have published new Draft Current and Future TEKS Side-by-Sides for each science course. We will continue developing these side-by-side and release versions with our analysis in the coming months. We also recently published vocabulary flashcards for High School Biology aligned to each unit in each course version.

While we are intensely focused on developing the curriculum for the future Science TEKS, our team is committed to supporting the current curriculum and assessment resources with important updates and improvements that serve your work. Please reach out through our feedback system on teksresourcesystem.net if you have any requested resources that we do not currently provide.

Science TEKS Review and Revision
The recently adopted High School Science TEKS are effective and are available in Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 112, Subchapter C, with “Adopted 2020” or “Adopted 2021” in the title. Please note that the “effective” date and “implementation” date are not the same.
Specialized Topics in Science is a new course and is scheduled for implementation beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. All other science courses are scheduled for implementation beginning with the 2024-2025 school year. 

The SBOE’s TEKS review process for Kindergarten-Grade 8 concluded in November and December 2021. While the Texas Registrar has not published the final language at the time of this newsletter, TEA has posted a draft version of Elementary and Middle School Science TEKS on their Science TEKS Review page. These documents have some editing in markup that shows changes made during the final amendments, but they are the clearest view of the future TEKS publicly available. The new K-8 Science TEKS will be implemented alongside the High School Science TEKS in 2024-2025.
Social Studies Update
The Texas State Board of Education accelerated the review and revision of social studies TEKS by moving the work to this year. In January, the SBOE heard from appointed Content Advisors that recommended changes to the sequencing of courses.
  • Initially, members of the SBOE opted against significant changes except in K-3.
  • However, in the following April SBOE meeting, TEA officials presented an example plan that reflected many changes suggested by the Content Advisors.
  • As a result, the SBOE has moved to have standards workgroups begin integrating the suggested sequencing outlined by TEA into the standards writing.
  • See the TEA presentation at bit.ly/TEA-SSsequenceApril22.

Because of the accelerated process, SBOE is holding a special meeting to hear specifically the feedback regarding sequencing changes.

Some of the draft work created by workgroups has been published.
  • See the work and the committee membership for the social studies standards revisions at bit.ly/TEKSdrafts.

You can still register to serve on workgroups revising the standards. The work will likely not finalize until the end of 2022.

Finally, we look forward to seeing many of you at 2022 TEKSCON in San Antonio. The TRS Social Studies team will provide an update and opportunity to discuss the TEKS revisions.

Stay engaged, social studies teachers! This year's work will shape Texas social studies for the next 15 years.
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